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Do you want White to obtain Zekrom?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by Macromind101, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. Macromind101

    Macromind101 Well-Known Member

    White is supposed to represent Pokemon White players and you get Zekrom in the games (not saying that the manga is supposed to match the games, just pointing it out). So far, the Black & White chapter is seriously gearing towards a version favoritism, something that Kusaka has never done before, if ever. I know that in Generation V's case, Kusaka has to choose one version over another but at the end if both main characters could own their own corresponding Dragon-type then that would balance out the two versions. White could obtain Zekrom and then Black and White could use their dragons to fight Ghetsis. That could happen as early as BW but all things aside, it has to occur by B2W2 since N doesn't keep his Dragon forever in the games.

    And just to point out, I have a feeling that the manga sorta corresponds with the anime sometimes. If the anime favors one version in an instance, then the manga will favor another. Like in the Jirachi movie, it centers around a former Magma member as well as Groudon. In the manga, it was Archie who survived and got to create a fake Kyogre, thus making Aqua survive slightly longer than Magma. Also, it seems like in the anime N will use Reshiram and Ash will use Zekrom. In the manga N is using Zekrom. Just pointing it out.
  2. Mizz Nikki

    Mizz Nikki Well-Known Member

    Isn't Black supposed to get Reshiram? He is carrying the light stone, right?

    I think if anyone should get Reshiram, it should be Black. White doesn't seem to be as serious about battling as Black is.
  3. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Of course they would have to pick a game to use. The whole plot of Black and White centers on both N and the player getting the Dragons. If either side got both, it wouldn't make any sense because it would ruin the yin/yang theme they were going with.

    About White getting Zekrom, I doubt it. I mean, females tend to get the short end of the stick in final battles of their respective generation chapter. (Crys was stuck with the other Dex holders while Gold battled Pryce alone. Sapphire was trapped in a car for the entire battle against Groudon and Kyogre. Red battled Giovanni alone while Green was stuck with Blue and Silver. Platinum did jack all in the battle against Dialga and Palkia. She didn't even do much in Platinum.)

    If she would get it, I expect it to be a temporary thing, like if N was injured by Ghetsis or something. Or even better, make Black be the one who gets injured, and Reshiram goes to her. But then again, if White gets either Dragons like that, it'd feel cheap since she was never supposed to have them in the first place.
  4. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. Enlightenment

    Sadly Lolipiece is right. The females normally don't do anything in final battles. Yellow being the only exception of that rule but Blue, Crystal, Sapphire, and Platinum did nothing, so if White gets cheated I won't be surprised. In fact I am expecting it to happen. It would have been cool to see her with Zekrom, but I said the same thing about Platinum and Giratina and look how that turned out. I feel bad for White. Other then the Gigi back stabbing and her time on the subway learning to battle, she hasn't really stood out much other shipping hints. Hopefully when BW is in volume form her chapters will get more attention. Like maybe some more adventures with Bianca or something.
  5. xEryChan

    xEryChan Ace Trainer Staff Member Moderator

    Really now?

    N already has Zekrom on his team so White getting Zekrom isn't going to happen. Plus, as lolipiece has said, the female dex holders do pretty much nothing in the important battles so White won't be any different.
  6. e9310103838

    e9310103838 Well-Known Member


    Female characters may not more scenes in the final battles.

    But Paltinum as a key characters in DP final battle.

    I think her scenes is not much difference with Pear in final battle, since the scenes is more focused on Dia.

    And Kusaka will also give White some of the scenes in final battle, due this chapter is named Black & White XD

    However I think that White will not get Zekrom because we need N rescue in B2W2 lol

    ......But who knows? ;115;
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2013
  7. Dreamingflower

    Dreamingflower Trying out new games

    White's team is fine as it is. She doesn't need Zekrom and as Lolipiece stated the male protagonists always get the spotlight at the climax and I don't really see White associate with Zekrom. White isn't that obsessed with ideals as N. She understands N's view, but she doesn't agree with it.
  8. Macromind101

    Macromind101 Well-Known Member

    Okay yes I admit that in Generation V's case, Kusaka had to choose one version over another more than in previous cases (hopefully that never happens again, I don't like version favoritism in adaptions). But if Black is tipped over White the whole time, then how will White Kyurem appear? And I don't see anything wrong with White commanding Zekrom in a post-N final battle or whatever. It seems that a lot of people hate the manga adaption of N so wouldn't it actually be satisfying to see N lose his dragon? Also, remember that in the games N doesn't keep his dragon in the end (and I'm not saying that the manga follows the games, I'm just pointing it out). While it may be true that the female character gets less spotlight than the male character, White still represents Pokemon White players. And also, all previous female Dexholders still owned the version mascot their names represented at some point. Blue (the girl) owns Blastoise, Yellow has Chuchu and sometimes Pika, Crystal commanded Suicune at the end of the Crystal chapter, and Platinum rode on Giratina if I recall correctly (I might be wrong). Okay, Sapphire never befriended Kyogre but then again Ruby never befriended Groudon either. The closest that Hoenn Dexholders came to befriending their corresponding mascot is Emerald wearing a piece of the "Green" Orb (hopefully they rename it to the Jade Orb in the Viz Adaptions).

    Yes but does Black follow Truth? Wait does he? I don't ever recall him supporting truth over ideals but then again I haven't read all the chapters, I just read summaries and the threads that lolipiece posts here.
  9. Dreamingflower

    Dreamingflower Trying out new games

    The only thing Platinum had with Giratina, was that they were staring at each other in the end of DP arc. As for Sapphire the Blue orb did choose her to be the next master of the item... or whatever you call it. Maybe White will have something to do with Zerkom in BW2 arc, but I do see that happening in BW arc.

    Now that you day that... I have no idea. He's been obsessed with his dreams the whole arc until the pink fat dream-eater left him. Thought he did wanted to prove N that he's wrong with his ideals, but he isn't that obsessed with it. He even thought about forgetting team Plasma. I don't know where Black stands now. We'll see in the future magazine issues.
  10. Macromind101

    Macromind101 Well-Known Member

    Wait, now that I think about it...the instance where the female Dexholder didn't get to be with the mascot their name was named after was because she was named after the third version, not because she was female. In all completed generations so far, the legendaries that were the mascot of the "second" game (so Green/Blue, Silver, Sapphire and Pearl) were affiliated with the Dexholder that was named after the game the legendary represents (usually rivals, only exception so far is Sapphire). If anything, the legendary mascots that were never affiliated with the Dexholder named after the game were mascots of a third version (and even then, it's very few instances). Emerald never really connected with Rayquaza beyond wearing a piece of its orb on his forehead and Platinum's connection with Giratina was minimal. If that cycle continues, then it's Hugh that's never gonna connect with Kyurem, not White who never communicates with Zekrom. And I don't know about everyone else but I can definitely see White being partnered with Zekrom in the final battle of BW and/or BW2. If the final villain is Ghetsis, then N probably won't join in because he doesn't have the heart to fight his father and since White is a Dexholder, she has to join in to the final fight. If Black is going to battle with Reshiram, then it would only be fair for White to battle with Zekrom. Sure, when it comes to N then Kusaka has to choose one or the other since in the games N never used both (no third version like before). But in Ghetsis's case, he was never different between the two versions so there's no need for Kusaka to favor one version over another during the battle with Ghetsis.
  11. Greatemboar

    Greatemboar The White Warrior

    Well since Zekrom is the mascot of Pokemon White it seems fair for White to get Zekrom. And are we forgetting her dream to make the Pokemon Musical?
  12. ParaChomp

    ParaChomp be your own guru

    Mmm...this a story not a video game so the more conflict, the better. I would like White to obtain Reshiram to create more chaos when the battle with Ghetsis.
  13. Macromind101

    Macromind101 Well-Known Member

    While it is true that the manga does not strictly follow the video game's format, it is still based off the games so the manga should still follow the games to some extent (and it always has).

    And some more to add. Don't you think both dragons should take part in the final battle? If the final villain is Ghetsis (it most likely will be) then N probably won't battle his "father" but Zekrom still has to fight. What if White doesn't actually own Zekrom? She just "befriends" it, like all the other Dexholders did with their mascots. And so Zekrom follows her orders. But to avoid version favoritism, would it be a good idea for N to take off with both Reshiram and Zekrom? In the games I think he follows both truth and ideals by BW2 so owning both dragons could represent the merging of truth and ideals inside him.
  14. Dreamingflower

    Dreamingflower Trying out new games

    I completely forgot that. Then in BW2 arc she may team up with Zekrom against Getsis. Thought Crys was also the third dexowner from her gen and she teamed up with Suicune, but let's put her in the rare exceptions.
    But if I recall in BW2 N appears with his dragon trying to stop Getsis, but Kyurem interferes by absorbing the dragon and transforming into white/ black kyurem and since kyurem's alternate forms are in the cover of both games one of them at least has to make an appearance. I think the chance is bigger that both of them appear, since Kusaka always shows different forms of Pokemon in his manga. How can White team up with Zekrom if it's inside Kyurem?
  15. Macromind101

    Macromind101 Well-Known Member

    Kusaka will find a way. He always does. Maybe the events in the manga caused Ghetsis to think that both forms of Kyurem were necessary so he somehow cloned Kyurem? Wouldn't be the first time a legendary was duplicated in the manga.

    And to add, kinda unrelated but if the two dragons team up against Ghetsis, then I seriously doubt his Pokemon alone would be enough to stand up to them. I have a feeling that we may see Kyurem at the end of BW as Ghetsis's weapon. Or the kami trio will be utilized since the Shadow Triad has control over them (the latter seems more likely I think).
  16. e9310103838

    e9310103838 Well-Known Member

    This is very simple just like Kyurem in movie (but absorption of two dragons) if Kusaka wants. ;479-s;
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2013
  17. JetshipperKekkaishi

    JetshipperKekkaishi New Chapter

    Since the Light Stone chose Black, he will get Reshriam. I don't think tha White will get Zekrom since Zekrom already chose N. Besides the Female pokedex holders barely did anything at the end. So White will just sit in the background while Black ends up battling Team Plasma. Maybe White will hae a major role for BW2 since maybe Black will end up leaving Unova to find N.
  18. e9310103838

    e9310103838 Well-Known Member

    In fact, Gold also did not have too much contact with Ho-oh.

    He just fought once with it (and with Crys). ;230;
  19. eryyy

    eryyy Ace Trainer

    Well, Black already has the Light Stone so he's getting Reshiram and Zekrom already chose N so White will not be getting Zekrom.

    It would be cool to see a female dex holder get a legendary Pokemon but, as it has been said, the females practically do nothing so White will probably end up watching when Black takes on Team Plasma.
  20. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The story isn't over yet. We haven't even gotten to the Ghetsis is a jerk plot yet. Anything can happen.
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