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Doc Brock (562)


Great episode.

Poor Gliscor. He was forgotten in the back...


Team Awesome
I felt so bad for Pachirisu watching this episode. Interesting that it wasn't too obvious that it was an electricity buildup making it sick, unlike the times Pikachu was sick with the same thing (I think in retrospect his "cold" in "Sparks Fly for Magnemite" in season one was the same thing, since he's cured by releasing electricity). And at least it was a star episode with Brock, and would later be important in the "Trials and Adulations" episode of season 12.


Filler, with Ash and Dawn using the skills they've learned from Brock to help heal Pachirisu.

It was enjoyable, because Pachirisu is a cute Pokemon. I would have liked to see more of Brock, instead more character development for Ash and Dawn.

At least we know that Brock is a helpful character, despite the fact that he rarely does anything. 7/10


Man of Mystery
This episode really showed the importance of Brock, because without him, Ash would be totally helpless. I also thought them forgetting Gliscor was pretty funny. Overall this was an alright episode.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Not a bad episode, poor Pachirisu looked quite sick (As someone else mentioned like Pikachu in Sparks fly for Magnemite, except Pikachu had a cold and Pachirisu had a fever didn't it?).

It was interesting to see Dawn and Ash trying to fix it, with the rumors of Brock leaving at the end of Sinnoh this episode makes me wonder what will Ash do if this situation pops up again and he's not near a Nurse Joy or Jenny or a professor like when Pikachu was sick in Hoenn.

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
I thought this was an alright episode. Kind of reminds us that Brock is still useful in some ways. I was however disappointed with Zapdos' appearance. It was kind of just thrown in there.
Dawn was sick, and it showed her mother taking care of her. As for Zapdos, it was most likely a reference to Platinum, what with the birds being roaming legendaries and all.

You can encounter the Legendary Birds in Platinum? Didn't know that!

Anyway, poor Pachirisu getting sick like that. Glad he/she's all better now!

Also, poor Gliscor! getting left behind at the end!

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
Feel sorry for Pachirisu


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A solid episode. There are some really memorable scenes here, though they are not related to the main plot of Pachirisu's illness (which, in a way, is bad, since I think ideally the best scenes should be centered around the plot). Gliscor is the real star in this one, with its dejection at being overlooked by Ash in favor of Staravia to get Brock, and then later on its collision into Brock and attempt to act out Pachirisu's illness (Pikachu has competition now!). Croagunk also has a really strong appearance, despite only really being shown a few seconds at a time, maybe 3 times in total.

My favorite scene is the one where Dawn finds Ash asleep, and wakes him up, hands on hips, with a critical tone of voice. Ash immediately flashes her a sly grin, and says he probably shouldn't have fallen asleep. I think this is one of the best Ash-Dawn interactions of the series, and one of the reasons I enjoy pearlshipping. In fact, this exact same scene is used again in the last episode of dp, though then Dawn is doing that more to tease Ash than to criticize him (and he "teases" her back, at the very end of the episode, as he's on the boat to leave Sinnoh). I think this scene really gives Ash a type of personality. Maybe before, if something like this were to happen, I think this would be to show a fault in Ash, as if to say he isn't working hard enough as a trainer aspiring to win a Pokemon league should. You know, Paul probably doesn't sleep on the job. But that's not what this scene is trying to say about Ash, not at all. The way he's smiling...to me, there's alot of confidence in that smile. He's SURE he's going to figure this out, and he's taking it seriously. But he's also having a little fun along the way. He's enjoying what he's doing. And that's amazing to me, and something that I admire. So, I think we're supposed to laugh at this scene, and not be overly critical; Ash is going to find a way, but just by having this little scene here, it makes Ash feel more like someone that's a real person. And that's a good thing. As a sidenote, I think this is also one of the charms of pearlshipping, if there are any, that Ash can have these type of scenes with Dawn. There's no reason at all for him to take Dawn's criticisms too seriously, and he can laugh them off; you know, if Brock were saying this, Ash wouldn't have just gotten off without some serious lecture (Brock drives the pt home about caring for Pokemon to an excessive degree; as soon as TR is blasted off, he picks up right where he left off). Pikachu, as well (Pikachu turns its back on Ash at the beginning of the episode, and doesn't seem to care for Ash's apology).

This is the 2nd episode nearly back to back showing Dawn being brought to tears over not taking care of her pokemon properly. Maybe since the first one was not so well-thought out, this episode was an attempt to show a more polished storyline. But, this is a little too much of the same thing, and I don't think it really does anything for her character. I don't think Dawn's character really progresses from where it is right now until one of her pokemon evolves, and she struggles to get it to obey her.


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This episode was ok... Interesting how Dawn and Ash were trying to take care of the Pokemon themselves for awhile while Brock went out. The way they were giving baths/sprays to the Pokemon not weakened by water, and brushing the rest was cool to see. It was funny when Ash turned the water on too cold for Pachirisu and to see Pachirisu's reaction. It was funny when Brock tried to carry Gliscor on his back when he realized it wasn't able to fly without wind. He ends up leaving him on the road... It was cool how Brock used metal rods to release the trapped electricity inside Pachirisu's body. It was great to see Zapdos randomly appearing in this episode. Nothing better than seeing my favorite Electric type making an appearance.

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The episode was ok. The only part I laughed at was the ending when Ash realized they went through the whole episode and forgot to get Gliscor......


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This episode is my second favorite! I love it when Gliscore is telling Brock what's going on, and Brocks like 'uuuuuuuuuhhhhh' and then he gets left behind. and then brock tells them how to take care of thier pokemon.


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I liked this episode. It's nice to see Ash and Dawn taking care of their Pokémon.... themselves, without Brock. They were doing a good job, until Ash turned the water on too cold and Pachirisu caught fever. Dawn thought that Ash is responsible for Pachirisu's cold, so she started to yell at him. Ash, unable to take it anymore, yelled back at her. I liked the scene where they stopped their bickering and got serious about curing Pachirisu, it's nice to see them sorting out their problems themselves.
Pachirisu's disease turned out to be the same disease that Pikachu had in the episode "Get The Show on The Road." I felt sorry for Dawn when she cried for Pachirisu.
It was funny when Brock tried to carry Gliscor on his back when he realized it will not able to fly without wind. I liked how this episode showed Brock's importance to the group, it's a smart idea of Brock to use metal rods for releasing Parchirisu's electricity. seeing Zapdos appearing randomly was cool and unexpected, I didn't see that coming. Anyway, I thought Ash and Dawn's interactions were cute in the episode, it's good to see an episode like this once in a while.

I liked the ending where everything was normal and Ash suddenly says "Where is Gliscor?", LOL, Gliscor got left behind.


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Quite sad for Pachirisu being sick and seeing him suffering is not a nice thing to see. I think Takeshi did quite well in this episode. He cleverly used what he saw in AG when Pikachu needs to discharge the excess amount of energy and somehow this well applies to Pachirisu case. It gives me an inspiration about how to deal with real life problems. I would say this is an awesome episode.


I liked seeing Dawn cook pancakes for everyone as well as seeing Meowth's giant bag of potato chips. I screamed when my darling Pachirisu fell ill; it made the episode much more somber in my view. I also really enjoyed Zapdos's cameo even though it felt forced and seeing Brock carrying Gliscor made me cackle loudly in real life tbh.


Dawn's Pachirisu getting sick was odd since usually he's always so hyper but seeing Brock use his medical skills was a nice change. 7/10

Mrs. Oreo

Pachirisu getting sick was sad, tho I did like the flashbacks of when Ash's Pikachu was sick in AG. Zapdos making a cameo was cool even tho Staravia got hit by Team Rocket's gunk bazooka.
I liked seeing Ash and Dawn help with curing Pachirisu because up until now they seemed too reliant on Brock's help with that stuff.
I felt so bad for Pachirisu watching this episode. Interesting that it wasn't too obvious that it was an electricity buildup making it sick, unlike the times Pikachu was sick with the same thing.