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Doctor Who Club Version 3

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by KingMinun, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. KingMinun

    KingMinun Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!

    Welcome, Whovians, to the second incarnation of the Doctor Who club! This is the place for anyone to discuss, speculate on and generally ramble about Doctor Who and its spinoffs, Torchwood and The Sarah-Jane Adventures. The previous club had an inactive owner and a backlog of nearly 150 pages, so we're starting afresh. I am your new owner, and there will be 2 Co-Owners.

    General Rules

    1. Follow the SPPf rules and the Club forum rules.
    2. Respect all other members.
    3. Respect all episodes, characters, writers, etc., even if you happen to dislike them.
    4. Please try to keep grammar and spelling legible. It doesn't have to be perfect, but make sure we can understand what you're saying.
    5. Keep all discussion related to Doctor Who or its spinoffs.
    6. Follow the spoiler rules below:

    Spoiler Rules

    In the previous club, there had been the occasional (though thankfully not too common) incident where sensitive information had gone unspoilered and people had had their enjoyment of an episode ruined. So with this in mind, I have devised a set of rules for what needs to be spoilered which must be followed at all times. (If anyone has any suggestions for changes to improve these rules, throw them my way.)

    6a. Keep all discussion of events in an episode which has only just aired under spoilers until a week after the broadcast date. This gives anyone who didn't watch it live a chance to catch up.
    6b. The above rule also applies to discussion of the "Next Time" and "Coming Soon" trailers.
    6c. Make sure to spoiler all information about upcoming episodes that hasn't been seen in a trailer. This may include things such as characters or monsters it will feature and the time period it will be set in. There might be people out there who don't want to know even those kinds of details.
    6d. If you have information on future episodes which contains highly spoilerish points, make sure you mention it being highly spoilerish outside the spoiler. There are some people who'll usually click on minor spoilers but won't want to know the more major stuff, and they deserve to be warned.
    6e. Put all discussion of anything you found under a spoiler under its own spoiler, unless your reply doesn't actually refer to any of the spoilerish details.
    6f. For novels and the like, any discussion should always go in spoilers in case someone is in the process of reading it or planning to some day. Blurbs are fine, though.
    6g. At the end of the day, just use your common sense as to what you think people might not want to know. If in doubt, it's best to spoiler it.

    Spoiler:- How to use spoilers:
    Show Spoiler

    Joining Form

    Please try to make posts more than one line or sentence.

    Why do you like Doctor Who?
    Sure, we all know you like Doctor Who if you're trying to join this club, but what is it about this programme that you like so much? Try and give a good three or four lines of reasons and explanation, 'cause if it's too short I won't let you in until you try again. I always feel like a jerk when I do this, but it just strikes me that someone who can't think of much to say when trying to join a club won't be able to think of much to say when participating in it, either. And hey, if you're a fan of the show, it shouldn't be too hard to think up lots to put here. Characters or monsters you like, and why? Episodes that were your favourite, and why? Don't be afraid to ramble a bit!
    Who's your favourite Doctor?
    A little bit of expansion on this wouldn't go amiss either, but this one's not a requirement for getting in.
    Desired character title? (Optional)
    See below.

    Character Titles

    An idea carried over from the previous club, this is a bit of fun which allows you to claim a character from the Whoniverse whose name you can then use to sign off your posts, etc. Only one person can claim a character, so once it's gone, it's gone. Apologies if this makes anyone miss out on their favourite character, but it seems the fairest and easiest way to do things. Also note that when I say "character", I mean just that: separate characters, rather than other names/monikers/titles for characters who've already been taken (for example, "the Oncoming Storm" is exactly the same thing as "the Doctor" in terms of this).

    All that said, however, if you don't particularly want a character, or if the one you want has been taken and you don't want any others, you don't have to claim a character at all. And the Doctor can only be claimed once - no claiming his separate incarnations, please. Same goes for any other Time Lord or Lady.

    Member List
    KingMinun [Martha Jones] - Owner

    Hoping you all enjoy it here in the new club,
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2012
  2. Aegon

    Aegon _

    elyvorg was going to remake this herself closer to when Series 7 airs...
  3. Shelxio

    Shelxio Member

    Aww yea I am so doing this.

    Why do you like Doctor Who?
    I was introduced to this series by a friend and decided to check it out on Netflix. I was hooked. Even the first sesason, I thought, was incredible. What kept me? Mainly, it was the sci-fi, time-travelling aspect, but the humor also played a big part.

    Who's your favourite Doctor?
    The Ninth Doctor. He's probably the wittiest out of three I've seen imo.
  4. KingMinun

    KingMinun Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!

    Oh right, I was not aware of that sorry.

    Well, for us British users, I've got some great news, there's a convention in Birmingham in November/December, special guests include Billie Piper, Gareth David-Lloyd, and Kai Owen (Rose Tyler, Ianto Jones and Rhys Williams). I'm planning on going maybe, the prices of tickets ranging from £90-160. If Freema Agyeman make an appearance, then I shall attend.
    Also, I've recently began "stalking" the Doctor Who team, so next time I go to their filming, I'll take some snaps on behalf of you guys and put them in a spoilers box for you guys. The photos will be of series 7 filming with the 11th Doctor and Jenna Louise-Coleman. And also, the Doctor Who experience opens up in Cardiff next month, I'm hoping to attend at some point!

    Why do you like Doctor Who?
    Well, I was always aware of the show back in the 90s (it didn't air during this time period, but being British I think it was the norm to know about Doctor Who) I didn't know much about it, I knew it was about a "Doctor" with a hat and long scarf (Tom Baker) and in 2005, my mum put it on TV for the episode "Rose", she said it was filmed in Cardiff, by us" so we decided to watch, I wasn't hooked, I tuned into the second episode, then stopped watching, then whilst over my friends house saw the final episode of series 1, and watched the Doctor regenerate. I thought it was awesome, and thought the new Doctor was funny. So when series 2 arrived, I tuned in again for the premiere, once again, it was alright. I watched the series, and liked it. At this time, I preferred Torchwood. It was only in the third series with Martha and 10, that I fell in love with the series, I don't know what it was about the series, but it captured me, and I thought it was brilliant. I loved the chemistry between 10 and Martha, throwing Jack into the mix made it even funner. But I think the journey Martha went through is what captured me and I thought it was fantastic, and The Master made a nice change from Daleks. So yeah, it was series 3 and Martha that I fell in love with and is probably the reason why I love Doctor Who.

    Favourite Doctor?
    Hpmm, I'm a New who fan, so its either 9, 10, 11 for me. So its got to be 10, he was the one there which brought to the series as an avid fan and I still miss him to this day, although I will say that 11 is brilliant and I'm not looking forward to him leaving anytime soon, hopefully he sticks around for much longer, and 9 was great in his own way too.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2012
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