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Doctor Who: The Final War(PG-13)


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Doctor Who: The Final WarPG-13

Author's Notes: The story will be narrated by various Doctor who characters divided into chapters. Each chapter will solely be narrated by one character. A new chapter will be posted every 10-14 days.

Background Information: World is in chaos, the Doctor's enemies have allied with each other to take out the Doctor. The chances of the entire universe being destroyed are very high. Will the Doctor be able to save the universe, once again? Or will it be a success for the enemies?

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Chapter 1: The Fate Of The Worlds

The Fate Of The Worlds

River Song

My name is Professor River Song. I am the wife of one of the best man in the Universe, and sometimes, that means putting yourself in danger, over everything, just to save him. This time though, he did it, just like he does it every time. He put himself in the way of a laser beam fired by the Dalek to save me, to save his wife, to save his world. And, I am not going to let it go to waste. The year is 2090AD and the planet Earth is being demolished by alien life forms. All united as one, the enemies of the Doctor have invaded the planet Earth and plan on capturing it. U.N.I.T has failed and Torchwood has fallen. The only one that could save the Earth is…..me.

“Go! Go for the T.A.R.D.I.S!” I hear him say. My entire world freezes. Everything that is around me stops to move, or so it feels. The chaos around me made no sense to me anymore as the Doctor fell to the ground. His body kissing the planet he loved more than his home. I could see it in his eyes, showing me the way. The way I had to run to, but I could not. My feet were stuck on plain surface, nothing but the weight of thoughts holding me. Cybermen and Daleks were all around killing the Earthlings without any mercy, without a second thought. All of the Doctor’s friends had died earlier. Strakx, Rory, the last centurion. Even the immortal Captain Jack Harkness had been taken away. There was no way I could save the planet. I could see red; the blood spill from the Doctor’s wound. There was no way anyone could identify him an alien. He was so similar, yet he had a bigger heart, no, biggest heart, never caring about himself and putting the world before him. I remember, he had two hearts.


The Dalek that just killed the Doctor was standing right in front of me. I knew the beam that killed the Doctor would come out any moment now and it would all be over. The world will be left with no one to protect it; Gallifrey would be attacked without a sign. Gallifrey would burn, once again and this time, it will be all alone, nobody to protect it from the invasion. Gallifrey will fall. The Cybermen and the Daleks and the angels and the Silent will rule the universe. I cannot let that happen. I have to move, I have to survive and do something about this.

Just as the Dalek fired, I moved out of the way, falling onto the ground, hitting it hard. The pain sizzled through my hand. I cringe as I try not to feel it. Quickly getting back up on my feet, I run into the nearby alley, safe and away from the Dalek, for now. It all happened so fast, I wanted to look at the Doctor. I needed to look at him. I knew it was the last time I would see him, see him like this. I close my eyes trying to take it all in, looking at his face when I strapped myself to the chair in the library, sacrificing myself so that he could live. Not ever being able to meet him in the correct order. I remembered his face, right now, his 13th regeneration, handsome and bold as always. Ginger hair, tall, sharp and full of confident. His eyes wide and big and his ears growing out so big, they became the distinct feature of his face. His nose was long too. I think about the man that gave my life meaning. The man who saved me on Demon’s run and how it’s time for me to save everything he ever lived for. T.A.R.D.I.S, I have to look for it. It comes up to my mind, and I back into the real world. A trip down the memory lane did me no good. I only wasted time. I have no clue where the big blue box is, but I start walking, turning corners and walking into one alley after another. No sign of life anywhere. I see a light coming from the nearby alley. I take my gun out from the back of my jeans. The metal feels cold against the skin of my hand, I have used a gun many times, never thinking about anything before firing it, but it feels different this time. I feel weak. I just wanted to have a happy life the Doctor. Living on some far away planet, away from all the chaos and trouble, but that is not the life, the Doctor and I were built for. That was not our true purpose. I position myself against the wall and lean just so that I could see the inside of the alley. It was there. It was right in front of me, the big blue box.

I slowly walk towards it, my gun raised. I have no bullets. My hearts sinks, my hands feel weak and sweat falls on the ground. My face looks pale as if I had seen a ghost. I keep walking, knowing I only have a few paces to cover. I believe, no, I make myself believe that the T.A.R.D.I.S will keep me safe somehow. I know it’s stupid, but it helps. I leap and push open the door, throw myself inwards and the doors close behind me, the blue box takes off on its own and there he is. He is standing right in front of me. I cannot believe what I see. The Doctor is alive.

“Hello River!” He says. I spring onto my feet. It feels as if somebody has given me a new life. He is there, right in front of me, watching over me as I made my way through the alley, keeping me safe. The Doctor is alive, my Doctor is alive. I run, towards him, I try to hug him when the most horrible thing happens; he dies, one more time. I go right through him. Just a hologram, he was just an illusion. “You have made it in here; this is emergency protocol #001.” I lay on the ground, I fell when I passed through the hologram, the words making no sense to me. I try to make sense of them as everything in front of me goes blurry. I am crying. I cannot cry. I must not cry. I cry.

“This only activates when I am dead. This protocol will now play my thoughts during the time of my death, the things that were in my head but not in words.” I have to pay close attention to what is being said, I listen very carefully. I try. “Professor Song…” I know those words. I know what follows, and just like I did every time, I do this time too. “I love you.” The hologram, no, the Doctor, I refuse to believe that the Doctor is dead; we both say the words together. There is a smile on the Doctor’s face and for one second, just for one second, I smile too. “I trust you.” He says. “I need you to go to the Doctor. The T.A.R.D.I.S will take you to the year 2050. Find him. Tell him what happens. He will….” The hologram disappears; I don’t know what to do when I find him. I lay on the floor, tears flowing through my eyes. The box flows through the time vortex as it takes me to my destination.

Maybe if I find the Doctor, we can stop the war from ever happening and save the Doctor as well, I think. The thoughts don’t seem to stop. They flood my head from all directions. The thoughts stop. I am asleep.


Top Class Lieutenant
Chapter 1: The Meeting With The Doctor

The Meeting With The Doctor

River Song

I wake up with a heavy head. I am barely able to get to my feet. My eyes still wet with tears and the vision blurry. I try to make sense of all that just happened. He was with me a minute ago and now it’s all gone. I’m going to see him again, soon. I slept only for a few minutes, but it felt like eternity, felt cold and thoughtless and numb. I wish I could feel that way forever, but I know, I have important things to do. Somehow, if I can find the Doctor in the past, I may be able to stop the Dalek from killing him in the future. I hope I can do it, I want to do it, and I will do it.

We are almost in 2050. For the first time, in all of my travels with the doctor, I pushed the brakes of the T.A.R.D.I.S while I landed her, for the first time, I will not. The Doctor seemed to like the sound she made while she landed and I will not take that away from him. I do not bother getting up, I don’t really want to, my legs still numb and the wound on my hand still throbbing with blood. I still feel a little dizzy with all what just happened. The T.A.R.D.I.S seems to have landed. I get to my feet, slowly, forcing every movement that I make. I do not wish to do anything, I must do it. I head for the door, the very door that the Doctor used to open inwards, every time. I remember how I used to giggle at his childish behavior when I would tell him that police phone-box doors open outwards and he would say that these are his doors and he could open them anyway he liked. How could such a childish person be so selfless? But again, children are the most selfless humans I have ever seen. I am about to open the door when I hear a knock against the door and I freeze. My heart sinks. I hear blood running through my ears. How am I going to tell the Doctor that he, that he is dead? I open the door and poke my head outside. I see a small body, covered in blue armor and holding a gun. His eyes small and head shaped like a potato.

“Doc-tor” He looks like he might have seen the most shocking thing of his life. He stands there, unmovable, with his mouth wide open. Strax, it had to be him. The Doctor chose Strax as one of his loyal army men when he defeated the army of Sontaran a few decades ago. No, Few years in the future, I think. Time travel can get a little tricky sometimes. I push past him and outside. The doors of the T.A.R.D.I.S close and it disappears behind me. Of course, it had to. You cannot have the same two things from different time in a place. I look around scanning everything as I can, trying to find a trace of the Doctor. All I can see is sand, sand that stretches out for miles. I see a huge castle to my right, made out of stone standing tall and strong like a castle that belongs to a medieval king. I walk a little, trying to take in everything that I see and feel. The pain in my hand is gone; at least, I do not feel it. I see two women standing outside the castle, looking at me as if they were expecting me.
“Has the Doctor regenerated into a woman?” Asked Strax, of course, he would ask such questions. While he has been gifted with a very strong will and courage to fight, much like others of his species, he does not seem to have a well developed brain.

“No.” Says a girl, somewhere in her late twenties, short height, but a pretty face, she sure must be one of the Doctor’s companions. She wears a short red dress that stops a good distance from her knees, her hair are short too, just above her shoulders. Her eyes are pretty too. The girl does not seem to know who I am, but she sure knows that I am not the doctor.

A strange creature approaches me. I still haven’t recovered from the events yet, my head still dizzy and legs still feeling a little weak. I have no idea what I am going to do or how I am going to find the doctor, but I felt a little better knowing I was in the company of the Doctor’s friends. “Are you professor River Song?” As the creature approaches, I can see it better. Clear distinct scales on her body which is green in color, a lizard like woman. Her name is Vastra. She is a Silurian detective who shared a house at 13 Paternoster Row with Jenny Flint, her maid and eventual wife, in Victorian London. I remember the Doctor telling me about how she helped him in times of danger. I knew she could be trusted. “The Doctor was here a while ago.” She says. She seemed eager to meet me. Her eyes were gentle and peaceful; it felt as if she had no sadness in her life. He voice was even toned as she spoke. “The Doctor said he was expecting you at this very moment.” I could not keep it in; tears start to flood my eye, my husband, my better half who was gone, just few moments ago was expecting me. I felt weak; my vision going blurry because of the tears that covered my sight. Vastra took my hand. “Maybe you should rest up a little; he should be here in an hour.” Her voice was steady, but kind, as if she felt my pain. No, she did not. She probably does not even know what’s going on out there, in the future. She doesn’t know why I am sad and weak, but she does not ask me, knowing I am not condition to answer, but I find it hard to keep it to myself.

“He…” I start to speak, but the words don’t make it to the tip of my tongue, I try again. “He is…” I just can’t. I was not this way, I was never this weak. I have been strong, when both my parents were taken away from me, in front of my eyes by the weeping angels, I have, in fact killed my own husband in the past. I have done it all and yet, I feel so weak, like the ground from under my feet just slipping away. I muster up all the courage I have. I see everyone looking at me, confused, curious, scared, so much at once. I know I am going to break their heart, I just know it, but I have to do it. “Dead.” I say.

They look at me with disbelief. They don’t believe me. Vastra starts to walk me to the inside of the castle when the pretty girl starts to talk to me. “Did you just say dead?” I do not turn to her. She is in shock. I know she is, because she must have just seen the Doctor leave for somewhere, probably one step closer to his death, I don’t say a word.
As we enter the castle, I see a young women, she must be Jenny Flint, Vastra’s wife. She sees me, sees that I am hurt and wounded and runs off somewhere. Vastra makes me sit on a chair of a round table. Vastra and the pretty girl sit on a chair opposite to me. The pretty girl has a face that clearly shows disbelief and confusion and sadness, everything at once. Her eyes are a little glassy as well. Maybe she believes me after all. Vastra still seems very calm and composed, not a single emotion showing on her face. “Tell us, what exactly happened?” She says.
I start to explain that I am from the future, specifically, the year 2090. I explain to them, how everyone is dead. I explain how, captain Jack Harkness died. As I continue to explain how Torchwood and U.N.I.T fell, Jenny returns with cotton and medicine and quickly starts to attend to my wounds. I feel a sting as the cotton that was covered in medicine touches my wound and I bite my lip, trying to speak. I explain them how a Dalek managed to kill the doctor. At this point, I am unable to keep the tears from flowing. Again. I start to sob, I breakdown, and cry. The Pretty girl is in tears too, I can see it. Vastra is shaken, but shows no real emotion, Strax looks as he looks always, confused. Jenny, who was cleaning my wound, stops as she looks at me in disbelief. I somehow bring the courage and tell them how all of the Doctor’s enemies have made a plan to conquer the Earth and Gallifrey, and then the universe. I tell them how there is no one to protect the universe.

“I’m sorry, say that again!” I hear a voice, a man, a man who has never been sad in his entire life. “No one to protect the universe, did you say?” I can see a body standing at the door. I rub my eyes, trying to get the tears out of the way. It’s him, I see him, I see the Doctor. For a moment I just want to run to him and hug him and hold him as tight as I can, but I don’t, not because I don’t want to, but because my feet won’t move. He looks at me, a smirk on his face, just like Vastra said; he knew I’d be here. Did he know why I was here? “Hello Sweetie!” He says. It was our thing, something we shared. We did not meet often, but when we did, this was the way we would recognize each other, because of time travelling, we were living life all wrong, jumbled and mixed up. Every time I would hear those words, I would jump up like a spring, only this time, I sank. I stared at him endlessly.

The smirk is replaced by sadness, his face more serious now. “What’s going on?” He says, he looks nervous, but that does not stop him from making a joke. “Please, don’t tell me that I tripped and regenerated and I’m still not ginger.” I don’t smile, he gets it, he realizes the situation is too serious. He takes a chair and sits next to me; he takes my hand and keeps it between his hands. I feel the warmth of his hands, breathing in new life in me, I felt a little refreshed, but I knew it’s only temporary. I know it’s all going to fade away when I tell him what has happened. “Tell me, River. Tell me what happened.” He touches my arm, right under the wound. “How did you end up like this? Who did it to you?” His doesn’t speak, but instead whispers, his enigmatic self showing.
“You died.” I say, a long silence follows. It feels like an eternity when I start to speak again. I know he was hurt and heartbroken, but what I was going to say next would only crush his heart into billions of pieces, both his hearts would be crushed. He would not have the courage to live any further.