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Does a Pokemons' Gender matter for you?


Peace ^-^!
Yup, it matters to me in some cases. For example, if the pokemon looks feminine then I'd like to get a female pokemon and such xP


The Awesome Dude
it does matter to me, but the pokemon itself decides it, for example the pokemon that I love and will never leave me and my team are Gengar and Snorlax so they should be male, but for a pokemon like gardevoir,blissey and other girl themed pokemon, they should be definitely female.
also other pokemon like machamp, machoke, hariyama and other dude like pokemon shouldn't be female, imagine a naked body builder girl or a sumo girl!


Behold The Aura!
I usually try to catch males everytime, but when I'm desperate of getting a rare pokemon, I will catch whatever it appears.
Not really, but sometimes I like to keep some male and some female mixed in my team for the sake of it! XD.


Well-Known Member
I don't like my party being a sausage-fest so I do intentionally find female Pokemon. Maybe a 2:1 ratio of male:female in the party, 4 males 2 females.

Chewiana Jones

I don't usually care, unless I only have a good nickname in mind for one gender or my team is already heavily skewed towards one gender (mainly nearly all female; I don't mind nearly all male quite as much). I also sometimes try to catch uncommon-gender pokemon like my female Panpour and Riolu or my male Clefairy and Skitty.


Well-Known Member
The gender doesn't matter to me unless a specific gender is needed for something like breeding or evolution.


Team Awesome
But, I don't care too much, however, when I plan my team, I usually try to have half my team be male and half female. I also had this thing when I was younger where I would nickname my Pokémon if they're names contradict with their genders. Mr. Mime was Mrs. Mime, and Geodude was Geogirl.

What about slowbro and slowking?


Myth Hunter
For the most part I try to have an even split, or more females if I'm including a gender-neutral Pokemon in the team, or all female. Also when I'm filling my pc boxes with one of every Pokemon, if I have a male basic and a female basic I'll evolve the female one (unless the male is at a much higher level). However, as someone else said sometimes I will have a nickname in mind for a Pokemon I want to add to my team and I will search out a Pokemon of the gender that fits the name.

But other than ALL THAT no, I don't care >.>


Future Gym Leader
I'm surprised at how sexist certain of us are on here. I could care less about its gender or IV or nature. I like the genders and natures because it makes the Pokemon seem more real. Like they are actually my pets.


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Staff member
Only for evolution or breeding purposes.

Otherwise, I couldn't possibly care less.

Pochie ~

Brazilian S♡ne
Yes, it does! D:

I have an extreme 'girly' taste for pokémons, so my teams are usually all females. <3

It's hard for me to see some pokémon being male or female, even if their gender rate is 50/50. A male Gardevoir is an iconic example.


It really doesn't. ....but sometimes I'll be in a weird mood. When I first got BW, all my Poke's in W were female (I restarted a million times for a female starter) with my female character, and all in B were male with my male character... xD After awhile though, I stopped being as picky on those, because it's a lot of work sometimes.