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Does any one really want Goh to catch Mew?


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The lovable Mew’s from the likes of the first and 8 films?


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Tokio hinted at the thought that maybe some pokemon are waiting for the right trainer to catch them. Same thing happened with Ash’s Lucario, so it’s not impossible that they decide to go down that route. I wish not though!


Funky Kong Supremacy
I don't care too much either way


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The only thing Go gets from catching a legendary Pokemon is just them being registered in his Pokedex.

For all intents and purposes, they still aren't his, considering how often he uses them.

So, it really doesn't matter.


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Yeah me, I like changes lol
If Goh catches Mew then the chances of Ash not going to be the main protag anymore shot up so yes


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AKA Silktree
No. I like Go, but I don't think that he has earned that privilege (it's a good that he released Suicune, too). Also, I think that Ash is stuck in a rut now, so it's better for Go not to accomplish his goal so soon.

It also seems that Mew is not too fond of Project Mew as a whole, and I can understand that. Go will have to face Mew alone eventually.

U.N. Owen

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...
Why do you consider he is mentally unstable?
I found the source

I’m not a fan of Project Mew as a whole, but my reasons for disliking this storyline are for plot reasons and not because some guy got coked up and cooked up a conspiracy theory.