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Does anybody know if it's possible to create a copy of a Pokemon using Action Replay?

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I've made an account for these forums so i can finally figure out if this is possible. (Skip to the bottom if you don't want to read the story)
The story is as follows.
My first Pokemon game was Heart Gold, I chose Totodile as my starter and he remained my frontman for the entire game. I caught Ho-Oh with him, captured Lugia, even beat red with him by my side. My brother then handed down his copy of Diamond to me and as soon as I was able I made my Feraligator lead the team once more. I completed the diamond dex by wiping the elite four over and over again using just Feraligator. I then transfered him to Pokemon Y and I played through just to get enough badges to use him again. I took that boy through every game up to Alpha Sapphire.
Then I made a terrible mistake. Not only did I leave the game cartridge with my favorite Pokemon i'd transferred from each game in my grade 7 math classroom, but I did so the last day of school before spring break. When I realized what I had done i immediately called the school and sent an email to my math teacher in hopes that someone would be able to find it for me. But it was too late, the staff had gone home, and the janitors were cleaning up.

Not only did I lose every Pokemon I cared about, but I had lost the one who was there since the beginning, my first starter.

So I think what the title of this post says every now and then when I remember playing Pokemon and I've finally decided to find an answer.
Does anybody know of a method to obtain the data of a Pokemon without the Pokemon being in the save?
I have 2-3 games I've used the Feraligator in.
1-2 of those games have Hall of Fame entries with Feraligtor in them.
I have the DSi and 3DS i used to play each game.
I am willing to buy Action replay or any kind of tool if it makes it possible to revive this lost Pokemon.

If you know someone who might know please point me in their direction.


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Sorry, but we can't have people assist you on this issue here.
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