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Does anybody other than me like Gallade!?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Gallade20772, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. MissFrederick

    MissFrederick Well-Known Member

    I like Gallade. I think he's actually a pretty good Pokemon. He also looks pretty cool.
  2. Thisguy128512

    Thisguy128512 Insert Clever Quip

    Gallade is great, Attack reaches as high as 383.
  3. Bobblefighter

    Bobblefighter Relic Owner

    I got me a level 100 Gallade. Pretty awesome, and his wide range of moves are pretty handy to wield.
  4. miloticsavior

    miloticsavior YOUR out of order!!

    Gallade is cool in terms of helping to catch pokemon anyway. False Swipe + Hypnosis + Mean Look + Swords Dance is a great set. Not sure I like him in todays modern metagame, as Heracross can do what he does, WHILE having STAB megahorn.
  5. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    gallade is easy to kill by anything that is slightly faster than him. i wouldn't use it myself if i had the chanse.
  6. GalladeX

    GalladeX Well-Known Member

    *Points at username*
  7. Birds of Paradise

    Birds of Paradise FireStorm

    I like gallade :). He's an interesting type combo and has good attacks, psycho cut, close combat, leaf blade, etc. A little annoying to evovle with a good nature but fun for an in game battler.
  8. Staryu

    Staryu I know, I know..

    He looks cool, and would probably be good in game. But competitively..ehh probably not.
  9. shadow and jolteon

    shadow and jolteon Ghetto Team Rater.

    loads of people like gallade:)
    i liked him at one point:)
    put it this way, he is way better gardivour:D
  10. MegaTravis

    MegaTravis Pokemon Trainer

    Gallade is awesome. I just need to train one sometime.
  11. Dave.

    Dave. Well-Known Member

    It went to UU, that's good.
  12. PikaYou

    PikaYou Well-Known Member

    Is UU now? Nice I can use it in UU now then and pwn.
  13. Hyesz

    Hyesz Best Ness on Serebii

    Gallade is pretty cool, too bad Yaoi artists think so too.
  14. Elementer

    Elementer Sword&Element Master

    I love gallade! Infact, its my favorite psychic type. I love how awesome it looks because of those wicked swords on its arms! Definitely a creative pokemon who seriously advanced the evos of the 4th gen.
  15. bob_shmoe

    bob_shmoe Well-Known Member

    Gallade is awsome! I have a shiny lv. 100 one and I use alot! I love how its pyschic/fighting type. and it has some pretty decent moves, like mine has Leaf Blade and Pyscho cut
  16. Dehydrated

    Dehydrated Too cool for you

    Yeah Gallade is pretty cool. I like it more than Gardevoir, because it looks cooler. :3
  17. Edge Master

    Edge Master I'm back!

    i like him too. later i will be training one. i like jim better than lucario and he looks cooler.
    gallades got a nice movepool and stats. he jumped to BL once too
  18. Uhh of course there are other people who like it. o_o?
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