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Does anyone else miss tracey?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by AdamDuffield, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. AdamDuffield

    AdamDuffield Pokemon Trainer

    You know, the guy who sketches.
    Alot of people are saying that pokemon should give Brock a rest, and although I wouldnt want that to happen, I think it'd be cool to bring Tracey back into the main storyline
    Anyone else think so?
  2. JasonChu

    JasonChu PikaAsh:o

    No no no no no
  3. Squaaah

    Squaaah Well-Known Member

    Well Tracey didnt do much, other then Sketch. I think if they gave Brock a rest they should replace him with a character who is more involved with the story. Bringing Tracey back would just be bringing him back for the sake of it.

    As for missing him, not especially. I liked him, but he didnt really bring much to the show, so as long as he keeps turning up in the Pallet town eps, i'm ok with what they do with Tracey.
  4. golduck#1

    golduck#1 Well-Known Member

    i would love tray back. but yes i do believe he will just be there for t5he sake of it
  5. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    He was ok, and I like seeing him every 100 or so episodes, but I wouldn't want him as part of the cast again.
  6. wilechase

    wilechase Banned

    well as ppl r saying, tracey wasnt really that great, bringing him back would just do nothing, and if brock leaves they need someone who makes the show less nub XD
  7. Jesse GS the II

    Jesse GS the II I was frozen today!

    Tracey works a lot better as an occasional supporting character than as a central character - his personality isn't strong enough to carry entire episodes. I say leave him at Oak's lab, since that's where he functions best.
  8. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Don't worry, this guy also suggested they bring Misty back in the other thread, so I doubt we're meant to take this thread seriously.

    Threads like this are useless, to be honest. Once a character is gone, they're gone.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2008
  9. Amazing Red

    Amazing Red Well-Known Member

    No. I never liked him.
  10. I do sometimes miss him, but I think he's good where he is right now.
  11. ~Goth~

    ~Goth~ ~Dark Trainer~

    Tracey is very very boring...I definetly don't miss him;)
  12. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    Ah, you're hateful Cyber...

    Anyway, I liked Tracey. I was hoping he'd be there during Johto (Smeargle would've been perfect for Tracey if he had gotten a new Pokemon), and the writers could have done something for him like they did for Misty. But now, I don't see him joining the main cast. Just look forward to seeing him at Pallet Town every 150 eps, I guess.
  13. Red Jr.

    Red Jr. Banned

    nah, Tracey didnt really do anything.

    Someone to replace Brock should be Gary :p
  14. Focus Aipom

    Focus Aipom Why so serious?

    Not really as the only thing I miss from him is his marill
  15. Kenpachi

    Kenpachi Flawless Technique

    They tried to bring Tracey out of Oak Labs
    I said no no no
  16. He didn't contribute much personality, so not really.
  17. Rave

    Rave Banned

    That deviantArt fanartist? Probably not...
  18. pokemaniac10

    pokemaniac10 クロツグ

    Tracey was a bland character. I honestly don't know any reason as to why he should come back as one of the main characters.
    I wouldnt mind if he made another appearance, but thats only if hes a supporting character and nothing more.
  19. Hydrohs

    Hydrohs 安らかに眠ります、岩田さん。 Staff Member Super Mod

    I don't really mind Tracey, I think it would be good to bring him back, maybe not for a long time, but for a few episodes. Or a short season or something.
  20. Grei

    Grei not the color

    You can't miss someone who didn't do anything.
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