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Does anyone else think James doesn't really belong on the bad guys side?


wagy D wag

Does anyone else think James doesn't really belong on the bad guys side?


by themselves, none of them are really "bad"

but together, they're all bad influences on themselves...

if one of them wants to win at something fair and square, he/she gets into an arguement with the other 2, and they often mess it up in the end.

Eternal Eievui

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When things come down to it Jesse, James & Meowth aren't really "bad guys".

Jesse might seem evil at times but she has a good heart underneath it all. I would say she is misunderstood if anything. She might also be somewhat of a brat or diva but she is pretty much a good soul.

James is clearly not bad. He's got a sweet heart and he cares about his friends. The dub has him as somewhat more of a crybaby then I care for - but I still agree his character is very genuine.

Meowth is Meowth. He was a misunderstood outcasts who found some great friends in Jesse and James. He cares about them both. I'd say he craves attention that he never really got - from both Giovanni and his teammates.

I'd call all three of them "misfits" if anything.


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None of the trio are really evil, they just wish they were. ;) They're misguided, and they probably like the idea of being part of a crime syndicate because it fulfils their craving for attention (in Jessie and James's cases, at least), but they don't have the capacity to be true bad guys a la the Boss, Butch and Cassidy, Domino, etc.

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is james dark

James isn't dark at all. He's a good guy, he's only manipulated by Jessie and Meowth. He would be better when he's on his one!

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He's so dorky and caring...

Plus, Meowth and Jessie always let him down. We saw in the Ash's Swellow episode (IIRC) that he is quite competent at battles.

...But none of them are really evil.


James is a nice guy, and will never let his friends down. His niceness has really been reflected more since getting Chimecho.

Jessie is bitter at how unfair her life is, yet she still softens with James' influence around.

Meowth just wants Giovanni's babies. ;)

But why do they chase after Pikachu? I think it's because its the only thing they know to do. They get all kinds of alternate plans, such as the retirement in the Drake episode, but they always veer back to the same basic plan, because that is all they have to go on. They know that they could be good agents at one point, and they want to once more feel the joy of being...competant.


Team Rocket's rockin
James may seem nice at times, but you can see that he's just as much of a young, somewhat immature thief as Jessie is. He blends well with Jessie and Meowth to create comic relief.

I think what you meant was 'does anyone else think James doesn't really belong on 4Kids' voice changing side.'

...*cough* Okay, that was a bad joke, but I'm not gonna take it back. >_>


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Ever notice how it seems the only time Team Rocket ever really succeeds at anything is when they're being the good guys for a change? For example, the episode with that poacher or in the movie Pokemon 2000. Should give you an idea of what they're better suited for >.> I think there's more examples of this I just can't remember them...


James is more of a entertaining/comical character in the epsiodes. Dorky, Weird, Fun to watch most of the time. All of Team Rocket is that way basically. Alot of Irony.


Team Awesome
I can't see Jessie and Meowth without James, they just make a great trio that fit well together. However, I do think that James, if given the chance, could become a good pokemon trainer if he were to split from the group. He's certainly shown his battling skills in "One Trick Phony" and "That's Just Swellow".

Also, in some ways, the individual members of the trio seem to be becoming more of a detriment to each other (I still love them, though :) ). Meowth and James have both had noble moments (for Meowth "The Big Balloon Blow-Up" and "Got Miltank" come to mind) that were ruined, and Jessie was sweet in the past. I would not want Team Rocket to break up because I'm sure that would mean not seeing them again on the show :( , but I agree that as time goes on they've become more detrimental as a team than beneficial.


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Aww, gotta love James. xP; He's probably on my list of top characters. He's so funny, and actually really nice. I agree that all three of them are misfits, though. None of them are really "evil" or anything.


I ain't witty, so no
In series 1, TR were actually "bad", but now that we know a lot about their background, they aren't so bad. What annoys me is the fact that they get beaten so easily. for example:

Jesse: Arbok! use your poison sting attack
Ash: Pikachu, dodge and use thunderbolt
TR: were blasting off again!

TR are just "different", not evil.

EDIT: I'm not to knowledgeable about the anime... what does he do so well in "thats just swellow"?
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Dungeon Master
For one thing, James wants to legitimately win the tournament in the episode.

Personally, this is how I view Team Rocket in most of the normal episodes.

James - Semi-Innocent bystander that gets roped into just about everything after Season 1. He basically follows along with Jessie because he feels he has nowhere else to go.

Meowth - The go-to guy who acts like he 'has all the answers'. He is always identified by the overly dramatic past.

Jessie - A manipulative controlling antagonist who ALWAYS has to have things her way. When she doesn't, she either throws a fit, or does the 'poor me' routine.

A few of the 'very special' episodes (such as the one where James goes back to see his rich family) often show temporary changes in their characters. These are exceptions to the rule. Of course, after those it's business as usual again.

As far as whether they're evil or not, they really aren't. I mean, they're basically Ed, Edd, and Eddie's Japanese counterparts. They're not really bad or anything, they're just not very bright.
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Team Rocket aren't really bad, they have a good heart, especially James.


Forretress freak said:
Jesse: Arbok! use your poison sting attack
Ash: Pikachu, dodge and use thunderbolt
TR: were blasting off again!

They need more of a chance!
I know that it could never happen but I really wish that they'd win for one!
and Kojirou needs to get an actual strong pokemon...Like if Sabonea Evolved...but of course...I'm sure that Nokutasu would kill Kojirou....>>;


I ain't witty, so no
I know they need more of a chance!!!! They NEVER win...shouldn't a Weezing(I always use their old pokemon as an example, I don't like the new ones) PWN a pikachu???


personly i hate them all and all they do is divert time away from the good stuff. i dont care for much of them at all. james shows a sign of goodness, but its always overshadowed by a whiny surfboardheaded <insert name of a female dog here>. and meowth makes me infuriated not only beacause of his know it all attitude, but how he always puts on a moustache that makes him look like hitler. Am i the only one who notices that?