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does anyone else think


WOBBA!! *salutes*
that the anime is chasing people away from the games?

people say that pokemon is "kiddy" or "for losers"

problem is most of the time that logic is based on the anime because 4kids ruined it

does anyone else agree with this? Or am i just crazy?

K Brown

Well-Known Member
I agree.

No offense to all the anime lovers, but I also think is kind of "Kiddy". The games are a totally different mechanic.
I completely agree w/ this. the anime makes the concept of pkmn seem much less mature, and masks the technical aspects of pkmn. It is definitely the anime that makes it all seem childish and such.

i also strongly disagree w/ the whole "pkmn say there names thing"....they're animals....they make animal sounds..example, pikachu=squeaks and screeches...mostly quiet unless its getting beaten......stupid writers...by making them use there names it makes it even less mature. the anime should just have a new trainer every season, that has already trained some; and watch them do awesome crap(pertaining to story...which the current one doesnt even have)....ash sucks.......


WOBBA!! *salutes*
^_^ yay im not crazy


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I think the anime should get more...mature, think "Mewtwo strikes back", "The Power of one", "Mewtwo returns" and "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew"-ish.

Ed Phoenix

Pesky Boy
I kinda agree with you on this.

But I personally have enjoyed the last few seasons of the anime.

Still, the manga beats it everytime. ;)


Belgian Waffles!!!
I don't think it's bad but it's quite kiddish. The anime does make pokemon seem childish because everytime I here someone mock pokemon they always make pikachu noises.

Desert Flower

Sandstorm Trainer
This is a well-known fact that you're pointing out. The anime, cards, and merchandising give it the appearance that it's meant only for small children. If people were more willing to learn about it before passing judgment - which they're usually not - then they'd know that it's suitable for all ages, much like many other rpgs.


You best believe it
I agree. It is a widespread fact in the Pokemon Community. They just don't know about the hidden things, like Evs, that make it more complicated.
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This always need not be the case. There are some people who enjoyed the anime. They will come forward and buy the game as well.
If only those people knew, how great the pokemon franchise is... XP

Storm the Red

Loves to eat animals
The anime is not chasing people away from the games since the games came first.

The anime doesn't chase people away from the games. Most people will buy the games because they're fun, even if they hate the anime.


Insert witty title
The games are aimed at kids as well, though. In D/P you play as a kid who isn't even 5 feet tall.

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Dude, the only part of Pokémon 4Kids "ruined" were the Chronicles (and even then, not all of them). The rest of it? Not so much.

I think people, at least in the US, tend to think of cartoons being for kids, even with shows like The Simpsons and South Park around. Yeah, they'll watch *those*, but then they'll turn around and go "oh, that's so kiddie" when they see a show with a lower rating in the corner. Acceptable for kids doesn't mean it's *only* for kids, you know? And it's not just Pokémon--dub or original--that has that problem either.


Well-Known Member
The games are aimed at kids as well, though. In D/P you play as a kid who isn't even 5 feet tall.

When you first turn on your DS it has you enter your height.. This height is the height of your character in D\P and the same for weight..

I liek the Anime.. I saw it before I knew about the games..

Though it probally does push some people away from the games I must admit..

Pkmn Breeder Jack

Static owns you.
When you first turn on your DS it has you enter your height.. This height is the height of your character in D\P and the same for weight..
Really? I never entered my height and I'm like two feet taller than my game character. I know this has nothing to do with the thread but I'd like to know.

On topic-- I totally agree that the anime is ruining the popularity of the games. No offense anime lovers, but I watched the newest D/P episodes on you tube yesterday, and they were so lame I couldn't believe it. They have the entertainment content for a ten year old, and it's the same thing over and over again, every episode. Ash, Brock, or Ash's new girlfriend that travels with him helps save a pokemon that then joins the team, usually just in time to beat team rocket. If no one catches a pokemon than they meet some random person with a pokemon that is strong enough to fight pikachu, but not strong enough to beat Ash's new lv six starly. Again, no offense anime lovers, but the anime is so childish. It doesn't help to have Ash's new voice either.