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does anyone else think


aka Arbok
This is a well-known fact that you're pointing out. The anime, cards, and merchandising give it the appearance that it's meant only for small children. If people were more willing to learn about it before passing judgment - which they're usually not - then they'd know that it's suitable for all ages, much like many other rpgs.

Well, the cards aren't for little children. I'm 100% sure.

shooting star

Leaving SPPF! G'bye!
It's defenitely true. If the anime hadn't been, pokemon wouldn't be konsidered that kiddy at all!


Well-Known Member
are you blind? not only the anime, but all other aspects of pokemon are made for kids. of course it can be enjoyed by older people as well, but I would never call the games or the TGC "mature"...


noob slayer
I saw the new season too. It wasn't dissapointing or anything because I was expecting it to be very childish, and I was right. Its really sad that the show hasn't changed from the beggining and I think everyone agrees that the themes are very dorky. "Having fun, finding friends, bonding with pokemon" =lame.It doesn't help that Ashe's pokemon hardly ever evolve and look cool. This show needs to get more mature themes so that a wider audiance will get involved with the franchise