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Does anyone here like Golden Boys?


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This manga.

It lasted three volumes.

It was canceled before it even finished Johto; I'm not honestly sure why though but it's a sad case, it had so much potential, plus we could have seen Red as he really is in the games.

For those who don't know the manga, it was an adaptation of GSC. It stared Gold, Black, and Chris; who are counterparts of Gold, Silver, and Kris.

It had a somewhat odd style. Everyone had brown eyes, and everyone had facial markings. People moved around a lot, and were quite excitable-expressive. Black was.. Quite flamboyant honestly.

But nevertheless it's my favorite Pokemon manga. I wish they would remake it for HGSS, with the whole story.

Anyone else like it? Have read any of it? Wanna discuss it?


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it is hard to find scans but i have heard about it it had a great potential wasted,a clifthanging ending,but they were 1000s like it.i even know a few.


I've read all of the Golden Boys manga, since I was able to get my hands on some of the translated Chuang Yi volumes a while back. I liked the story in Golden Boys to an extent. I dislike how things just ended around Cianwood City though. I remember wondering why there were only three volumes out until a friend told me the manga ended at that point. I liked Black the most since he was based heavily on Silver from the Pokemon games. Other than him, I wasn't very fond of the other characters.


I read about it on Bulba.

I don't know if I'm remembering correctly, but Eusine was after a time-traveling Pikachu...?
I read about it on Bulba.

I don't know if I'm remembering correctly, but Eusine was after a time-traveling Pikachu...?

If I remembered correctly (the last time I read it was about few years ago) , the Pikachu belonged to him and he sent it to the future in order to meet legendary Pokemon. The Pikachu appeared before Gold when he was challenging Falkner.

This manga was interesting but it just ended with a cliffhanger!


that makes sense.

and a scary thing is... I actually give him a Pikachu in my fanfics... (I don't know how I do this! I don't even know someone has a Pokemon and I give them one. Like with Paul... I never knew he had a Nidoking and I gave him a Nidoran that eventually evolved...)


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I've got all three volumes.

Nice art, cool manga. But underused because of the sudden ending.

It would be really thousand times more awesome if we had chance to see remaining Gym Leaders, E4 and Kanto...


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I liked where it was going. But yeah, the sudden cutoff was just weird.