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Does anyone know the name of that one song...

The song that is played during the 4th movie when Serebii is revived?
I believe that it is also played in "Haruka passes through time" and "Hakuryuu's lake"

Thank you in advance.


gee that's swell
That's the name? I'll check the credits after movie for confirmation.........[That song is like weird ^_^; ]


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Yeah, I'm not sure if that's the official name, it's just what the file was named when I obtained it. XP


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Geki said:
Just some dub singer they pay.
Except for the fact that it wasn't dub music.


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Geki said:
I thought she was talking about the dub.
And since when did "Dragonair's Lake" and "Haruka and Meowth's Excellent Adventure" air outside japan?

Thats right.
The future.

...And also, the 4th movie kept pretty much all original music intact, bar the stuff playing during the ending credits and probably a few other vocal songs that I can't be assed to either remember or read up on.
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