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Does anyone still play these games?

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I'm still playing my Gold (AKA my first GB game) I mean, I got to get at least 1 LV100 right?
I would! .. but everytime i save an switch off, then turn it on again it hasnt saved!
So i gave up.


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I still play gold version to this day because it is fun and the highest version I have at the moment lol.I am currently leveling up my main team up and breeding pokemon for there good breed moves.


trainer since 1998
I would still be playing were it not for internal battery failure.

Fortunately, we can replace the batteries, and I ordered 10 new ones from DigiKey ^^
They should be shipped and installed by Wednesday or Thursday.

I'm planning on putting a battery in Crystal and playing through it, first. Then I may start up Gold.

G/S/C is my favourite generation ^_^


Really and truly
If people didn't still play them, we probably wouldn't have this section, would we? ^.~

I still play them: I absolutely love those games and play them constantly. And while the graphics aren't amazing the game play is fun and light, and doesn't have all the Natures and Abilities everybody stresses over nowadays.

Also, the only third/fourth generation games I own are Colosseum and Gale of Darkness, so I have no reason to NOT play G/C/S. X3

But you really shouldn't start playing just because other people do- if you yourself want to play the games, do it: it's not like you're obligated or commited to finish the second you pick up the game.

I would! .. but everytime i save an switch off, then turn it on again it hasnt saved!
So i gave up.
Your internal battery is dead. Please refer to the Sticky concerning this as it is not a rare occurance.



persona non grata
I would if my battery didn't die and it still doesn't work, even after the replacement. And I have no idea where to get a whole new game.
i got a lend of my friends one AKA shnitzel_12 and it was great but i had to give it back so i dont play silver any more


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I still play them i like to go around to the towns and explore them and such i realy hope they remake these games. By far Gold version was the best and most fun pokemon game i have played.

The Power of Pika

Way Past Cool!!
I still play them. Though both my Gold and Silver batteries died. I replaced Gold's battery and it's been working for 3 weeks so far so I think it's safe to say it's saving again.:)

Now all I need to do is replace Silver's battery.

The Burnt Shadow

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I play them every now and then when I get a chance. Whenever I don't have anything to do, it sometimes pops in my hands and I just play it...


Yes I am Still Playing My Crystal and Silver.
I'm Playing Crystal Since the release,the save didn't erase a single time.
( Excluding Silver >.> )

Trooper Guy

Lost in history...
Yeah, I still play my Crystals (one for Johto pkmn and one for Kanto pkmn) and Gold.

Naetoru & Stitch

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I don't play them anymore.


Oh goodness, yes. Those are just games you can't put down. My Crystal team is so strong and all my mimes.

I adore Johto and never go to Kanto much. They are just games I love.


As always, be kind to the mime. ;122;


WELL i have a full lvl 100 team on crystal so i started silver again to get another but i stopped when i got my DS and games but i still play it occasionally
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