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Does anyone still play these games?

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Pro co-ordinator
Ya, I love crystal its like the best ever!!!


Well-Known Member
I'm still playing Silver. Currently in Mahogany Town, trying to clear out Team Rocket.


Genius Teenage Girl
i play when i get really really really bored

Evil Blissey

NetBattle Learner
Yes, in fact, i'm actually playing my silver as we post, but i only have 1 badge right now, lol


too... much...
I played my Silver version for the first time in like, six months or longer last night. Wow... that was a ling time since I last played any of them. But I wanna get back into them again. It's a tradition not forgotten.


New Member
Caught them all... Been there, done that -- in my opinion, G/S/C was the inferior generation. R/B was by the far the best :)
They should make a remake of G/S/C. It would probably make millions, especially if you could visit every region and battle all of the elite four! (Sorry to get off topic...) I played it until my evil little cousin threw it into a pool. RIP Crystal version.


Blaziken rules!
I don't play anymore on my Crystal.


Nope, hav'nt played G/S/C since R/S/E came out.

Evil Genius

Well-Known Member
I'm playing Crystal when I'm on the computer (VBA). I mostly play Emerald on GBA.


alias:: Allure XI
I started playing Crystal about 2 months ago when there was a Pokemon Tournament in school (obviously I planned on entering the 2nd gen division). However, the tournament never happened, so I haven't played since then, since I had Diamond and Pearl to play.

Johto is, by far, my favorite world though, so I can definitely see myself going back to play when I get bored with D/P. I still haven't achieved my all Eeveelutions team!


Well-Known Member
Well whem I'm not busy or on D/P, I still play from time to time(On my computer). I Do have Gold Version(Since release) though...It just wouldn't save for me lol.
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