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Does anyone still play these games?

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Training Since '98
I'm currently playing Crystal attempting to Catch 'em All.


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I used to play them a lot, but silver and gold both had their internal batteries die.

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Sceptile Trainer
I play sometimes when I got nothing better to do.


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i still play it frequently!!! well because i got a shiny porygon and i love it as shiny porygon 2


Last night I caught a shiny Pinsir in the Bug Contest. And I beat the Elite Four on my new Crystal file. So yes, I still play.


Tao is Taokaka!
I wish I could still play, but my sister was nilly-willy and broke my gold version by throwing it, biting it, and soaking it in the bathtub. Then, something happened to my silver version where my data got deleted and whenever I save, it doesn't remember the data, so I end uup starting a new game over and over. And my Crystal version is just plain lost, nowhere to be found for 3 years. If only I had a second chance, I would play them in a heartbeat.

R.I.P. Wiimote's 2nd gen games.


Dog Man Star
I still play the games... Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Yep... Good times.

I remember that I had to buy a second Crystal game since, I didn't want to give up my old pokemon on my other Crystal game... And, this was recently too... Like, last week...

Bought it from.. Game Stop... And, yes, surprisingly enough, it actually works.


I'm going to be restarting my Gold version soon, as I have just recharged the internal battery and can now save. So yeah, I still play it, the 2nd gen is my favourite of the games.
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Sometimes I do but not often enough


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I'm playing Gold on my phone. It's fun, although it's a bit laggy and lacks sound..... good to kill time with though! :p :D

Currently leveling up my team for the second badge.


Child safety much?
I stopped when i beat ash in gold and silver
I still just turn on my Gold to see if it's still there every so often.

Crystal king

I'd play my Gold and Silver if they Wern't stolen..but atleast I(thankfully) still have Crystal that my friend gave me.


Staff member
I've been playing Crystal a lot lately... but it's stuck now, so I can't play much anymore :/
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