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Does Anyone Still Wi-Fi Battle Anymore?

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Poke Trainer J, Aug 5, 2013.

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  1. Poke Trainer J

    Poke Trainer J Well-Known Member

    I know it kind of sounds like a stupid question but hear me out first, it feels like nowadays that since Pokemon Showdown became the mainstream Online Battle Simulator that gained publicity on YouTube and Smogon since last year it seems like there are less and less people who play the actual Pokemon games to setup Gen V and Gen IV Wi-Fi Battles with people online because they most likely think that it's become about as tedious as breeding a team of Pokemon on the actual games when an Online Simulator even though it isn't officially sanctioned for VGC's is more convenient and less time consuming. I understand where some people are coming from with this because they're getting older, moving on with their lives, or they just don't have the free time they used to have due to working at a full-time/part-time job or they're busy with high school/college. As for me I decided to skip college after graduating from high school back in 2003 while having a part-time job with a great work schedule not having to work on Saturday and Sunday for 10 years and still at it.

    How many people here have given up on Gen V Wi-Fi Battles and have gone straight to battling exclusively on Pokemon Showdown instead? As for me I'm at a crossroads with the Pokemon franchise as to whether or not If I should keep on playing, I personally feel like Online Battle Simulators like Pokemon Showdown takes the fun away from playing Pokemon. If you disagree feel free to let me know and explain why, now granted the very first time I ever actually played Pokemon was when Yellow was first released on the GameBoy a decade ago when I rented it at my local Blockbuster playing through it while having trouble getting through the game when I realized that the lack of battling against friends at the time was very difficult being stuck with a Link Cable. Years later up to 2007-2008 when Diamond/Pearl was first released it got me interested in the Pokemon video games again due to Wi-Fi Battling Online but since now in 2013 it feels like it's getting phased out for something more convenient that's not even officially endorsed by Nintendo/Game Freak with so many other faults with the Pokemon franchise I'm just not sure what to do at the moment.
  2. jstinftw!

    jstinftw! hey trainer

    I mostly use Showdown to playtest/ use Legendaries that I cannot access. Otherwise, I play on my cartridge/Nintendo WiFi. I in particular play VGC Style so all the serious tournaments are held over WiFi anyways, but I work on teams in my game for Singles as well so I can battle my friends across the world. Its more fun than just randomly getting on a sim and finding people to battle.
  3. Silvershark

    Silvershark HAWLUCHA!!!

    I still play on wifi a couple times a week when I have time. Not a lot, but still considerably more than on PS. Like Justin, I mostly just use PS to playtest since being able to instantly change up the pokemon makes fine tuning the team extremely easy. I'm a firm believer in using both formats to their fullest to get the best team possible.

    I think wifi's loss of steam has more to do BW/B2W2 losing some of their hype, especially with XY coming out soon. It should also be noted that a lot of VGC players start avoiding wifi like the plague around the time Nationals/Worlds start (so like the last five weeks) for fear of people scouting their teams on Pokecheck. That's not a problem on PS, so they head there to practice.
  4. jstinftw!

    jstinftw! hey trainer

    This is a very good point. Also, Nintendo Wi-Fi for our Gen V games is considerably worse than the average person's PS battle, so that also plays a factor in people not wanting to get on and do WiFi battles. Which should also be corrected with XY haha
  5. Blue Cobra

    Blue Cobra Bug Trainer

    Sure, Pokémon Online and Pokémon Showdown have got extremely popular, but in my experience, there are plenty of people playing Wi-Fi too.

    Personally, I'm doing both. Wi-Fi battling is what means most to me, since it is much more fun to play the "original", and with Pokémon that you have trained yourself.
    I do however think that the simulators are very useful too, since you have the possibility to test out your teams before breeding and training them in your game, which also is what I mainly use Pokémon Online for. Although it is much faster to make teams on the simulators, it doesn't feel nearly as personal, since you have just summoned all your Pokémon, without using any effort to breed or train them. I like to breed and train my Pokémon from scratch, since it feels much more like "My" Pokémon and much more personal, since you have bred and trained your Pokémon by yourself.
  6. UbersSuck20

    UbersSuck20 #FreeGenesect

  7. The Master Chief

    The Master Chief A.K.A Tythaeus

    If I could I would do wifi, PS, and PO but I can only do PS. I don't mind using wifi at all but a lot of people tend to DC on ya.
  8. garretslarrity

    garretslarrity Unova Champion

    I only battle over Wi-Fi. It feels more genuine to me, and I personally love the breeding and training aspects.
  9. Shreyas

    Shreyas Well-Known Member

    For singles OU, I stopped with the WiFi battle completely. Training Pokemon to level 100 just becomes too tedious (and I'm sure a lot of people are on the same boat). After the auto level feature got removed, it just felt like it took too long to train Pokemon. I feel that OU WiFi has died quite a bit after gen 4 ended.

    But, I still do WiFi battles in VGCs format, so I can still participate in the actual events as well as get some battles against random people on the GBU. It's also great that you only really need to level up Pokemon to 50 instead of 100.
  10. Dr. Classy

    Dr. Classy Only RN with a PhD

    Boy, u really got to ask that. Hellz yeah boiii!!!!
  11. Nion

    Nion Passionate Trainer

    I agree with you there. Wi-Fi Battles are the only way to go!
  12. MetalSonic

    MetalSonic Orderan' Defendan'

    nope not really anymore
  13. Touché Amoré

    Touché Amoré WAKABA-KU

    Well. I would say the majority of Japanese competitive players play on Wifi and not simulators. PO has a very small Japanese community the server never has more then 1-20 people usually (I dont know about PS though) but when I used to play on Wifi I would say easily 80%-90% of the battles I got were with Japanese players and there were a lot of them. So Wifi is still for sure popular in at least some places. Not everywhere I guess.

    I think it does the opposite as long as you are talking about competitive and not ingame. It has a community that is easy to communicate and connect with unlike playing over Wifi
  14. Dragalge

    Dragalge Lucy Eiscue

    Eh I'm more of a PS battler nowadays, I used to Wifi more until I discovered simulators. That doesn't mean I hate Wifi since I go on there if I'm only in the mood for it.
  15. Puma Italia

    Puma Italia Well-Known Member

    Simulators have definitely taken the spotlight off of Wi-Fi battling. It is easier to find battles on PO/PS and also the battles are much quicker. Wi-Fi takes a long time and it is just one battle that can take 20-40 minutes. It definitely looks cooler to battle on Wi-Fi but simulators are everyone's best friend now.

    I rarely battle on Wi-Fi nowadays, but battle on simulators almost every day.
    T-Bolt likes this.
  16. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    PO and PS are dominating the competive pokemon metagame, I found this sad.. Wifi is way more fun and tense.
  17. •Cute Pokemon Lover•

    •Cute Pokemon Lover• Just wait for it

    Well I mostly use Poke Showdown and sometimes in some occasions Pokemon Online, But when someone wants to trade or battle with me that's when I wifi battle and/or trade. Honestly Poke Showdown is easier and funner but battling in Wifi is pretty fun too since you get to talk with the other people.
  18. Matoro

    Matoro Toa of Ice

    I do both. When I don't have the ability to do sim (no internet) then I am totally ok with wifi. I don't see how doing one or the other ruins it. The only problem is I really can't communicate w/ the other person on wifi (I have no friends :()
  19. Zultiner

    Zultiner Karp?

    I like simulators better, but tons of people are still playing on Wi-Fi. The challenge is just finding them, but they are out there.
  20. 1.21GWs

    1.21GWs Member

    I've never bothered with simulators. To me, it doesn't seem like you're really playing Pokemon anymore. I like sitting out on the deck or the hammock outside and doing wi-fi battles on my DS. Sitting inside at my desk on the computer takes what is great away from Pokemon and the DS; the ability to play anywhere you want! If I'm going to be at my computer it is likely I'll be logging on one of the computer games I enjoy. It also typically takes the game less than 30 seconds to match me up on wi-fi battles so there has to be plenty of people there.

    I also feel like if you could just create all the Pokemon immediately it kind of blands down the game. There is something special about getting those great IV's and getting excited about it. It is also fun when you encounter another Pokemon of the exact same type and start thinking "crap, maybe I shouldnt've settled for that 28 IV in speed, I hope I go first!" I've settled for my fair share of non-optimum IV's and natures and I'm sure my opponents have done the same in many situations. My Milotic is serious natured because the IV's were impeccable and I got lazy. This kind of stuff adds to the game, and I feel simulators take all of this away letting you create perfect natured/IV'd/EV'd Pokemon instantaneously.
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