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Does anyone watchYu-Gi-Oh, anymore?


OpInIoNaTeD at <3
I'd like to see Yami Yugi against Astral. That would be awesome.

Hmm..yes that would be epic. The more advanced xyz summoning with there crazy effects could make things real difficult for Yami. However Yami was able to hold his own in the 10th anniversary movie, bonds beyond time, so maybe he's got a shot.

I'd hope for Yami to win in the first place anyway.

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Sylveon, tho.
Oh, cool! I love Dark Magician, it might be my favorite monster :D


However Yami was able to hold his own in the 10th anniversary movie, bonds beyond time, so maybe he's got a shot.

I was surprised that he was able to do so well in Bonds Beyond Time. His deck was out of date, but he was still able to keep up with the other duelists. I guess that just goes to show that he's still the King of Games.

Next week's Zexal is going to feature classic Duel Monsters ... Monsters. Dark Magician, Blue Eyes, Flame Swordsman, DMG, the whole look.

That sounds cool. I really prefer the older monsters to some of the newer ones, so that'll be an episode to look forward to.


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I watch Yugioh from time to time. I like GX the most


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Sweet, the Blue Eyes is returning. It's about time.


OpInIoNaTeD at <3
I wonder if Yuma from Zexal will ever meet the other mains? And if so, how? I doubt they could use another travel back or foward in time scenario...Hmm, maybe he'll meet up with the next two main protoganists, who knows?

Banana Knight Arthur

I wonder if Yuma from Zexal will ever meet the other mains? And if so, how? I doubt they could use another travel back or foward in time scenario...Hmm, maybe he'll meet up with the next two main protoganists, who knows?

The way they've been avoiding synchros and mentioning them like the plague, I do not tihnk so. At least not in the anime canon.

They even went as far as to remove a synchro monster from one of the previews they aired during the 5D's time period.


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I stopped with YGO after Zork. IMO the best plot ended there (though the Noah Arc was useless and a waste of time along with the dragon ones).

Duelist Kingdom - Domino City Tournament - Ancient past were the best parts hands down.


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i miss the origional episodes

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Sylveon, tho.
What do you mean? If you mean the original series then that's still on TV. So is GX. And so is 5D's.


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For the matter of Kaiba replacing Yugi or Jaden for that crossover movie, thank goodness it didn't happen. I like Kaiba as a rival because he is the best Yu-gi-oh rival ever, but as a character he is to one dimensional.

Funny, the fact that he's a walking complex of complexes has been used as his being the only remotely deep character in the series. Namely in 5Ds vs DM debates (Since GX doesn't have the character power to even try to compete- it could have, and tried, it just failed).

Now if we had another duel with Kaiba, Jack, and Zane in it that would be awesome.

Explosions. Everywhere.

The anime is just a 20-minute long commercial now, like Pokemon, and I'm not fond of shows like that.

The anime was already a 20-minute commercial the second Takahashi ended the original series.

Aren't they the same thing?

Having just watched both versions back to back, 4kids is a pretty good job with this one. But no, as with all of their dubs, there are minor line changes or slight alterations to villain plots.

Movie was a letdown; it did what it was supposed to, nothing more. I wanted more elaboration on how Duel Monsters-related hijinks ruins the world. Neither version gave any clarity, best we got was the English pointing out that while the 3 heroes saved the world using the game, they only did it because it was a conduit for villains, implying one of them finally got away with it.

I read on YGO Wiki (Suspicious source? Wikis often are) that Paradox is actually a part of the group of endgame villains in 5Ds who never made it into the actual show; anyone know how that works?

I'm not sure if the was dub stuff either. Trudge was okay. I don't remember if he ever won a duel before but anyway it's a shame he never brought up the past. Would have been interesting to hear he was once a bully to the king of games. Oh well. Being voiced by Dan Green is always great!

Almost certain the Joey's relative reference was dub only. But LK has a point; how did Trudge/Ushio live into the 5Ds era while just barely aging? Has to be a design recycle.

I agree that GX had its own set of villains, and that was to be expected since it was a separate series. Still, I think Yami Bakura was an amazing villain in the original Yu-Gi-Oh!, and maybe GX wouldn't have seemed so boring if it had a villain like Yami Bakura present. I know it never would have happened, but the idea of having him there was pretty appealing.

Ironically, the GX manga has its own special call-out to the Kul Elna incident.


Made it into WC 2009 to boot.


One thing I hated about the anime was the character designs (or, at least, the episodes featuring horrible animators). Yuugi and Dark Yuugi both grow in height during the course of the manga, yet in the anime he towers over Yuugi while Yuugi stays an imp... Looks extremely weird. Even in the good-looking episodes, they don't fix this.

The characters also wear better outfits in the manga (yes, they altered their gear in some episodes for whatever reason). Not usually a big problem, but Dark Yuugi wearing footy PJs under his school jacket during Duelist Kingdom didn't sit well with me, especially when he's supposed to be wearing whatever Yuugi's wearing.

The anime, as much as I hate to say it, was often a revolving door of animation nightmares; Yugi's clothes eventually becoming more pointed and shiny than everyone else's, inconsistent eyes, the overall decline in color depth in the filler seasons (Then again, they had no manga to base it off of), the entirety of the Grand Championship arc (As you just posted) and occasional precursors and throwbacks to its awfulness in the Dragons and Memory World (Most of them caused by <i>Kaiba</i>, ironically).

Duelist Kingdom and Battle City look pretty good overall, the other three have issues. Unless I've just been watching bad encodes all this time- video quality won't be a concern for anyone working with this series unless it makes Blu-ray. Bonds beyond Time looked fantastic, so its getting a blu-ray version only illustrates that.

because a main character that provides comic releif would make the show much more entertaining, and Krow just doesnt do it for me..

4kids BBT Jaden: *In reference to Sin/Malefic Truth Dragon* ...I've seen some giant monsters in my day, but this one takes the cake!

Yusei: ...and he probably ate it too!

Paradox: >_>

pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
A little. Maybe that's why it's called Astral Barrier?
dont really like the new ones but i do watch re runs every saturday morning :)