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Does anyone watchYu-Gi-Oh, anymore?


Veteran member
Grew up with it, during 10-teenage years. At the moment, I can't decide whether it's a guilty pleasure or nostalgia that I still enjoy it. Even with all I've learned of 4Kids and the sub(which I hope to watch one day and compare), I still enjoy it. Even though I know how absurd it all was. Though I'm more of a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, which is awesome. Does anyone find it hilariously ironic that 4Kids are fans of the web show?

pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
I love abridged! "Screw the rules,I have money!"


thug life
the re-runs bring back nostalgia c:
yugioh 5ds is ok...
oh, and yu-gi-oh abridged is hilarious c:
in america!!!


The not so special
I DO watch it! I love it!
Never liked it as a kid, I don't know why but now I watch it in the english version and it's much better. My fav char is bakura! =D


Banned from Club Penguin
Nope. I stopped watching as soon as GX started. Now they ride motocycles apparently. wtf


Sometimes On.....
I'm obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh! and pokemon, the video games, the shows (except for dp and zexal. Freaking hate those ones.) and with yu-gi-oh!, I think I have over 2000 cards. Gonna save them a few more years to let them rise in price. Gonna use the money for a car :3


The not so special
I only play magic the gathering :3 (I'm such a nerd)
I also wanna buy some yu-gi-oh cards, it's so much awesomer :3

pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
It is. You need some Yu-Gi-Oh cards.


Sentimental Fool ;)
I only play magic the gathering :3 (I'm such a nerd)
I also wanna buy some yu-gi-oh cards, it's so much awesomer :3

Or save yourself a lot of money and pick up one of the video games, if you have the hardware.


The not so special
I'm more of a card game fan ;3

pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
Me too. I don't really like the Yu-Gi-Oh games. I own one called Forbidden Memories for a PSone and it's incredibly hard for many reasons.
Reason one: You start off with really sucky cards.
Reason two: The first few duels are really hard.
Reason three: You duel MAXIMILLION PEGASUS after two to three duels.


Wigglytuff Guild recruit
I do watch Zexal fansubs, and for a while, I was watching 5D's on Hulu.
I'm more into the video games, personally. Much cheaper than actual cards.


Kodoku no Koori
Nope. I stopped watching as soon as GX started. Now they ride motocycles apparently. wtf

The motorcycles were just things that made its show different. I thought 5D's was much more interesting than GX.


The not so special
Pegasus is just freaking awesome!
1st fav char bakura then Pegasus :3

just a badass rich man that drinks fruit juice that looks like wine and reads commics all day xD


Justified Trope
I watched Yu-Gi-Oh! and the first three seasons of GX. I watched only the first few episodes of 5Ds before I got bored, and I reverted to the Abridged Series. I am hoping for GX Season 4 soon, and I look forward to see how 4Kids royally f***s Zexal.


{5D's Elite Duelist}
Yugioh ZeXal is actually getting better.
It was utter rubbish when it started but it became better every episode except for the cat one... eww, stop licking your your mouth you B****!