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Does anyone watchYu-Gi-Oh, anymore?


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Anyone watched 'Leater Pants'?
If you watch yu-gi-oh! then you must have seen it at least once :p


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can anyone give me a link to yugioh subs 'cuz I can only find subs for 5ds (Hulu) and Zeaxl (as there probably won't be a dub for this, but I'm not sure)

hey, has anyone seen season 0? I've caught snippets of it and its awesome leather pants lol
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Sylveon, tho.
What's season 0?


What's season 0?

That's what people sometimes call the first anime series based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series. It consisted of 27 episodes I believe, but it was never dubbed. I've watched the Japanese episodes a few times, and I liked what I saw, but the second series will always be my favorite.

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Sylveon, tho.
Oh. I'll have to google it. Your signature scares me, by the way.


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Yugioh ZeXal is actually getting better.
It was utter rubbish when it started but it became better every episode except for the cat one... eww, stop licking your your mouth you B****!

So far I find all the episodes to be great. I didn't think any of the episodes were "rubbish" and the one with Cathy I enjoyed a lot as well, I think she's rather interesting.


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Never watched GX ( utter crap ) I stopped watching zexal at episode 5 since they were taking forever to get subbed. Been watching Cardfight Vanguard instead


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watched the vids?


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Isn't Zexal on Hulu? Just asking, I can't find any episodes on Youtube, yet. o_o

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I really like the way ZEXAL is progressing.
I actually think this maybe my favorite series so far next to the original Duel Monsters. It might have something to do with the similarities between Yuma and Yugi though.
I was most excited to see ZEXAL's Kuriboh,: Kuribolt. I'm just glad Yuma got it unlike Yusei.
And of course Hope's following the previous protagonists' ace monsters evolving and probably will have more forms in the future.

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Sylveon, tho.
Yeah, I watched them :D


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IMO, there's something enjoyable about all the versions of YGO if one only lets oneself enjoy them, including Zexal. I've found the majority of the original fanbase is hardly willing to branch out and give any of the spinoffs a chance -- and by that I don't mean simply watching them, but opening their minds to them and not deciding before even really starting that it sucks and they hate it.

DM is nice, yes, though I am probably in the vast minority in thinking that while it was memorable and nostalgic, it's currently my least favorite of them in terms of how much I like it now, if only because I had a hard time really caring about most of the characters on a rewatch. The only one who really made me genuinely like him was Yuugi.

GX is... well, it's very hit or miss in every area, but it's probably my favorite as far as characters go. I really enjoyed seasons three and four, even though they were a dealbreaker for some people. But I loved Juudai's character development, and I only wish GX itself wasn't cursed with the lack of interest that develops by the end of any given related production, causing both the anime and manga to get cut short and rushed to completion because nobody cares anymore and wants to move onto the next shiny thing.

5D's is a very enthralling story up to the end of the Dark Signer arc, after which it gets a little shaky and arguably less enjoyable. Most people knock it for a single ridiculous concept they can't seem to let go of (OH GOD THEY CHANGED IT NOW IT SUCKS), but they fail to take into account everything else that's fun about it -- I didn't love everyone in 5D's as much as I did in GX, but I did discover some really beloved characters, and at least for the first half of the series, I liked the plot as well and thought it was a definite step up from GX.

Zexal so far is turning off a lot of the older fans for various reasons, but if the latest episode is any indication, it's just getting into serious plot now, so I'm sticking with it for now and waiting to see what direction it goes in. Yuuma is an endearing protagonist, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the whole Tsukumo parents thing unfolds at this point. Oddly, I appear to be the only one who really, really likes Cathy. :| Also, Astral is a boss.

I would highly recommend that people who naysay the spinoffs without trying them first watch at least one full season of them before passing them off as crap. Not just an episode or two, because it's impossible to get the full sense of any long-running anime from just a handful of episodes. And while we're at it, let's throw in not to judge the anime with DM-bias just because it doesn't have X number of characters from DM in a major role. They're all different, too, so it's not like if you hated GX you're going to hate 5D's, or vice versa. And if you manage to plow through a season of any of the spinoffs and wind up disliking it even then, well... congratulations, you now have an informed opinion!

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Sylveon, tho.
I think Quillbolt Hedgehog takes that role.