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Does anyone watchYu-Gi-Oh, anymore?

pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
I guess. Yusei doesn't really have a cute mascot card, does he?


please wake up...
He has... a few? Sonic Chick and Quillbolt Hedgehog come to mind, though I wouldn't call those mascots. His signature cards are all of the "cool" variety though, being Stardust Dragon and its various forms, plus Junk Warrior.

It just sucks because Ruka had Kuribon, but in the end, neither Ruka nor Kuribon were terribly important to the plot. Ruka did one or two awesome things during the Dark Signer arc, and then did literally nothing else worth noting for the entire rest of the series. Instead, she was employed as the damsel-in-distress on multiple occasions for Rua to get some character development at her expense.

YEAH, I MAD. I liked the twins, dammit, but hell if the writers didn't ultimately end up favoring Rua over Ruka. D:

pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
Yeah, I wish that Kuribon and Yuna got a little more recognition. It's just a shame Kuribon has such an ugly rat tail.


{5D's Elite Duelist}
Instead of Ruka... I mean Luna *cough*, they should've given it to Crow.
A cooler Blackwing version of Kuribon!

Blackwing - Kuribon the Innocent
Lol I dunno about the name...

pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
I think it should stay Yuna's, just make it lose the rat tail and give it way more recognition.


The not so special
Still have to watch 120 eps of yu-gi-oh...

Haunter ゴースト

Well-Known Member
I stopped watching after GX.

I caught the odd few eps of 5DS, and sort of kept track with anything interesting but nerr.

The major put off for me was playing the game while riding bikes, I mean seriously it got that overated that it got insane.

Everything looked a lot crazier and farfetchd in the series too.

I did watch the ''Bonds beyond time'' movie, and it was okay to an extent of the characters meeting each other, but the plot was terrible and having time travel killed it.

pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
I always wanted to watch Bonds Beyond Time, but never got the chance :'(

pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
Oh, erm, I knew that... T_T


The not so special
I lost track of the conversation...

Banana Knight Arthur

I saw two of the more recent Zexal episodes, Yuma vs Jin, and it was underwhelming.

Zexal started off seemingly in the vein of GX/DM hybrid but quickly has branched off into crap.

I tune in occasionally to see if it ever gets better. I left 5Ds around ep 70 and came back a few months before it ended, and liked 60-70% of what I saw.

What keeps me (occasionally) watching Zexal is loyalty and habit.