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Does Ash "Remember"?

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Buck The Bidoof Masta

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Okay, im not sure if this question has ever been asked before, but hey its worth a try eh?

Rewind back to the Johto regional tournament, Ash Vs Harrison. What end pokemon did Harrison have? A Blaziken is what he had.

Now, May got the starter Torchic, who later evolves into Blaziken itself. Do you think Ash even remembered Harrison's Blaziken when he battled may for that one contest??

Also, during that match, two specific abilities were activated. Those were Overgrow and Blaze. Now, fast forward into Sinnoh, we have Chimmy with a blaze problem. Do you think Ash will remember anything from this match to help him out or will this topic get locked because of no relevance?

Im aware that pokemon dosent have much continuity in between regions.

P.S. It was in a filler(weekend warrior?) but we have already seen Frenzy Plant right?


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