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Does Ash's Hoenn pokemon deserve to come back in Pokemon Black and White?

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Sceptile - I seriously think Sceptile deserves to be shown more.I mean after showing its skill and beating a legendary just imagine the possibilities.Besides he doesn't need anotehr gras type since he has Sceptile and Bulbasaur.Not counting torterra and bayleaf because their not powerhouse material :)

Glalie - This guy is Ash's only Ice type and it didn't get to be seen much.Im pretty sure you all will agree that if it was actually given the time of day it would have been one of ash's strongest pokemon.Would be nice to see him own.

Swellow - When it came out to battle Latios it brought back so many memory about why he is indeed Ash's strongest bird pokemon.If he couldn't beat Latios not like the other of ash's birds could do better.Very unlikely he'll be shown but a man can dream haha.

Ash's Jhoto pokemon had enough spotlight so they shouldn't make any appearance at all.


No, because it's been too far from Hoenn at this moment in Isshu. If anything, only the ones who didn't get a battle in the Sinnoh league, including the Johto pokemon, should return.


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Ash's Hoenn team was handled very well and none of them really need any redemption. Sceptile, Swellow, and Torkoal already competed in the Sinnoh League (Going up against legendaries BTW), so I don't see a reason for them to appear again. The only ones that should get a future appearance are Glalie and Corphish, but they both did well throughout AG, so they don't even really need to appear in BW either.


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The only reason would be if they made a Ruby/Sapphire remake. That's the only reason we had the Kanto Battle Frontier, as well as Johto Pokémon in the Sinnoh league. If not, then the writers will have nothing but B/W to advertise, and then it'll mainly be Isshu Pokémon getting spotlight.



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There is two ways of answering this question,

a) no they don´t need to be put back for reasons that they are strong or has original type- capabilities because Ash can always capture any new Pokémon

b) Ash does not pick out teams in advance for a regular journey, if he wanted this one or two of the Hoenn- Pokémon would have been chosen, as would 1 or 2 fron the other regions. Sceptile is a great battler but Ash don´t use his previous powerhouses in his new journeys

Actually there is a c) alternative as well:

Pokémon the anime series are not about redemption of old ones but about the showcasing of new Pokémon, henceforce it would be unfit to give Ash a team consited of Pikachu and let´s say 3 other veterans.

So the Hoenn Pokémon, as well as the others from Johto, Kanto and Sinnoh, does not need to return until the Issu League.


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Well Ash has other poke'mon who need more screentie than the Hoenn team, but I won't mind seeing them in the league.


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Maybe for the Isshu League, but since the Isshu Regional Pokemon's time in the limelight is limited I want the Region to be about the Regional Team.


Yes, they do deserve to come back in the isshu league.


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well they wont, they wanna show ash with the new pokes although i do think gible should follow, and i think noctowl was his strongest bird though very frail in thw show



Why not? They could use some battles and it would be cool to see corphish evolve possibly. Even though there probably won´t be any time cause the league will be rushed as always.


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Why not? They could use some battles and it would be cool to see corphish evolve possibly. Even though there probably won´t be any time cause the league will be rushed as always.
Sceptile has had plenty of screentime, no need for him to take it away from others.

Same with Swellow.

Glalie, Corphish, and to an extent, Torkoal I guess could deserve some more appearances, but for the most part, Hoenn was handled just fine.

Let some other Pokemon get the spotlight for once, if we even have reserves this time around.


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Yes, they do deserve to come back in the isshu league.
The Hoenn pokemon should stay the f away this time.

Honestly, three leagues in a row? Why would you wanna see that?? They already got the biggest league to their own, some frontier battles after that, and they infiltrated the Sinnoh League while others needed the battles more. And NOW you wanna see them do the same crap again??!

Seriously, why is Sceptile such a big deal anyway? It cheap shotted Darkrai, big deal! The only reason Darkrai went down is because it didn't see Sceptile waking up again.. Otherwise it would've been same old same old defending with Ice Beam and Sceptile would've been knocked out.

If Ash is really going on to catch more pokemon then he did since Kanto, then the league better be to the Isshu pokemon alone. If there's another Paul situation, it would be horrible.. The worst thing for me was Torterra getting no love at all in the league. Why did it have to be Sceptile when Torterra could've knocked out Darkrai just as well, both would've been influenced by the plot eitherway.

I don't care that I'm seemingly hating on Sceptile, but who in their right mind wouldn't? Torterra went head to head with the strongest of opponents and did well, but now that it hasn't got a win in the league it's suddenly 'no powerhouse material'... IT BROUGHT A FREAKING FRONTIER LEADER'S RHYPERIOR TO ITS KNEES AS A GROTLE!

The only one I want to see being brought back to Isshu if there are going to be reserves are, Hoenn could return for some Frontier type battles. That's something I rather wanted to have them do then infiltrate the league that they didn't need, while these did:

Totodile: You know why.
Gible: You know why.
Quilava: Needs it moreso then Bayleef. It's league win felt empty.
Muk: Increase it's two move moveset please..
Kingler: to prove that it's still alive
Torterra: to prove that it is stronger then/equal to Sceptile.

There you have it. This would've been my team vs. Takuto. Maybe switch Gible out for Pikachu, since it had to be in there.

Muk vs. Darkrai: Muk poisons Darkrai and is switched out.
Kingler vs. Darkrai: Kingler gets a Crab Hammer, which busts through Dark Void, but is defeated after a Hyper Beam/Ice Beam collision due to the recharge turn. The poison effects Darkrai
Quilava vs. Darkrai: Gets a Eruption and Flamewheel combo to hit Darkrai. Similar to Countershield but way more powerful. Is knocked out by Dream Eater. Darkrai is getting slow due to the poisoning.
Torterra vs. Darkrai: Energy Ball power up. Gets put asleep, wakes up. Torterra uses Rock Climb and Leaf Storm at the same time to counter Ice Beam and charge into Darkrai knocking it from the mountain and driving it into the ground KO'ing it..

Torterra vs. Latios: Torterra takes Giga Impact head on and survives. It uses Leaf Storm but it does no damage due to the stat drop and Light Screen. After which Latios uses Luster Purge which takes a lot out of Torterra and the next Giga Impact knocks it out.
Muk vs. Latios: Latios is recharging from the Giga Impact so Ash decides to use Body Slam, paralyzing the speedfreak. It is however knocked out by a single Luster Purge/Sludge Bomb collision.
Totodile vs. Latios: Totodile uses Dragon Dance and uses Ice Fang on Latios while evading its attacks and sends it crashing into the wall due to Ice Fang hurting so much. It then uses Hydro Pump at the incoming Luster Purge and they end up cancelling each other out. Latios then comes in for a Giga Impact, which is countered by Totodile's Superpower. When the smoke clears Totodile is knocked out, but Latios is panting heavily.
Pikachu vs. Latios: Same fight as it was.

Perfect redemption for Muk, Torterra and Totodile.

- Muk doesn't knock anything out, but proves its worth in the battle against both due to it afflicting them with a severe crippling status.

- Kingler does good, but doesn't need the win, but falls after an impressive collision, kinda like Heracross.

- Quilava gets to use all its moves and gets a more well rounded battle.

- Torterra gets the league win it deserved, and is finally used the way it should be.

- Totodile gets a new movepool and major credit for sticking up against Latios, and knocking it into a wall and making it pant heavily without comedic relief being in effect.

- Pikachu got the final say in Sinnoh.

Seriously, any of these pokemon could've been easily switched in for Torkoal or Swellow, since they did nothing anyway...

This should've been the battle against Takuto in my opinion, and then Sceptile and its overused brethren from AG can all have had a single battle in perhaps an Isshu Battle Frontier type of ordeal. Letting all Sinnoh pokemon have a win in the Sinnoh League along with redemptioning the needy, and have Isshu have the league to themselves in Isshu.

Indigo: Kanto pokemon + Kanto-extra's
Johto: Johto pokemon + Kanto pokemon
Hoenn: Hoenn pokemon
Battle Frontier: Hoenn pokemon + reserves
Sinnoh: Sinnoh pokemon + the needy reserves
Isshu: Isshu pokemon
Isshu Frontier: Isshu pokemon and Hoenn (and likes like Tauros/Bulbasaur/Gible, who didn't have all that much screentime in general).
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I think only Glalie and Torkoal need to come back in BW, the others already had enough screentime, they were handled very well already. I think Johto Pokemon and some other like Muk, Kingler, Tauros and Torterra seriously need more love from the writers than Hoenn Pokemon


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well of course sceptiles stronger than torterra, ive been watching the episodes with may and max again and ash spends a TON of time with his treeko/grovyle/sceptile, it kinda reminds me of him and his charizard, i think its one of ash's strongest pokemon for good reasons, it seemed to be one of ash's "favorites" i guess u can say.
not saying torterras bad, just that i think it was fitting for sceptile to defeat darkrai, and him waking up seeing ash to me showed how close him and ash were
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i only agree with galie and corphish
perhaps they'll be used in the ishuu-league


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I don't see them returning in Black and White, although they MAY be used in the league/special occassions. Should Ruby and Sapphire remakes be in the works, I wouldn't be surprised if Brendan or even May got a cameo to help promote, similar to what Lyra did this time around.

If reserves are used in the league, we should remember that Torterra, Infernape, Gible, Gliscor, Staraptor, and Buizel are now contenders, and while I do see Glalie and possibly Torkoal being used to promote Hoenn, I think Torterra more than anyone needs redemption. Sceptile is already leagues ahead of it (quite literally), and I really don't care to see Infernape come back and literally Blaze through the competition.


No. I don't see Gamefreak or anyone making a remake for Ruby/Sapphire. HGSS was somewhat of an exception because it was both greatly popular and the old G/S cartridges no longer worked because their batteries died. They are probably working on Pokemon for Nintendo 3DS, and it will be more complicated to make because it's going to have advanced 3D technology. Hence, no point wasting time making a R/S remake, since it is already modern enough.


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HGSS were made because they would make money, that is all, it had nothing to do with being "modern."
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