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Does Brenden=Drew?


Well-Known Member
I don't think Drew is very similar to Brenden at all. And half of me is still waiting for a special with him and Wally in (if Gold and Crystal get one, why can't he), although its doubtful that it will happen.

I wonder if the writers will include Lucas in the same way they did with Brenden, prehaps hes one of the people battling Croagunk or Pikachu with the Torterra or Infernape in the 10th movie preview.

Sableye King

The Ghost Guru
As expected, but I was hoping that at least one person would think something like this, but I guess not. Not sure where this thread is going, with 95% saying...no, and 5% saying that their a little bit alike. But it's good to fnd out if this is really the case.


Well-Known Member
My opinion:


Drew is a Wally knock-off that was intended to be disliked by the viewers. Nothing more.