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Does Journey’s series like to troll the Pokémon fandom?


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Two words for SM:

Kuku Man
Four words:
Such an inappropiate teacher
XY(&Z) > AG > OS > DP > JN > BW >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SM

There's a lot of people in here that hate on XY on a daily basis so I don't see the problem.
OK name users who hates XY on a daily basis and with the same intensity as janejane with SM

Naming the flaws of XY or SM is not hating them, but what janejane is not even that, is literally character/series bashing
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Legends Arceus is a masterpiece & SV will be too!
Anyway, sometimes I feel like the writers for JN are toddlers that randomly pull random words from a box and then the whole words make the episode script
That's what I feel when you try to voice any coherent criticism of SM beyond Kuku man and artstyle :p
Can you make for once "hating SM" not the only aspect of your character? Thx
Its soooooooooo ironic hating SM is literally their entire persona and existence here and then they have the gall to complain about 1D characters....oof the irony


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What would jane do in a timeline where the Kuku man wears a shirt, the blue girl's goal isn't to make bubbles, and the orange boy and green girl's faces aren't distorted
She’d hate XY