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Does people even use forums like this anymore?

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I use only one other Pokémon regularly and it is virtually dead over there. When I mean dead I mean the main page calls ORAS “the latest games” to be announced.


stay sweet
Forums are definitely a lot more niche nowadays, but I find that they give me something the likes of subreddits and Discord communities can't. I am creative and like to visually express myself, so customizing my post with an avatar and signature (as silly as that may sound) motivates me to post more and more closely get to know others. The likes of subreddits, which focus more on the content rather than people, don't give me that same creative freedom and I doubt I'd have made as many friends as I did on forums had I instead spent that time on a subreddit community instead. Meanwhile, live chats like Discord don't offer much in the way of logs and are obviously meant to be in-the-moment discussions. With forums, I can go back to contribute to a past discussion and involve myself in several at once. I love how one single forum community can house so many different types of topics! Opens up many possibilities to meet many different kinds of people. =)

Dunno, maybe I'm just old, but I find forums are special in their own way and wouldn't be want to move on from them entirely.


Island Challenger
Well I agree, Forums offer more of a community for creative and in-depth conversation than can leave it to people's imagination instead of planting it onto people. Take for instance Instagram. There are so many accounts that offer beautiful visuals but little words. And although a picture is worth 1000 words, we don't have time to find them all, where 1000 words can help lead us to that 1 picture, in our own way.

I do not even think I can express myself like this on IG due to the character limitations, lol.


The Abysswalker
I can say that I've had the same thought run through my mind.

However, this may be due to me getting older and having more responsibilities, as opposed to when I was active on these forums years ago. Working full-time and school are very time and energy consuming. On the other hand, part of me wants to be apart of a gaming community again. I'm sure there are many others that feel the same, but simply don't have the time. Younger individuals that haven't really experienced the forum 'era' are probably using other means to form communities and network. There are many platforms that come to mind, like Discord.

It's similar to the melancholic feeling of not being in parties of like, seven or eight people playing Halo 3 after school in my perspective.


Active Member
It seems to be true that forums are no longer as popular as they have been in the past, but I personally like using forums and I have an account on many different ones. Although I also use other social media (such as Twitter and Tumblr), forums have a specific charm that I enjoy.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I think some forums dedicated to a specific topic tend to have many active users seem to be popular. I’m a user of two forums for mental health and they get lots of activity whereas the other Pokémon forum I joined see little action.


Great Ball Rank Trainer
I used to love going on forums when I first joined because no one in hometown liked any of my interests, so they were a place for me to talk to other fans.

However, based on my experience with both Serebii’s anime discussion threads and the Sword & Shield threads, I get the feeling that most people join forums nowadays just to complain, say how much a series currently sucks, or start arguments -_-


200% Quality Poster
I joined here in 08 when DPPt was popular and I was an extremely immature kid who likes to push buttons but I liked Pokemon. And also I had an odd fascination with the Pokemon Chinchou which is how I made my name. My grammar was terrible and my poop and fart jokes were too.

I'd love to get in to other Anime as well. I'm a couch potato, I'll watch anything. I don't ever want you guys to think it's my hobby to ruin Internet reputations.


Well-Known Member
It doesn't have that many active users when compared to other social media, but the ones it does have post a lot. Some people spend their entire day here, idk why.


I've noticed that a lot of forums that I used to lurk on have closed in recent years or switched to another format like Tapatalk, which I dislike. I can still visit some of those old forums using the Wayback Machine to look through the archived pages, but it's sad that forums are becoming a thing of the past.


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Staff member
I think social media will kill all the forums eventually.
That would be unfortunate, as most other social media is too shallow and impersonal. Haven't really found the appeal of it.


Luxray Fanboy
after discord got big i feel like forums have gotten way less active. personally not a huge fan of discord, its very easy to get your message buried behind others there but at a forum your thread would stay on the front page for at least a couple days