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Does that make YOU crazy?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by InfamousMrJ, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. ??????

    ?????? That guy.

    Polls in the incorrect section drive me CRAZY.
  2. Sushi Bunny

    Sushi Bunny ハチミツをたべてる フっフっフっ

    This freaked me out because I'm the exact same way. I'll be going to bed and I'll turn my light off and then I'll notice my closet door looks kind of funny, cause it's a closet with two sliding doors and I have an odd thing where I have to have the second door on the left side and the first door on the right side or else it looks weird, and if I see those doors slightly off it will be on my mind until I fix it. There are other things that will bug me but the closet door is the most recurring one. And also like you said, it pretty much only happens when I'm about to go to sleep.
  3. johny2hai

    johny2hai Future Olympian

    my thing is that when i sleep, i am a light sleeper so hen you come i wake up. One time i was at my couison's house when someonw whould make noises i would talk out loud, my dad told me ;)
  4. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    But that would be a switch switch. If you had a switch controlling other switches, nobody would use the original switches; they'd switch to the switch switch all the time.
  5. Cyan

    Cyan Mortal

    Stupid questions like, "What does 'curiosity' mean?"

    Damn bed liner that comes undone while I sleep drives me freakin' crazy.
  6. That's weird... I also have a closet with sliding doors, except that I have to have both doors on the left side.

    Also, I can't stand the light of overhead lights. If I need to use a light, I use a lamp (I'm glad our Living Room doesn't have an overhead light).

    What? I mean that all the switches would act as regular switches as well as a switch switches.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2008
  7. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    I have some quirks that annoy me, but the one that annoys me the most is that I have to have everything in like, some sort of order. Even in the POKéMON games, I can't stop myself from putting them in level order.
  8. dark rift

    dark rift Well-Known Member

    I always brush my bed before I go to sleep, to get all the grit and sand out. I hate that stuff touching my skin.

    And I pretty much always wear socks inside out.

    I'll edit this so it's not spam.

    I always eat food separately/not eat different sorts of food together.

    I never sit down with both my legs hanging down.

    And I have a bad habit of "observing" people, and not bothering making friends/getting to know them if my "observation" of them doesn't appeal to me.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2008
  9. latiaswindblast

    latiaswindblast Well-Known Member

    I get annoyed by ticking things...>.>
  10. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    When I go on holiday, on the plane I constantly have to check everything's in my backpack. Also, when I leave school at night (my mum works as a teacher) I always have to do what I call 'ping' the microwave. I turn it on, set it to 2 minutes, or so, and then immediately turn it to zero and it pings. I'm mad.
  11. Enigma

    Enigma lol, i is a geenyus.

    The phrase "pet peeve" annoys me. It just sounds dumb.

    That's not true. There are also some with W's.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2008
  12. That I'm too precise about time.
    I'll always wake up at 6:30 on schooldays. If it's 6:31 I'll panic.
    Yeah, pretty retarded.
  13. Larry

    Larry Well-Known Member

    I have to get out of the shower at 6:30 for school too or I think I am going to be late...I usually am ready 20 minutes early.
  14. ShinyCharyZard

    ShinyCharyZard Honesty=Infractions

    Ever since i had my operation to rid my nose of polyps, i have been making a 'ungh' noise, i cant control it. Its as if somethings stuck in my throat. I try to say something and it'll turn out like this:

    Hi, my 'ungh' name is 'ungh' CharyZard.

    Also, if its quiet and i'm making the noises, people give me really horrible looks.

    Stupid operation....
  15. Krake

    Krake Flabebe's Kids


    I always try to put my wallet and cell phone in their same pockets, and I can't switch em up either.
  16. Dark SpOOn Bender

    Dark SpOOn Bender Paramount

    I have this thing where I always think there is something on my shirt - hair, lint, crumbs, etc., so I will constantly stand up and brush my shirt off many, many times throughout the day even if there really isn't anything there.

    I cannot go to sleep unless my bed is made. If it's 2 in the morning and I forgot to make my bed earlier, I will have to make it even though as soon as I'm done making it I am going to mess it up again by sleeping in it.

    I have this one memory from when I was 10 and I had just gotten into the shower when I realized that there was a huge beetle sitting on the curtain. Now, every time I enter my bathroom to do anything at all, even just to wash my hands, I have to check every corner to make sure there aren't any bugs lurking around.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2008
  17. txdaan

    txdaan Who reads this is...

    I always drum with my fingers on, ehh, any hard surface.
    I wake up like ~1.5 hours too early, even in the weekends I wake up when it's like 6:30AM.
    I keep "shouting" random words every now and then.
    I have the feeling that I should wash my hands everytime I touch something that isn't from to me or my family(even money >_<).
    I hate it when people move stuff in my room.
    When I'm cycling I always have the feeling that all my stuff is going to fall out of my pockets.
    I have to listen at least 15 songs each day or I can't sleep.
    I always manage to hit something with my foot/leg, making it hurt for at least 10 minutes each day(this might become a serious problem).
    People always copy my work at school... Especially when my friends web-page doesn't work, and mine does... He doesn't listen if I tell him to just read whats in the guide T_T.
    I only use a fork too eat, except for when I really need to use something else.

    There's probably more, but I'm not going to spend more time on this post.
  18. Treecko Girl

    Treecko Girl Sweet V

    That's the exact same with me.
    If I know my slippers are on the wrong side of each other under my bed, I can't sleep until I'v corrected them. Or, if I feel that I didn't put my brush away straight, I'll get up and fix it.

    I also have to make sure I've sucked all the colour off a Smartie befor I can chew and swallow it. >.<
  19. alli940

    alli940 I can see you

    lol if i turn up the sound on my tv i alwaysset it to something equable with 5.
    i turn on tv. its on 30. i raise it on 25. if my mom says: turn it down. i set it 20.

    also the M & M thing of yours. i like to eat em until there is one left of all colors. then i eat them all at the same time...

    kinda odd...
  20. zapdragon14

    zapdragon14 High as the sky 8D

    I cannot stand horrible scraping noises, especially knife/fork on plate which makes cutting things awkward when I eat. Sometimes when I'm saving my game, I'll go somewhere until it finishes saving, but my mind wanders to something else and I forget if I saved. This means I generally save 2-3 times.

    Also I watched a program explaining mental illness, and I figured I might have a few mild symptons. :(

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