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Does the world need more Atheist?

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by crobatman, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Mr. Mudkip

    Mr. Mudkip Banned

    I see something called a Faulty Argument.
    The creator of this Faulty Argument does not know what they are talking about, as this does not disprove the validity of the bible. Or else there would be many less followers.
  2. DarkPsychoBoost

    DarkPsychoBoost Future World Emperor

    So religion killed people... there won't be any less people killed if religion didn't exist. Millions of people would have committed suicide by now. There would have been tons of revolts with lots of killings. The people who killed for religion would just find another reason to kill (like racism, yeah nothing to stop racism since theres no religion). Then there wouldn't be anything to stop people from committing murder. Looting and pillaging would be common (Much more common) and I doubt science would have advanced at all, We would still be in the dark ages and the world population would be much much less than it is today.
  3. PartyPokemon

    PartyPokemon L or Kira?

    Incidentally, Dr. Ste and I share a veiwpoint. Atheists can enter Heaven. There is no reason for our kind, loving, forgiving, merciful God not to accept atheists, provided that they too are good, kind people and that they don't fully reject the POSSIBILITY of God.
    Now, what are you saying? Dr. Ste, PartyPokemon, and PokeJustice all read the same Bible. Remember that some people interpret God's word differently than others. Does that make it wrong? Think.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2009
  4. GhostAnime

    GhostAnime Searching for her...

    Correction. Atheists don't hate Christianity; we simply don't believe in it.

    It's like saying everybody here who doesn't believe in Santa Claus hate him. How can you hate something you don't even believe to exist?

    Atheists don't even preach period...
  5. Tim the turtle

    Tim the turtle Happy Mudkip

    Not really, they just weren't Christian, both of those nations encouraged a very strong Cult of Personality (at least Stalinist Russia certainly did, I don't really know much about Maoist china), in effect, one of the reasons that people followed Stalin so easily was because they idolised him as a deity. You can't really claim that's an atheist principle.

    I cannot find myself supporting any ideas about what the world would be like without religion, be they in support or against it. Personally I don't really think anyone should be making arguments about what would or could have happened because it relies far too much on uninformed assumption, the simple fact of the matter is that religion has played such a monumentally important part in history that to remove it would change just about everything in ways we cannot possibly be expected to know.
  6. Quincy92

    Quincy92 Member

    Yeah, they didn't believe in god; they believed that Stalin was god, which is even worse and more irrational than believing in the judeo-christian god. And if the people didn't accept the authority of Stalin, they were executed. That's not atheism and it's definitely not rational, which is what most atheists in the world are today.
  7. I am thinking. I think I am the only one reading the Bible. Here are some verses: Unbelief.

    God is kind, loving, and merciful enough to give us evidence of His existence and to allow His Son to be sacrificed for our sin. But those who believe not on Him go to Hell.

    Go down to "They Who Are Guilty Of" and interpret those verses for me. You are not a Christian if you think that atheists go to heaven. Period. That is not up for debate, nor can it be interpreted differently enough to say that they can.

    Edit: I'll just paste the verses here:

    Yep, sure seems like they go to Heaven.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2009
  8. LucarioMan101

    LucarioMan101 HGSS ftw!!!!!!

    It is not in my knowledge to say who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. However, I fully believe that it is a choice at death because God forgives every sin before it happens, EXCEPT the unforgivable sin...... blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, which is where you don't choose God in the end, and subsequently goes to Hell,which makes logical sense. A true atheist would be in such a state of wandering and defiance that he would not accept God's loving hand at the end......that is saying a TRUE atheist, who are rare because you'll meet few people that are truly comfortable saying there is no God at all....on a side note, that concept of a true atheist is absolutely horrifying because that means they would be incapable of Love or compassion or ethics; they would only care about themselves; they would be a person that did not want to believe because even the want to believe can save

    Some of you on here might say you are a true atheist but the fact is that you are not because deep in your heart there is a longing for God, a longing for forgiveness, a longing for Love.
  9. The Catholic concept of "the Sin of Presumption" from which you derive "it is not in my knowledge to say who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell" is faulty, because the Bible makes it abundantly clear that you can have assurance of Salvation through faith and acceptance of Christ as God's Son. And, as you can see from my above post, it also makes it abundantly clear that atheists go to Hell. So, it is in your knowledge to say who goes to Hell and who doesn't by reading the Bible (specifically the Four Gospels) and checking people's Salvation or damnation from what from what the Bible says.
  10. LucarioMan101

    LucarioMan101 HGSS ftw!!!!!!

    And the Protestant view of Sola Scriptura is pure crap and leaves God as a judger that is inflexible and confines Himself to certain rules.....the Bible is God's Sacred Word but there is much behind that Word and why He wishes it.....God is God He can do anything He wishes and sees the intents of our heart better than we ever could.....His Love goes beyond all bounds and it is of the mortal human flesh to think that we can determine who goes to Heaven and goes to Hell.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2009
  11. What do you turn to if you see the Bible as, I don't know, not the whole picture? The Catechism? Written by men, and not divinely inspired, so I wouldn't trust it as firmly if I were you. How is it "pure crap"? Because there are Bible verses you don't like and saying that God doesn't mean what He says lets you be more inclusive? The Bible is inerrant, infallible, and utterly reliable and it is our only source of pure, unedited truth. If you think that God has changed His mind since the Bible was written, then you must believe that Jesus has since broken the promise He made:
    "Heaven and earth shall all pass away, but My Words shall not pass away." Think about it. Of course God confines Himself to certain rules! If you think that atheists go to Heaven, then you ignore what the Bible says and are not a Christian. If you think that God has become more lenient over time, then you think that Jesus has broken His promise and are therefore not a Christian. If you think that God's rules are hateful and that He is unfair, then you are not a Christian! See what I mean?
  12. LucarioMan101

    LucarioMan101 HGSS ftw!!!!!!

    Wow someone needs to calm down and stop being so narrow-minded. I am not going against the Bible I agree that it is Sacred Scripture and needs to accepted as true. However, I think it is not the whole picture if you are not allowing God's Love to help you decipher it. Btw, you are being quite ignorant as to where Catholics get the Catechism from.....everything in the Catholic faith is derived from Scripture. God still has all His rules, but think of why He makes them and there you find truth. God is forever a God of Love and forgave all sins at the hour of Jesus' crucifixion.....thus, the only thing that keeps us from Him the whole inside our souls caused by sin and God can save us from that even at the hour of death if we choose to let Him in and surrender.
  13. #Chimecho#

    #Chimecho# Truth[N]Love

    I really don't think the Article put any points across about what they are asking. "Does the World Need more Athiests?" I really don't understand what it is asking, as it never said anything about Athiests, besides he didn't hear anything noteable about them. It only seems to put the point across that God changes lives. And shows very onesidedly many people who believe in God and their accomplishments. Though I believe the premise that there are many God believers who did and do notabely good things, it doesn't mean Athiests have done nothing.

    Without Skeptics, people wouldn't question their beliefs, and Athiests do very much the same thing with those who have a belief in some sort of Divine Nature, or Being. I see this as a good thing. People need to think critically. Blind belief does not bring out Faith (faith being in the literal sense of, Trusting and Loving.) As we question and unravel the mysteries of God, we see God in a new and greater light, making us have a stronger Faith (Trust and love) in Him.

    I would say, we need more people to think Critically about many questions they usually ignore as they 'maintain life' day to day.

    I would say, God wants us to question, seek and understand. Or, as reference to a verse in the Bible, "Asking, Seeking, Knocking." For, when we discover Truth, we also discover the true Esscence and Nature of God.

    Basically, without questioning, we would literally follow God blindly. With Athiests brining things into question, we find more and more out about God (and the things He says through the Bible), and our Faith (which is more than 'just blind', but trusting and loving) shall grow.

    ><> Truth

    EDIT: In my personal belief, there is only One "Man" who has done anything for the greater good, and that would be Jesus the Son of God. For man does not get into heaven on Good Works alone.

    I also agree with ShadowKami. There are more Believers in God than Athiests. Have been for a few thousand years. Now imagine if every Believer actually followed Jesus' radical teachings, and trusted God fully. Maybe there would be less Athiests.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2009
  14. LucarioMan101

    LucarioMan101 HGSS ftw!!!!!!

    Amen :)

  15. I am not angry, I just do not understand your opinion on the matter. I am not being narrow-minded, I am only looking at things the only way a Christian really can, through the lens of Scripture. But, I think that the statement that everything Catholics do is Biblically-derived is false. Where is Confession in Scripture? Nuns? The Pope, who has the audacity to call himself the Holy Father and blaspheme the Lord? Purgatory is only found in the Apocrypha, which was rejected by early Jewish scholars but declared by the Vatican as Holy Writ. I do not acknowledge the concept of limbo, either. And the prayer to the Saints? And Mary? Jesus is too often left out of the picture.
  16. Tyrant Tar

    Tyrant Tar Well-Known Member

    No need to bash Catholics for not taking the Bible literally...

    Neither does the Catholic Church.
  17. Raichu4u

    Raichu4u I'm not josh'n

    Gah, were all humans with our talents, races, and religions. We all share to same information so what is the problem with what it is right now? I'm not saying atheism is bad or I want to get rid of it, I'm just questioning why we need more. Yes, I read the OP, atheist peoples can have a lager area to react violently to a situation. But fine, we can bring Iraq home...
  18. PartyPokemon

    PartyPokemon L or Kira?


    No, no, no, no, no. I didn't ask you for those verses. But now that you brought them out... I don't know... get me a quote from Jesus himself (much of the Holy Bible comes from different people, but the words of Jesus can always be trusted) saying that atheists go to eternal damnation for ever and ever amen. Not "will be condemned" or "will be punished." I want a quote saying that they'll go to hell for ever. Oh, and it MUST be within its original context. It also can't be something like "nonbelievers [left out section] will go [left out section] to hell [left out section] for all eternity [left out section]." Get what I'm saying?

    And would the God of love, kindness, and mercy send someone to hell for ever (even if they were really kind, good people) just because they have doubts about his existance? I mean, hell makes sense if the punishment is temporary, but not eternal. Eternal punishmment is for people who torture and kill millions, rape children, etc. And then you also have purgatory...

    Now, I'm not saying I know what you have to or shouldn't do to get to heaven. I believe that the stuff written in the Bible is just guidelines. Only God can make the big decision of to send someone to heaven or hell.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2009
  19. DarkPsychoBoost

    DarkPsychoBoost Future World Emperor

    Theres no way we can say who is going to heaven or hell. God made the universe, he owns everything and knows everything. It's up to God to decide who's good and and who's not. An atheist can go to heaven if God wants him to (maybe he did something God liked). And a religious person can go to hell (maybe he wasn't such a nice guy). God decides.

    Thats the islamic point of view.
  20. Quincy92

    Quincy92 Member

    ROFL you just blatantly contradicted yourself. "God is merciful but if you don't believe in him, you will go to hell????? What is so merciful about that??

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