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Dog and Cat


i heart manga!!!
this is technically a fan-fic based on tokyo mew mew. all the old mew mews are there- ichigo, mint, lettuce, pudding, zakuro, and berry- but theres a new mew, named momo. theres also a new boy- moyashi.masaya and tasuku are there too!

chapter 1- to dream a day.

momo sat up suddenly in bed. she had had the same dream she'd been having for the past 3 weeks. " it's that dream again..." she said to herself. she was a pretty girl- light pink hair, bright blue eyes, and a beaming smile. but her dreams were strange. every night for the past month, she had been dreaming the same exact dream. she could remember it clearly- was taking a walk, when all of the sudden the sky got dark and the ground dissapeared. then she was floating in space, with the shape of a labrador retriever flying around her. then it started coming towards her, and that was when she usually woke up. now, it was only 5:00, but she didn't feel like having the dream again. so she got up, got dressed, brushed her hair, and walked donsairs towards the kitchen. she turned on the lights and poured herself a bowl of cereal, like she normally started her day. but she could tell- for some strange reason- that yestrday was the last normal day of her life.
"Bye mom! bye dad!" momo called as she walked out the door. she started running, then slowed down as she realized she had plent of time. 'hmmm... maybe a walk in the park would be nice.' thought momo. so she took a detour. there was noone at the park, and as she walked she realized the sky was getting dark. she looked up and saw clouds blocking the sun. she paused for a minute, realizing this looked familiar. 'wait a minute-' she thought- 'this-this is exactly like my dream!' she started running as fast as he could, trying the get out of the park before another wierd thing happened. but she couldn't escape. the ground dissapeared. she was floating in another demension. the shape of a labrador retriever was running around her. then it jumped up in the air and dived into her chest. there was a pinging sound, then her head started spinning and everything went black.
"Are you okay?" momo heard. she opened her eyes. there was a girl and boy aboujt her age staring down at her.the girl had long, light blonde hair, and the boy had black hair and a piece of it sticking out like an antenae. "are you okay?" the girl reapeated in a concerned voice. "yeah... i think so." momo replied. a smile lit up the girl's face. but the boy scratched is head and wore a confused expression. "what happened to you, anyway?" he asked. momo smiled a small smile. " you wouldn't believe me if i told you..."

so, how do you like it? please comment!