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dogasu's backpack

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Am I the only one on this forum who likes to read the episode comparisons from the website Dogasu's backpack?


Yep, I'm a frequent visitor as well.


I used to go there all the time when he was actively updating the site, but I stopped visiting frequently about a year ago when he went on hiatus. Also, I got tired of hearing him bash the dubbed anime. I'm sure a lot of other people have issues with it too, but he takes things way too seriously sometimes. I was also put-out by his attitude toward the fanbase in general; he had a lot of mean things to say about people who expressed their dislike of certain things in the anime. But yeah, the site was certainly interesting.


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Nope, I go there sometimes. It's interesting to read all the comparisons, what's been omitted, etc.

Rex Kamex

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The site eventually led me to Serebii.net (it was a place I thought would have many pictures of the Hoenn saga), which eventually led me here.

Plenty of people (I dunno what percentage of Pokemon fans here) go to Dogasu's Backpack, but there hasn't been a thread about it until now. But yeah, I like it. The recent April Fool's prank of the site (updating the site as if it were April 1997 when the Pokemon anime first started there) I liked a lot because of the magazine scans he added from around that time period. It went from a "oh, haha, April Fool's" thing to a "oh snap, I'm learning all this stuff" thing.

tomboyTrainer305 said:
Me? i don't really visit often and it's kinda confusing w/ the comparisons on account of I'm never familiar w/ seeing old episodes in JP...
Even if you're not familiar with it, the comparisons are meant to have enough context for anyone to understand what's going on. The only real exception is with the Japanese names of things, especially if a Japanese name of something is casually mentioned (which I personally don't mind, but I can see if others would be confused).
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Yeah I go there once in a while. XD I found it interesting (when I watched the dub) of the changes. Now I don't really care...but sometimes when I'm bored I go there and look at the updates.


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Used to visit the site frequently , loved the comparisons between the original version with the dub one they were really interesting. But lately I haven't been going there as often as before now I just rarely visit it still like the comparisons and differences he does. Sucks that he doesn't update it that much anymore ( although last time I visited was in like in March xD )

Rex Kamex

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(P.O.K.E.M.O.N.) said:
Nahh, he doesn't update it much anymore
WGCV23 said:
Sucks that he doesn't update it that much anymore ( although last time I visited was in like in March xD )
He's been pretty frequent with it, except very recently when he wouldn't update until finishing his right-up about the "Team Rocket VS Team Plasma" situation. (And I think why for a while he hadn't updated in the latter part of March was because he was working on the site's April Fools' prank.) Not sure how soon he'll update again, but it's not like he's slowly decreasing updates since he's tired of running the site or anything like that.
I visit frequently, it's a nice site. I enjoy the comparisons between the dub and non-dubbed anime, I also really enjoy the news reports about underrated stuff like "Nobunaga's Ambiton + Pokemon". Not only that but Dogasu's Backpack has news you really don't see anywhere else, since Dogasu's work is first hand and reliable and he does live in the midst of Japan.
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