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Doing a sapphire monotype challenge: flying! Tips appreciated :)

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by iamthelaurax, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. iamthelaurax

    iamthelaurax Speaking for the Tre

    So I just arrived in Mauville, and my team is as follows:

    Wingull at Lv22
    Swellow at Lv23
    Golbat at Lv23
    Nincada at Lv14 (currently training to evolve)
    Silvoon at Lv5 (I plan on dropping it off at the daycare when I get there! Too impatient to evolve it.)

    The first three easily dispatched Roxanne and Brawly. But I don't have too much strength against upcoming Wattson. Are there any good flying types I can catch by this point who will do well against him? It seems like all the best flying types come later in the game... have I missed nabbing any good earlier ones?
  2. amittal12

    amittal12 Sceptile Maniac

    You've missed Gyarados.Even though it is 4x weak against Wattson's Electric types,if trained properly it can wreck his team.
  3. Emeraldfan

    Emeraldfan Well-Known Member

    ~ Aerial Ace
    ~ Return
    ~ Steel Wing
    ~ Quick Attack / Fly

    Use Fly if you need it, or just feel like not needing Quick Attack. The latter actually is quite likely, due to Swellow's high speed.

    I don't believe that you've missed out on any Flying Pokémon.

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