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..::Done in MS Paint::..

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Just 2 piccys i did in MS Paint.
Im sure a few people have seen the Chibimoon sketch, so i decided to colour it in paint!! Took me 2 days and now my fingers hurt ^^;

and this one is the anime version of Maveryck85 also done in paint!!

like the one in my sig *points to sig^^


Well-Known Member
I wont use the same language as I did on MSN lol. But These rock! They're amazing, perfect, wonderful, awesome, beautiful etc. etc. ET-****ing-C.!!!!

Angel Paladin

A Seraph has risen
Paint? You did that in Paint? O_O It must have taken a long time to actually fit that kind of detail. Now this proves you are one of the most amazin' artists here on Serebii. The shadin' with the glints of light are absolutely stunin'. Maveryck85 looks awesome as well. Hey, is he wearin' some of Ash's clothes or it just me? Oh well, both are great. I hope to become an artist of your caliber one day. Thanks for bein' such a blessin' for us at Serebii and Maveryck85. ;)


Autumn hugs you* ^^ happy that you like them!! I'm happy with how Chibimoon turned out!!

Angel Paladin
Thankyou very much!! Yup, i did it in paint, it took 2 days to complete but it was worth it, I'm happy with the finished results!!^^
lol* well mnn..now that i think about it, Mav-'s clothes look similar to Ash's...i just wanted to have Mav- wearing jeans and a normal t-shirt!!
Again thankyou Angel Paladin Your kind words are sooo encouraging!!

Lovely May

I can't belive you used Paint for your arts O___O Almost all paint pictures are crappy but yours are magnificent! Chibiusa is da bomb and the dude from your second art is hot ;)

Jason Park

The Steel Master
Wow, it's really impressive, especially when it is painted using Paint. Yay Sailor Moon! :D


Binky-boo! <3
HOLY... O________O;;;

I hate you so much right now. ><;

I thought I was at least a good Paint Artist, but this is just way out of my league. x.X That is seriously the most amazing Paint piece I've ever seen. The coloring is very beautiful and detailed for such a program. The different levels of shading and bright highlights really bring the picture to life. I absolutely adore your technique for shading the hair.

Not only are your coloring skills topnotch, your basic drawing ability is amazing too. The anatomy appears very good, and you included a lot of detail. The characters are all drawn in attractive, dynamic poses, and you used foreshortening and perspective quite effectively. Also, your use of character composition is impressive. By placing the character on top of other characters and objects, the scenes complement each other and achieve a much greater effect than they could have alone.

You've really shown a lot of patience and skill in these two drawings. I commend you on your effort. =)


Snagger Outlaw
*puts eyes back in sockets* XD ^^ yeah it took awhile, i got fustrated too, but i had me coffee with me ^^

Thankyou, the hot guy by the way is Maveryck85 my Partner..hehehe...

Jason Park
Thankies, i love Sailor Moon, glad that you like it^^

*glomp hugs you* Peachy, soo happy you commented!! So happy that you like it <3<3

x shinobi x
^^ thankyou very much!!

aaaai dont hate me ^^;
thankyou for your comments!! Your artwork is SUPER AWESOME!! I cant even draw pokemon!!!
Thankies again *bows down*

yeah on paint coz i dont know how to use Photoshop ^^;

Kand@ [ カンダ ]
Thankyou soo much!! aaaai now way, your drawings and colourings are like AMAZING...i love your lineart and smooth, vibrant colours!! YOu are much more talented!!

THankyou everyone!!^^​

Cousin Woofer

Just a minute.
I'm with Snagger Outlaw on this one...but thankfully I'm wearing my glasses, so my eyes are fine.
Anyway, absolutely awesome job. Your free time has to be beyond measure...
But SERIOUSLY...all this talent squeezed onto MSpaint? ...It's like fitting an orca in a dishwasher! Which is an amazing feat in and of itself...but then again, that is completely off-topic.

...And that's all I have to say about that.
Your pics are fabulous! It beats my art. ^_^; I hope one day I'll improve... I'm really impressed of how you did it in MS Paint! ^_^


Well-Known Member
WOW, Kaiviti, ever since I saw your banners/blinkie things for the Misty Club, I had to come here to see if you posted anything. Those are SO awesome for doing them in paint! You must have tons of patience. XD Anyway, Chibi-Moon and Maveryck85 look GREAT! Can't wait to see more of your artworks! :D

Nara Shikamaru

Oooh love your artwork o_o! I can only draw stick people on MS Paint XD...

Joo got skillz
You did it in paint??? THat is absolutely amazing. Your outlines look perfect and the shadings look too good of a quality for paint. You are a great artist.


yeah it was done in MS Paint!
Thankyou everyone for the comments, makes me really happy! You know the feeling where you've worked really hard, then people comment! Makes me smile coz all that hard work has paid off. You guys are soo nice...so thankyou very very much ^^

Catapult Turtle

AbLªh GenerªL
Paint... PAINT... PAINT!?

That's amazing. To sit there and do all of that detail- and on MS Paint! Wow! Many applauses to you!
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