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..::Done in MS Paint::..

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Kaiviti, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. ShiShiKo

    ShiShiKo i´m a Manga-ka!

    wow 0.0 you art is very good^-^! Ich muss sagen ...ich finde deine zeichnungen richtig klasse einfach ginal^-^ ( bilder gleich auf rechner speicher)...einfach fantastisch^-^
  2. Citrus Man

    Citrus Man Citrus Man AWAY!

  3. Locke-Kefka

    Locke-Kefka Guitar Ninja

    kaiviti thats one awsome pic.. in fact your better than me! keep up the good work!
  4. Maveryck85

    Maveryck85 Guest

    Simply brilliant, a true 5-star artist ^^

    I don't know how you did it, but you just seem to know me a lot!

    First of all, my 2 favorite colors are black and red!

    My dress code has always been any simple shirt and my jeans, period. I'm no fancy guy who "dress to impress."

    Kaiviti, I'm more than glad that I met you ^^
  5. HakuBlue

    HakuBlue Up and away

    Kaiviti, you are the master, hands down. I bow to thee.
    The coloring and shading is simply flawless, and certainly better than anything I've ever done. I can't pick on any details or flaws, good job, maybe you could give me some tips ;).
  6. Xiang

    Xiang Well-Known Member

    Flawless. But PAINT? Your art is too good for PAINT! Your talent is the universe squeezed into a moleclue, and guess what? It somehow fits.

    I make no sense. XD Excellent work.
  7. kkartz

    kkartz Guest

    sure it MSPAint?
    ... SailorChibi seems so hard to made.. cant make an art like that..
    aHhhh.. could u make a picture of meh?... j/k..

    OMG!! we have the same YEAR of BIRTH!! but..... ur much older than me.. bout 5 months... (ahhhh. nothing important.. hehe) new drawing.. link below abra learns teleport
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 4, 2005
  8. Solla-chan

    Solla-chan Coral Eye Trainer

    OMG! SEE I KNEW YOU CAN CG COLOR! =O ahem! sorry about that, i got a little carried away there. ^^; However it may be, you are definitely one of the top artist on this board. =)
  9. Kaiviti

    Kaiviti Polynesian*


    wow...THANKYOU GUYS ^__^ *hugs you all*


    Squirtle Girl
    Yup done in MS Paint^^

    Herzlichen dank!! Na ja MS Paint ist leichter als Photoshop aber es braucht noch viel zeit etwas zu malen, manchmal bin ich frustriert darüber<.<

    Citrus Man
    "sexplode" or did you mean "explode" XD

    Sonic Jam 82
    Thankyou Sonic Jam ^^ you can be even better, just practice practice practice!!

    *hugs you* yay my partner so happy that you like them especially the anime version of you^^ also happy that you like your clothes!!

    lol* no need to bow *gets shy* I'm glad that you like them and tipps well....I dunno..I'm not good at giving tipps^^;

    Yup Paint, i find it easier for me even if it takes ages. Again thankyou for the scientific comment *or was that physics?*^^

    ^^ happy that you like them..thankies!!

    Thankies, but like i was always say i wish i knew how to colour like Mav, Kanda@ and Carina!! Ther work is soo smooth and the colours always vibrant!! Thankies again soo happy that you like them^^

  10. Savage

    Savage P!nk

    Jimeny FREAKEN Cricket! I cant believe you did that in paint! Man, you are good!


    AKEBOSHI Guest

    K-sempai totally hates pink and the large majority of shoujo-ie things, but..*saves to cmop*
  12. -aocom v2-

    -aocom v2- Victory is ours!

    0_0 wowzers.

    Everything is like... perfect! ^0^
    The only fault I see is that chibimoon's eye [the one on the left] is a bit fuzzy, which sort of breaks the sharpness of the picture, it's like you rotated it in Photoshop or something. Other than that, everything is wonderful! ^-^
  13. Kaiviti

    Kaiviti Polynesian*


    I dont like pink either, but hey its chibimoon so she wear pink^^ glad you like it...umm do you!?^^;

    aocom v2
    wow....then your the only one who noticied the left eye huh!! Yup i tried to draw it in paint but it didnt work...so i rotated it in photoshop then pasted it back in paint and re-touched it a bit!!
    Still happy that you like it^^

  14. Microsoft... Paint?? You rock so much!
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