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Don't Evolve


New Member
Does anyone really not evolve there pokemon they say it's a method to get good moves but I see it as easy target practice for gym leaders i only ask this because i'm thinking about not evolving my wynaut any opinions?
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Water Vamp Trainer
i believe that you dont have to evolve pokemon but if you want a more stronger pokemon that ca learn a bigger variety of moves then also evolve your wynaut because its rubbish until it gets to be a wobbafett


New Member
So basically evolve wynaut for the stat increase and not to lull others into a false sense of pwnage

Will-powered Spriter

Pokédex Complete!
Does anyone really not evolve there pokemon they it's a method to get good moves but I see it as easy target practice for gym leaders i only ask this because i'm thinking about not evolving my wynaut any opinions?

Wynaut learns ALL it's attacks before it (well, the same level as) it evolves, so the only reason not to evolve it is if you aren't sure of it's moveset and want to make it relearn some moves before it evolves, other wise, evolve it instantly.


Not Banned
I didn't evolve my Zigzagoon until it was at level 52.

Only people who love power evolve their Pokemon


Water Vamp Trainer
i believe you should evolve it and try out a set of movees. and if you dont like them, delete some moves and use the guy in pastria city and relearn some?
If theres a pokemon i dont like the full evo of then i keep it small.

Red Globe

Si Vis Amor, ama
I didn't evolve my Mudkip. 8D


Storm Trainer
Hah, why would I need to evolve a Zigzagoon. The only purpose for their existence is to be trainers' faithful...HM SLAVES! Before anyone starts nagging about love about pokemon, nyah nyah, keep in mind that THIS IS A GODDAMN GAME! If you think about 'loving' a virtual creature, then wow you must not have a life!

If pokemon were real, i'd be part of the Team Rocket Elite Operatives as a Dragon-type master. After I capture the ultimate Dragon-type, I would disband team Rocket and become an E4 trainer.

Evolving your pokemon is a part of pwning every douche that comes in your way. Which is why things start getting exciting after the 5th gym (where you have a pretty respectable team). After the E4+, you are practically an in-game god.


I was forced to evolve my Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Piplup on my Platinum game because I was told that I'll have a hard time in Pokemon tournaments if I ever entered one. I didn't want to evolve them because of their performance in Smash Bros. series, well just Pikachu and Jiggypuff but I also didn't want to evolve my Piplup because of me being a Dawn fan.


New Member
Well yeah but wynaut is really useless before 15 it's like why have it on the game period if all there was for it to do was evolve i guess i want more use out of it in battles before getting wobbefett


THIS IS A GODDAMN GAME! If you think about 'loving' a virtual creature, then wow you must not have a life!
there's a few problems with that
first off, none of us have lives, we go constantly to a forum about those "virtual creatures"
second off, I think you are doubting the simplicity of the human brain, the human brain believes everything it sees, hears, smells, feels, and tastes, otherwise the senses would have no purpose, the basis of movies is to use that to play with your emotions instead of us just going "wow, boring, that's not real because I'm too smart for that" so you would have to have a pretty selfish heart to not love your pokemon
third, who cares!!! people can love things if they want


Hail to da king baby
i evolve if i want to. For example, i like Munchlax more than snorlax (and i already have one of the latter), so i keep my Munchlax unevolved...even though it is the slowest Pokemon there is...


Shiny Hunter
Evolving is not mandatory, so I don't see why you should need to evolve it. Besides, I am planning to play through Ruby without evolving till the end.

Dark FireBird

Ah ha!! ♪
you don't need to evolve and shouldn't feel forced to. there are a lot of pokemon i don't bother evolving, mostly because i hate their later evo's- hence why i've played through various games with a bulbasaur, totodile, mudkip, bayleef, or prinplup in my main team for example. it's not that much harder to beat the gym leaders/E4 with unevolved pokemon as long as you have a strong and balanced team in general, so i don't see that it makes much difference.

Rayquaza Master777

#1 May Fanboy
The only three Pokemon I won't evolve:
1. My Mudkip
2. My Igglybuff
3. My Lv 88 Magikarp