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Don't leave this time (R, Palletshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Dragoniss, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Dragoniss

    Dragoniss Garys wanabe waifu

    It is rated R for a reason. No sex, just implications.
    If you don't like yaoi then don't read this fic ;D
    Also take into account the characters are 18. I am not and will not imply sexual activities with minors. That's just wrong.

    Uhg my first pokemon fic. I hope I don't screw this up. I'm not to good with grammar and all that jazz so please help me out with bringing it to my attention so I can fix it :)
    As always please read and review!

    Edit 1: I merged the first 2 chapters into a prolouge because I really felt that's what they both sounded more like. A look at what each person is doing. Where you see the ---- line is where the chapters were going to break off into 2. If you think otherwise let me know I take everything into consideration. I also added a jump to section on this post and at each post so you could just jump to the next chapter easily.

    Don't leave this time
    Rating: R
    Genre: Romance
    Paring: Ash x Gary

    Jump to:
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4


    Another sleepless night.

    Ash groaned and rolled over in his sleeping bag. He had so many thoughts running through his mind. Where his next destination would be, what would he do, who would he meet, how were all his friends, how was his mom, how was Gary. He had never had so many restless nights in a row before.

    Usually he had people with him to keep his mind set on one goal, but now that he had met that goal they all went separate ways. Ash had went back home after his travels around Unova and stayed there for almost eight years before finally growing bored and leaving again. It was just like him, never able to sit still in one spot for to long. His mom and the professor knew it all to well.

    To put it bluntly Delia was crushed when Ash told her he was leaving again. He was, after all, her baby. She hated being alone, though luckily she had the professor to keep her company. In fact it felt like he was there almost to often. Oak felt like another father to Ash, the father he never had. It was a good thing though that Oak was there or else his mom would have cried far more than she did. She wanted Ash to settle down, get a job possibly as a gym leader, start a family even, but inside she knew Ash wasn't the type of person to settle down so easily, and he was a bit to dense for love.

    It had been about 4 months from the time he left Pallet Town again. And he was now laying around in Pinwheel Forest, looking through the tree tops at the starry sky. His mind was just to jumbled up to sleep.

    “What do you think I should do...” He asked out loud, as if anyone would answer. He sighed, rolling over once more and closed his eyes.

    “I think, you should do what your want Ash...” A mental image of Gary standing in the forest with him flooded his mind. “I know your not one to settle down, but for once in your life think about you, not gramps or my research. We can collect Pokemon ourselves, you don’t need to be doing all this.”

    It was always like Ash to mentally ask Gary what he should do. He always listened to the brunette, following him everywhere he went, always heading his advice even if sometimes he didn't like it. It was like Gary was always the answer to his problems. Knowing what to say and when to say it.

    “Yah but...you guys looked like you needed help. Completing a Pokedex isn't easy.” He replied, flinching when he thought of the others eyes glaring over at him.

    “You keep pushing yourself to do everything.” The memory laughed. “Do what you want to do Ash. Your decisions were always right in the end, i’m sure this time won’t be any different” The young professor gave a genuine smile that looked to real to be just a figment of his imagination.

    “Gary...” Ah mumbled to the brunet stepping froward and giving him a hug. “Thanks.” He murmured.

    Ash jumped awake from his trip into la la land only for his cheek to meet his little yellow rodents tail. He looked down, seeing the mouse being hugged close. “Ahh! Sorry Pikachu...I...must have been dreaming...” He muttered lightly and chuckled, letting him go.

    The electric pokemon let out a rather annoyed squeak of its name before moving away from his trainer, curling back up into a tiny ball.

    “What I want huh...” the trainer looked back up at the sky, soon smiling lightly. “I guess...It wouldn't be a bad thing, to meet up with Gary again.” He sighed, reaching his hand up to try and touch the sky, looking at his fingers before plopping his arm back on the ground, curling up and finally getting some much needed sleep.


    Gary slowly got up from a bed that wasn't his own, trying not to wake the girl next to him up. He looked around in the dark, soon finding his boxers and pants, using the soft light from his cell phone to find the rest of his clothes that were strewn about the room.

    It had been another one of his one night stands. It always happened at least once a month. He had no real way of taking out his sexual frustration, plus the fact that he was gifted with “such good looks” it was fairly easy to find some random broad, woo her into submission, and end up giving her the best night of her life before leaving with out a trace by the next morning.

    Oddly enough every time one of these moments came around, it was a time he was missing his best friend more than usual. It wasn't that he had the open desire to be with Ash, or at least he didn't think he had that. It just happened that every time he hooked up with some chick she had black hair, and brown eyes. If it was subcontious or on purpose, one thing was for sure, it drove him crazy.

    Speaking of Gary’s “good looks” he had grown quite a bit in the past eight years. He was taller now, like his grandpa, not to much muscle. His hair still the spiky mess it was when he was a kid. He didn't dress much different either. He had a nice purple polo shirt with a pair of tan pants.

    “**** where is it...” He muttered, looking around the floor, trying to be as quiet as he could. “I can’t loose it now...” He hissed.

    “Are you looking for this...” The girl piped up, holding a necklace with a half of a Pokeball hooked to it. Gary shot up like a rocker and ran over, snatching it from the other. “What is it?” She asked, bit shaken that the brunette reacted to harsh.

    Gary sighed, sitting on the bed, looking to the trinket, knowing if he tried to leave she would just try to push him even more, possibly even yell and wake some people up.. “It was...a memento...I got from a friend a long time ago.” He reached back, hooking it around his neck.

    “Oh.” She murmured. “Who is this friend?” She continued to watch the other, scooting a bit closer out of curiosity,causing the young professor to scoot away again.

    Gary gave a light almost sad chuckle. “Probably the dumbest bonehead I ever met... His name was Ash...we grew up in the same town, childhood friends. We started out journey at the same time.” He looked back at the girl. “Your hair and eye color are the same as his...” He muttered before looking back at the ground. “We parted ways quite a few years ago though.” He flinched, the last sentence sounding painful to say.

    “He sounds important to you.” She giggled and out a hand on his shoulder.

    “Yah...he is...” The professor got up and the girl frowned.

    “Aye you already going to leave.” She asked and only got a nod as Gary threw his jacket over his shoulder, opening up her bedroom window and sliding down the drain pipe to the ground. He turned, slowly starting to walk away, not even bothering to look back as he made his way back to the lab.

    He soon arrived after a while, turning and locking the door and kicked off his shoes, laying his coat on the counter, tromping upstairs to his bed where he sat down. He the necklace off and examined it, the memories flooding back into his mind.

    “Ash...don’t push yourself...” He sighed, setting the memento on his bedside table, getting up to change for bed. Once he was in a light pair of pajama pants he flopped into bed, looking out the window at the night sky. “I wonder where your at...” He murmured, pointing out the window mindlessly before rolling over, sinking into the covers. “Dammit Ash...get out of my head...and let me go to sleep” He grumped and closed his eyes.​
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  2. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    I think this is the first palletshipping fic w've had on this thread for a while, but I've read both chapters and I think they both have the essence of cuteness. They both seem quite short, but it looks like they both fit just about one or two pages. I would advice you to post each chapters separately. (Like one chapter per post) it just makes things a lot easier and clearer to read. Also like the signature, they both seem to be stricken in the images.
  3. Dragoniss

    Dragoniss Garys wanabe waifu

    @Chlobo: Ahh thank you! Yah i've been noticing that and I decided "What the heck. The worst that can happen is that no one likes it. I was going to just make the first post an archive of sorts so that if someone hops in halfway through they don't have to go through a series of posts to read it, but I would also post them on individual posts [like right now] for when I update. And also thank you for the comment on the sig :) I put a lot of work into it.


    Update time, Sorry I didn't get chapter 3 up sooner, I was rather busy the past 2 days. But here we go.


    Chapter 1:
    Put Into Motion


    It took only a few days for Ash to arrive in Castelia City. The place never ceased to amaze him. The huge buildings that could touch the sky, the crowded streets of cars and people running to and from work, the noise of the people alone. It was such a difference from his little quiet Pallet Town. It almost made him unconformable. Pikachu hopped up onto its masters head, holding onto his old beat up ball-cap that he wore from the day he started his adventure. “Kinda unsettling, isn't it Pikachu..” Ash giggled as he felt the mouses grip on his skull get tighter, a worried “chu”coming from its mouth. He odiously disliked the hustle and bustle. “Don’t worry buddy. All we gotta do is make a stop at the Pokemon Center and give the professor a ring.” He reached up to itch the Pokemon’s head who let out a content sigh as they walked into the tall Pokemon Center.

    It was a lot busier here than most other centers. Then again this was Castelia City they were in, so it shouldn't have surprised Ash as much as it did. Thankfully the phone stations were in separate small rooms so the background chatter was muffled. The boy sat in the available chair and dialed up Professor Oak.


    Oak was currently sitting at his desk, working on some paperwork for a project he had been studying. He heard the video phone ring and looked over to the male that was sitting in a large chair, face in a sketchbook.. “Tracey! Can you answer that, i’m almost finished with this paperwork.” He called in his rough voice.

    Tracey, who was currently sketching a picture of a Corsola looked up. “Sure thing Professor.” He nodded and ran over, picking up the line. “Hey Ash!” Tracey smiled happily. “Haven’t heard from you in a while how are things going?”

    Ash smiled happily when he seen Tracey pick up the phone. Tracey was the only person that wasn't able to see him off when he left again. He had went back to the Orange Islands to get some sketches and pictures that Oak wanted, so he barely got to see his old friend at all. “Hey Tracey! I’m doing great.” The boy grinned as Pikachu stood on the table and waved, giving a happy squeal.

    “Well hello to you to Piachu! Your looking chipper as ever!” The other chuckled and Pikachu smiled, looking back to his trainer when he started to talk.

    “I was wondering if I could talk to the Professor. I needed to ask him a few things and relay some information.”

    “Sure thing.” Tracey nodded and held the phone away from his ear, turning his head from the screen. “Hey Professor! Its Ash, He wanted to talk to you about a few things!” The long haired boy called and Oak looked up, walking over.

    “Ash? What would he be calling for?” He sat down and took the phone, seeing the older trainer on the screen. “It is you Ash, good to see your dong well!” The elder man chuckled. “Did you find out anything interesting?”

    “I did.” Ash nodded. “I was going to send you the information on my pokedex as soon as I can. I just wanted to see how you were doing.” He looked to the other, almost seriously. “Is...mom alright. I know how upset she was when I left and I haven’t been in contact that much.”

    Oak smiled softly. “Shes doing fine Ash. She’s coped, and don’t worry, i’ve been taking care of her for you. I get her to go shopping for groceries, you know how much she likes shopping.” The man laughed.

    “Well that's a relief.” Ash sighed.”I was afraid she was going to be worried sick about me.”

    “Don’t worry, she’s fine. Say, you wouldn't happen to be by a port by chance would you?”

    “I’m in Castelia, Why? Do you need me to come home?” Ashes head tipped slightly to the side.

    “No no, I had just received a call from Gary a few days ago, he asked if he could talk to you, it sounded rather urgent.”

    Ashe’s heart leapt into his throat when he heard his rivals name. ‘Me...Gary wants to speak to me...’ He thought to himself and stared at the screen for a while, not saying anything until the professor spoke up again.

    “You know you two haven’t been in contact much. The last he heard from you, you had come home. I think you should go catch up with him, give him the information you give me as well. He didn’t say what he wanted to talk to you about but I think it would be best if you went.” He nodded and Ash smiled.

    “Alright professor, I will...” Well that set the idea he gave himself into motion. “Where is Gary’s lab exactly.” He asked.

    “It’s in the Sinnoh region up in Snowpeak. Your going to have to sail to Sunnyshore and fly up there, through I would advise you bring warm clothes, it’s going to start getting chilly this time of year. I’ll have Charizard transferred over if you like.”

    “Yes, thanks professor.” Ash nodded. “I’ll be sure to pay him a visit-” Ash snapped from his daydream about his friend abruptly when he heard a womans voice speak up in the background.

    “Samuel you are you talking to.”

    “Ah Delia, its your son! Come say hi!”

    Ash blushed as his mom ran over, frantically saying hi to him. After quite a long, rather embarrassing phone call with his mom Ash picked up his Charizard from the transfer and ran off to the port to catch the next ship for Sunnyshore. “Alright Gary, you better be ready.” He grinned.


    Gary sat on his couch, eating his lunch and flipping through the channels on the TV when his cell phone rang. He looked to the number and flipped open the phone. “Hey gramps, whats up?” He asked, setting the remote down.

    “Gary, I wanted to call you and tell you Ash is headed to your lab, he should be there in a day or so. I’m sure he forgot to call you, knowing him.”

    Gary had froze in place as his grandfather spoke to him. Ash, here, tomorrow. He looked around at his rather messy living quarters and turned red in embarrassment.”Ahh, yah, Thanks Gramps, I love you to, talk to you soon.” He hung up the phone and sprang up. “Oh jeash...I gotta clean...I got to set up the guest bedroom...” He sighed, still flustered at the thought of his friend being here. “Damnit Ash, you and your last second plans...” He grumped and picked up some dirty clothes that had been laying on the floor.


    Next Chapter:
    Chapter 2
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  4. Dragoniss

    Dragoniss Garys wanabe waifu

    Sorry it's been so long with out an update. I've been working on my comic and getting ready for school with nerves and all. But I managed to get this one out to help relax me. Anyway here it is, Chapter 4!


    Chapter 2


    Ash has a bright smile on is face as he stepped onto the sandy beach, finally arriving at Sunnyshore City. The towns name really was true, the way the sun hit the shoreline was the most awe inspiring thing. Even though it was something so simple it was still beautiful. The warm yellow sand, the sound of crashing waves, Wingull cries, and the way the sun glistened off the water. You just couldn't help but stare.

    The raven looked out to the sea in the direction they had just come from, not a single speck of Unova could be seen in the distance. “Beautiful, isn't it Pikachu.” The trainer smiled gently, letting the salty ocean breeze toss his hair.

    “Pika...” The mouse murmured, standing on his hind legs next to his trainer. His ears twitched as a ship in the harbor blared its horn, taking off in the direction of Kanto. They stood there for quite some time, reflecting on everything that had happened in the past eight years. Ashes mind soon wondering off to his rival yet again. How would he react to Ash just suddenly showing up after so long? How different was he going to look? Was he going to be nice or rude? Would he still call him Ashy-boy? That last thought made him lower his head so the brim of his hat covered his blushing cheeks. He always hated that name, but at the same time loved it. Something that only Gary could ever call him. In a way it was special. It was Garys weird way of showing he cared.

    Pikachu tugged on the others pant leg, tossing Ash out of his daydream. “Huh, Oh right, were supposed to be going to Snowpoint.” He grinned and extended his arm for Pikachu to climb up. “Alright Charizard!” Ash grinned, tossing his pokeball into the air, watching the fire breathing dragon pop out. The Pokemon let out a yawn and a stretch, loving how warm the sun felt on his skin. “Charizard, now's not the time for a sun tan.” The trainer groaned lightly and walked over, motioning to let him on his back. “Alright Charizard, I need you to fly me to Snowpoint.” He smiled and the fire Pokemon frowned. Great, a cold place. He let out a grunt and flapped his wings, Pikachu jumping on its back, almost missing his flight due to playing with the sand.

    They were soon up in the air, the trainer holding his hat and laughing as Charizard’s powerful wings propelled them froward. They soon slowed to a steady glide. Ash felt like king of the world when he looked down and seen a few young kids staring in awe at the Charizard that flew overhead, and passing a few people on Staraptors. “Charizard you remember Gary right.” The raven haired boy smiled and the fire Pokemon let out a growl, spitting a few flames. He would remember that trainer and his Blastoise anywhere. “Hey now, its not like that anymore, he’s a good friend.” Ash giggled and the Pokemon rolled its eyes.

    It didn’t take long for Ash to get bored of playing with apps on his smart phone. Soon eventually snoozing off with his head resting on his shoulder, still sitting upright on his Pokemon. As Ash snoozed the air around him grew coder and colder, soon to a point where it was almost hard to breathe. He awoke in a fit of shivers, thankfully he was riding on a warm Pokemon. He dug his black down jacket out of his back pack, chuckling as Pikachu cuddled into the bag for warmth. He looked down at the frost covered city below him, the relaxing sounds of the town echoed all the way up here.

    Charizard soon started its decent, finding a nice landing spot in the outskirts of the city, making sure Ash was coherent before he landed, letting the trainer slid down his wing and onto the snowy ground. “Thanks buddy.” Ash smiled, hugging the others muzzle and pulling out a few pokeblocks for him as a treat. “You should rest up in your warm pokeball.” He cooed, returning the dragon once he was done happily munching on his treats. Pikachu zipped up the bag from the outside as Ash picked it up onto his back and sighed. “Now, to find Gary’s lab.” He murmured. The sun was just starting to set accost the little town in the mountains and he needed to make haste. Nights here wern’t the best time to be out and about.

    He eventually stopped for directions at the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy happily handing him a map and a tour guide. He stuck the guide in his back pocket, studying the map for what felt like several minutes before taking off once more. He walked with his face in the map, managing to skillfully dodge other pedestrians as his feet drove him to the front door of the lab.

    “Well...this is it Pikachu...” He murdered and the electric mouse poked its head out of the bag to look at the large wooden door. “You think...Gary’s going to be happy to see me...” He asked and the Pokemon let out a shrug, hopping out of the bag and onto Ashes head. They stood there for a while, the raven’s body totally frozen in place. ‘Come on Ash, why are you hesitating? Its only Gary. Just ring the doorbell.’ He thought to himself yet he couldn't move a muscle. It was like the cold has frozen him in place.

    Pikachu looked at his trainer, growing rather annoyed, just wanting to get inside and out of the cold night air. “Pika!” He shouted and soon hopped down, smacking the doorbell with its paws. Ash jumped as he heard the doorbell and looked at the electric type who glared back at him, shivering. His heart stopped when he heard the sound of feet thumping down the stairs. He wanted to just run. To embarrassed to think about anything but getting as far away as possible. ‘What if he’s mad, what if its not him, what if i’m bothering him on a date?’ Ashes mind ran at the speed of a Joteon as he stood there, waiting for something to happen.

    Gary sighed when he got to the door, holding the knob and looking at himself. The hesitation spreading to him. He knew who it was, he had been waiting anxiously for the doorbell to ring all day. He just didn’t think it would lock him up so bad. Seeing Ash again. The mere thought made him shiver in fear.

    “PIKACHU!” The yellow mouse shouted in an annoyed screech, as if he was saying “I know your there Gary, open the damn door.”

    The brunet sighed and turned the knob, putting on a cocky smile as he puled the door open. His forest green eyes meeting Ashes deep chocolate ones. locking them into a staring contest. “Well well...Its been a while, hasn’t it...Ashy-boy.”


    Next Chapter:
    Chapter 3

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  5. Dragoniss

    Dragoniss Garys wanabe waifu

    Phew, this is a rather long chapter. Sorry guys, I hope the rest of the chapters don't end up this long. As always read and review what you think, i'll be happy to hear it ;)


    Chapter 3
    An offer you can't refuse.


    Ash audibly gulped as he stared up at his long time rival who was leaning against the door looking ever so casually cocky. That usual sly smirk plaster on his damn face, and his eyes half lidded just to annoy the other. He looked much older than he did years ago. Taller, fuller hair that was still spiked froward, he had a bit of muscle on him from working around Pokemon all day long, though his face had grown a bit softer. Loosing that sharp childish look, much more adult like. He had a pair of reading glasses on the top of his head with a white lab coat, purple shirt and loose fitting jeans.

    Ashes cheeks were bright pink when that name slipped off Garys tongue so smoothly, like he had just said it yesterday. “I-I told you not to call me that!” Ash grumped and folded his arms, pouting like he was a kid again, causing Gary to laugh rather hard.

    “Sorry Ashy but that's the only thing I can call ya anymore.” He grinned and looked down when Pikachu bolted between his legs to get inside and stood next to the heater, letting out a happy “Chaaa” as his little pika-body warmed up. “Well, aren't you gunna come in. Your letting out all my hot air.” Gary frowned and stepped aside, holding the door open for the other.

    Ash hadn't realized just how cold it had gotten. He was to focused on meeting his rival again that everything around him just went numb. His mind clicked back to exactly where he was and the cold hit him like a ton of bricks. He shivered harshly and quickly stepped inside, rubbing his arms for warmth as Gary shut the door.

    As Ash warmed up and took off his coat and shoes, dropping them on the ground next to the door. Gary strode over and pushed the other into the wall with two finger, slamming his hand next to the others head. “You’ve got some nerve Ashy...” Gary’s intense glare burned at the others soul.

    “Gahh, wh-wadya mean!” Ash flinched, scared stiff as he sunk his neck into his shoulders, trying disparately to back further into the wall in hopes of getting away from his rival.

    “You don’t talk to your best friend in eight years, then you decide to show up at my front door with out making plans or warning me.” He growled. “Your lucky gramps called last night and I was able to fix up the guest bedroom for you. I swear, you’re still the same kid I knew eight years ago.” He pulled away and hung up Ashes coat.

    Ash wasn’t exactly the same as he was before looks wise. He was taller, still not as tall as his rival but getting close to him. His hair was in the same shape and the same length, his arms and legs were probably lankier and he still didn’t have any tone, or at least not much. He also still had those Z’s on his cheeks, giving him a kiddish look. “I-I am not...” He grumped and folded his arms, looking around the lab.

    It was actually rather huge. Much larger on the inside than the outside. He was currently standing in the living room with a fairly large TV, and accost from him what looked like a kitchen and dining room. He could also see a study in the corner of the room with mounds of books, papers, and a computer on a desk that hadn’t been turned off yet. As well as a staircase that probably lead to bedrooms. “Wow...” Ash murmured and looked around. “This is much bigger than Professor Oak’s lab...” He walked around, stopping at the coat closet where Gary was standing.

    “Feh, I am Professor Oak.” Gary grinned cheekily and folded his arms.

    “...I guess your right.” Ash thought and chuckled. “Well then Professor Gary Oak how about that.” He smiled.

    “Hmm...I like it.” Gary smiled, only due to the fact that he actually liked Ash using his name for some reason. Just the way it rolled off his tongue. Made him feel much more satisfied than some of the one night stands he had. “You eaten yet Ashy?” the brunet put his hands in his pockets, looking up as his Umbreon waltzed downstairs, wondering what was taking his master so long.

    The shadow Pokemon spied the electric mouse in front of the heater and growled while walking over, not recognizing the Pokemon at first. It wasn’t until Pikachu said a few words in poketalk and Umbreon looked over to see Ash that it remembered the other.

    Ash watched the two Pokemon communicating in their own way, glad to see the two remembered one another. “Hmm..no, I’m starving!” Ash rubbed his stomach with a frown when Gary’s question registered in his mind.

    “No problem. I know this nice Chinese Buffet down the street. I go there a lot. They've got some amazing Teriyaki Chicken.” He grinned, pulling the others coat back out and tossing it to him. He himself took off his lab coat and put on his jean jacket, putting his glasses in the pocket of the lab coat before hanging it up where his coat was.

    “Alright, that sounds great!” Ash grinned. “Come on Pika-”

    “Sorry Ash.” Gary interrupted the other. “I don’t like Pokemon at my dinner table. I’d prefer not to get pika hair in my rice. And besides, the restaurant won’t allow Pokemon in it anyway.”

    “But...” Ash muttered, looking to his pal. He had never went anywhere with out Pikachu at his side. It was going to feel kinda lonesome not having his warm body on his shoulder.

    “He’ll be fine Ashy!” Gary walked over and put an arm around the others shoulders. “Umbreon will take care of him. He’s a Pokemon, he knows how to defend himself. If something happens i’m sure they can take care of themselves.” He smiled genuinely, trying to reassure the other. “You gotta give him a break, let him do his own thing. Sometimes Pokemon need to be left alone for a while, they may be your friend but they’re still wild animals.”

    “Alright fine, if you say so Professor...” Ash looked down. “Sorry buddy.” He waved to the mouse who looked up and smiled, waving the other off before going back to playing with Umbreon.

    Gary locked the door to the lab behind him, twirling his key ring around his finger as they walked down the street. “So...what have you been up to...all these years.” He looked over to the raven haired boy, his voice growing much softer, a more friendly tone.

    “Mmm...not much...I’d been helping out at the lab, and helping mom with the house keeping. I recently went back to Unova to work some more on the Pokedex for Oak. Ohh, that reminds me! I’ve gotta give that information to you to!” Ash looked back at the other.

    “We'll worry about it tomorrow.” Gary shrugged. “Sounds like you’ve been busy.”He chuckled. “We all know you Ash, never able to stay still in one spot.” He chuckled as Ash grew red in embarrassment. “I...watched you in the Unova League a few months ago...” He admitted. “ 3rd place ain’t bad.”

    “You...watched me...” Ash looked to the other in bewilderment. When did Gary suddenly give the time of day about watching him in a league. Still, the thought of it gave him this warm fuzzy sensation.

    “I had nothing better to do.” The other shrugged and looked back at the sidewalk. “You really have gotten stronger though. You acted so much more like an adult. You actually used strategy, were aware of your surroundings. Reminded me a lot of our fight at the Silver League.” He smiled, still a bit hurt that he lost.

    Ash grinned as they walked into the restaurant, getting their food and digging in. They both sat across from each other, Gary watching Ash pig out. It was weird. Something about being with Gary changed him. He didn’t feel lonesome or out of place with out his Pokemon for once. He felt comfortable in an adult setting. He even realized he wasn’t using his manners and actually ate properly for once. He never acted like this at home, or with friends, but with Gary it was all different. And in a way he liked it. He watched the brunet stab a chunk of chicken with a fork and bring it to his mouth, blushing lightly when he caught himself staring at the others lips.

    “Hey Ash...” Gary spoke up. “You ever...think about what your going to do with your life. I mean, you can’t travel forever. You gotta get a job at some point.” He watched Ash munch on a mushroom.

    Ash looked at his plate. He never really did think about what he wanted in life. He always thought that stuff would come to him. He knew his mom would sometimes ask him about it but he always brushed it off. “I-I don’t know really...” The other frowned. “I wouldn't know where to go...what to do...I’m not good at anything but Pokemon.” He sighed.

    “I’m not either...” Gary tilted his head. The statement was rather out of character for the professor, but he didn’t want to be rude. Something that was also out of character.

    “What are you talking about Gary, your smart, kind, generous, have Oak as your grandpa, you’ve got good looks...you have everything.” He other looked back up, blushing at his last statement and took off his hat and setting it next to him. “Me, i’m just some kid from Pallet Town.”

    There was quite a long silence between the two. The only noise was the background chatter and the scraping of Ashes fork on his plate as he absentmindedly played with his beef rice.“You could...Work with me...at the lab.” Gary casually suggested, in truth he didn’t want to have to see Ash leave again tomorrow. “You said you worked with Grandpa, I’m sure the work wouldn’t be any different. It is Pokemon, and you said yourself your good with them. And, I hear Snowpoint might need a new gym leader at some point soon. If you’re ok with using ice and water types.” He smiled. “I even have a few at the lab I could let you train up.”

    Ashes head shot up and he looked to the other wide eyed. Gary was being genuinely nice to him. “Y-you really mean it...” He asked. “You...think I have what it takes...”

    “I know you do.” Gary grinned. “They’ll look at your past leagues, 3rd place is nothing to scoff at Ash. I’m sure you’ll get the position if you show your knowledge of ice and water. I could help you study to. I’ve got nothing better to do right now. It could be fun.”

    Ash felt his heart swell and tears from in his eyes. A smile growing on his lips. “Your the best Gary!” He giggled happily, finishing up his meal and walking back to the lab with the other. He giggled when he seen Pikachu and Umbreon sleeping in the middle of the living room, all sprawled out after some hard playtime. He followed the other upstairs, getting the grand tour before stopping at his room.

    “Well...night Ash. Its good to see you again.” The professor smiled.

    “Night...” Ash looked down the back to the other, pulling him into a friendly hug.”Thank you...for what you said earlier.” He sighed and Gary chuckled.

    “Don’t mention it.” The other hugged the smaller boy back rather awkwardly, watching Ash go into his room. He walked accost the hall, shutting the door and leaning against it. Looking back at the door with a grin. “I missed you Ash.” He sighed and hit the hay.


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    Bah, sorry this one took so long again. First week of school and just getting into the swing of things. I'll try to make this happen more frequently.
    Fun fact: While writing this chapter I was listening to this song. Dunno why. Just thought I would share that if you could somehow feel a connection.
    Also I suck at chapter titles...Bah


    Chapter 4


    “I think you're ready to go for the gym” Gary smiled lightly.

    He and Ash had just finished quite a heated Pokemon battle to test out Ash’s abilities with the Pokemon he used to create a small 3 man team. On it he had Glalie, whom he had got back from Oak on request, a Lapras that Gary owned, seeing as how he had used a Lapras before and knew a bit about how they worked, and a Mamoswine, a Pokemon he had already seen in action thanks to Dawn.

    He felt ready. He felt so ready. Especially with Gary helping him out and keeping him motivated. It was odd. The past few days with Gary were really something else. He was having fun. He wasn’t so dependent on having Pikachu around all the time. He felt more like an adult. Hell, he even went out to a club one night with Gary just to eat some burgers. It really sunk in that the idea of settling down might not have been all that bad after all, so long as he had someone like Gary that would be there for him. The thought of actually staying in Snowpoint with the professor had crossed his mind a few times. Usually at night when his mind would wonder. He actually liked helping Gary in the lab, and being the same age they usually had something to talk about, unlike him and Sam. Gary had also given Ash the delight of home cooked meals. God was Gary’s food good. He could eat it all day if he wanted to. It was a wonder why Gary went with a professor and not chef. He guessed though that with everything else, cooking also ran through the family. That made him ponder the thought of Gary being a good poet.

    “Ya think so.” Ash grinned and returned his Lapras back to its Pokeball for a nice long rest.

    “Sure do. That’s about the strength you need to be at, and you handled your Pokemon really well. My only tip would be that you need to use Lapras more defensively. Your trying to hard to make him move to fast when he’s a somewhat slow Pokemon. He can take quite a bit of damage before he goes down, so don’t worry about the speed.” He put a hand on Ash’s shoulder and gave him an approving smile. Ash blushed softly. When did he ever care so much about if Gary cared about him. “Alright, Lunchtime. Then we can plan for tomorrow.” Gary winked and walked inside, dropping his and Ash’s Pokemon off at the restoration center, letting them heal up as they went to make some soup.

    They both ate their noodles in relative silence, every so often watching Umbreon and Pikachu scurry through the house. “They sure do like each other.” Ash thought out loud and Gary nodded.

    “I see it a lot. Pokemon usually get along together when their trainers get along together. Plus they need something to keep them company.” Gary chuckled and finished his noodles. “I’m sure they’ve gotten to know a lot about each other in the past few days.” He cleaned up his bowl and sat in the living room, soon followed by Ash who plopped down, bored as ever. “Its...been really fun...hanging out with you again Ash.” the brunet smiled lightly and looked over to him, his arms around the back of the sofa.

    “Yah...I’ve learned a lot these past few days.” Ash looked at the black tv screen. “I feel...more...grown up...” He admitted. “I feel that I finally have a goal in mind rather than just fumbling around in the dark, looking for something in all the wrong places.” He giggled and looked back to his former rival who was looking back at him. “Ya think...I can stay here...when I get that job at the gym.” He grinned. “I’d still help around the lab.”

    Gary chuckled lightly. He wanted to tell Ash not to get his hopes up to far. A lot of good trainers would be showing up for a chance at the gym. He wouldn’t be surprised if someone else got it based on bribe or placement in the recent leagues. Ash partook in the Sinnoh League so many years ago. Standards have kinda changed from then. ‘There’s still a chance though.’ He thought. Not wanting to spoil Ash’s good mood. “You sure can.” He chuckled. “Just so long as you help out like you have been.” He looked back at the floor and sighed. “I’d be nice to have company. This job gets kinda lonesome at times. Luckily gramps has Tracey and your mom.”

    “Yah I can about imagine.” The raven sighed and looked to Gary’s chest. He felt like he was falling in to a trance as he watched it move up and down with each one of his steady breaths. Gary had said something but he hadn’t really quite heard. His mind was wondering, possibly to far due to the blush spreading across his cheeks.

    “Ash, are you even listening...what are you staring at.” Gary snapped his fingers in front of the trainers eyes who instantly blinked and shook his head.

    “Huh, wah?” He looked back up into the others green eyes. “S-sorry...I-I was...thinking.” Ash itched his cheek and grinned weakly. “Whats up?”

    Gary looked Ash dead in the eyes, his expression serious. “Ash..I want to know...what do you think of me?” the brunet asked.

    “Mmm...well...your a really good friend.” He half lied. It wasn’t so much that he didn’t like the other as a friend, he just didn’t want to listen to that part of his mind that said it was more. He had quite a lot of thoughts about Gary over the past few days. Really growing attached to his friend, like they were kids again. “Why, what do you think of me!” Ash gave a cheesy kiddish grin, stopping when the other moved closer, Gary’s weight on the end of the sofa cushion caused him to slide towards the other.

    “I like you...Ash.” Gary spoke bluntly, not wanting to beat around the bush. The raven’s face turned a deep shade of red when he heard the other speak. “I’ve...liked you for a while now It's actually the reason I wanted to see you again. To find out if these were just my hormones...or if I was really missing you.” He sighed, Ash was able to feel the others breath on his cheeks.

    The room grew quiet for a while. Ash was rooted to his spot in the couch, just looking at the other, blinking slowly. Everything was silent except for their breathing. Umbreon and Pikachu had long stopped, watching their trainers have a stare down. They looked to each other then back at the humans, timidly waiting for something to happen.

    Gary finally moved. He brought his hand up to the others cheek. He couldn’t fight the urge any longer. He had to know what the other felt like. The thought was killing him and the silence was only making it worse. His hand brought the others head froward, his lips tentatively meeting the others. The feeling made his heart jump in his throat. It was better than he imagined. Much to Gary’s displeasure it didn’t last long. Out of pure shock Ash pulled back, his face almost purple. This made Gary flinch. ‘****...’ He cussed in his mind. ‘I went to far...’ The professor briskly got up, putting his hands in his pockets. “Sorry.” He mumbled as he walked back to his room.

    Ash was left speechless on the couch. His eyes wide and dilated, and his mind not able to comprehend what just happened. He looked down to Pikachu and Umbreon who were still staring at the him curiously, not knowing what went on. “H-he...” Ash gulped lightly, looking in the direction of Gary’s room. He continued sitting there for a while, his hand soon rising to his lips to touch them. “Gary...” He mumbled and looked down.

    The rest of the day went painfully slow. Every hour felt like an eternity. Supper was piratically non existent. Neither of them said a word. Soon Ash was lying in his bed. His mind running at the speed of sound. His battle tomorrow, his feelings for Gary, everything was jumbling up his head. He laid there, looking out the window next to his bed, watching the stars twinkle brightly in the night sky. It was oddly a clear night. If only his mind were that clear. He looked down to Pikachu who was curled up in a little ball next to him. “What should I do Pikachu...” He asked, itching the Pokemons back who let out a squeak in response. “I know he’s nice...and I know I like him but...” Ash sighed and continued to watch his buddy who had stood up, crawling over and giving the other a reassuring lick on the cheek. Ash giggled and ruffled his Pokemons head.”Yah...I shouldn’t worry...I have a big day tomorrow.” He smiled. “Night Pikachu.” He sighed, rolling over into the covers. The thought of sleep though, far from his mind. It was going to be along night.


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