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Dont you just hate........

This is all about your rants and hates of pokeon. Fill it in.
e.g. Dont you just hate ( your text here), then explanation.

Dont you just hate people hack pokemon
Dont you just hate hackers because it is wrong,takes the fun out of the game and can bug your game. ;munchlax;;347;


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Don't you just hate how Kangaskan is born fully grown with a baby in the pouch? It makes no sense.

Korobooshi Kojiro

I dunno, I find rants about Pokemon (the "That Pokemon makes me vomit", or "No! Gamefreak ruined so-and-so!") to be ultimately annoying and kinda childish.

So, I just hate when people whine so much over a game.


I hate how people are so "Smart Mouthed" on here. Some people just really irritate me, thinking that they're macho. It's just a Pokemon website and they like to act tough. Immature 12 year olds...:p.


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Don't you hate it when a wild pokemon won't let you escape and when you try to run he ends up fainting you?


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i dont hate anything
but i do dislike hackers


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don't you just hate it when you throw an ultraball at a legendary and it wiggles three times (getting you all excited) and then escaping, and then not even wiggling the rest of the time? (this might be confusing)

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i dont hate anything
but i do dislike hackers

Say hello to one


I just dislike when people rant on about hating pokemon. I mean there are 492 others to catch and train!


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To be honest, I don't have a problem with people hacking into games. In fact, I enjoy cheating in RBYGSC myself, as it opens up more possibilities in the games and adds to the replay value. What is dislike, however, is when people use cheating to have an advantage over other players.

I also dislike how long the main game is in D/P, as well as how limited the choice is before the Elite 4.


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Don't I just hate the fact that the 4th Gen gave us a retarded piece of crap for a Fire starter?

I also hate how there is no 2nd Gen remake, and how we instead got the worthlessness of the 4th Gen.


Soul Salsa
^ Wait what. 'nape is stat and movepool wise one of the better starters.

Don't you just hate how most every trainer card for non-competetive play in D/P look the same because there's such an awful selection of Pokemon?


Don't you just hate n00bs who spam in general? :]]


Dont u hate how those stupid game makers gave us infernape which is a clone of blaziken...i hate that monkey...type stealer!! :mad:


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Dont you just hate people on this thread that try to gt you in trouble or make you look bad? I wont say names, but you know who you are. Shame on you. Oh, and stupid pokemon.