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dont you think team aqua/magma were handled really poorly in the anime?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by dechoudens1, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Super-Staff

    Super-Staff Turnabout Pokemon

    Indeed, it does.

    Hm, Archie and Maxie opened up a casino in the anime's version of Pacifidlog Island that's rumored to have a lot of cheating and other illegal activities running in it. ...Or so it's rumored!! XP
  2. phoevos

    phoevos Pokeball attack!!!!

    Actually,they're bad trainers.They can't handle groudon/kyogre!!(talking seriously)
    Anyways,we're lucky,because they gave up.We don't wan't dorks
    in the anime/video games.That includes team rocket,too.
  3. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    Well, nobody probably could have handled Groudon and Kyogre. I bet if LANCE tryed to handle them, he would fail,too. -_-

    Um, your last statement didn't make since, but TR was filled with dorks in the anime, not the game... Well, actually they only had three dorks. Cassidy and Biff were kinda cool...
  4. Super-Staff

    Super-Staff Turnabout Pokemon

    LOL! It's Butch!! XD

    Anyway, the anime had some very great Rocket agents, but neglect to make them appear more than once: Domino, The Masked Marauder, etc...
    The only 'dorks' are the trio that follow Ash around and they are OVERUSED.

    You know, it makes me a little upset that they make such awesome characters but they don't do anything with them. Yes, I've said it once, but I'll say it again, Brody should have done something in the two-parter. Maybe even show him ditching Team Magma when the going go tough (maybe he wasn't loyal to the cause, after all?). And Shelly should have done more than beg Archie to 'stop what he was doing'. The writers really degraded the members of both teams, included the leaders.
  5. +Rhapsody+

    +Rhapsody+ DELETE DELETE

    I agree. Bannai seemed like the type who would do that, judging by what the anime did show us of his personality. I had originally thought that he had ditched the Team anyways before the climax, which was the reason he didn't appear.

    Perhaps if the Kyogre/Groudon incident had been extended, we also would have been given more character developement on the part of the major Admins. It makes no sense to build everything up, and then give us something anti-climatic in the end.
  6. Yes they were treated sloppy
  7. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    It is? XD!

    Yes, a lot of the Rocket agents had potential... But, they were hardly ever used.

    As for Brody, he should have been there... As for Shelly, well, there was a lot of shipping between her an Archie! XD!!!!
  8. +Rhapsody+

    +Rhapsody+ DELETE DELETE

    Surprisingly, I haven't seen so many shippers exclaiming over it. =/
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2006
  9. Shikamaru Nara

    Shikamaru Nara Follow Your Wave...

    Yeah, Brody was weird.
  10. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    Yeah, me neither.

    I saw Destiny Deoxys today. I really hate how they protrayed Rayquaza. It is suppossed to be a PROTECTOR not a destroyer.

    Oh, and Gaining Groudon comes on tomorrow at 5:00 on CN and The Scuffle of Legends comes on on Thursday. I'm going to re-watch it to see what we need to focus on...
  11. Reign G

    Reign G Roggen and Rolan

    Then I guess you have no life. You posted here. -_-'

    Anyway, I'll watch Gaining Groudon. I've seen it on YouTube, but it's been taken down. And I've never seen the Scuffle of Legends. Well, okay, I saw the last 5 minutes. Enough to at least see Evil Posessed Pikachu.
  12. +Rhapsody+

    +Rhapsody+ DELETE DELETE

    That sound. . .do you hear it?


    First of all, even after people here have stated that you in fact are the one who has no life, you still continue to spout ignorance in this thread. You clearly have no sense in what makes a good plot, no literary comprehension, and no sense of logic. We have all in turn attempted to make you see the extent of your own ignorance, but alas, it seems that we cannot get through your thick skull.

    We are not "making fun of it," as you say; we are criticizing. Look at the name of this thread. This is not a thread where you can step in and scream at us for criticizing something that was clearly rushed.

    And in conclusion, you deserve a nice, cold glass of STFU.
  13. Erus Black Mage

    Erus Black Mage Well-Known Member

    How can you "teel" an "opinoin"
  14. +Rhapsody+

    +Rhapsody+ DELETE DELETE

    We can't really determine that, because you don't back your opinion and instead rave at us for contradicting yours. =/
  15. Erus Black Mage

    Erus Black Mage Well-Known Member

    We don't want Blood and Gore.
  16. MasterJedi

    MasterJedi Coral Eye Trainer

    Oh, we all obviously do. Just like we want Lance to brutally rape Misty, May and Hikari. -_-
  17. Gravy

    Gravy Contaminated KFC

    If people think the plot was bad, then they think the plot was bad. You're not exactly going to change their opinions by whining like baby.
    People watch the show for numerous reasons, and it isn't always down to 'epic storyarcs' like this. If it just so happens to be a part of the story, then so be it. And if people feel they have a valid reason to critisise it (and they actually do, in this case), then so be it.

    If you like it, good for you. Move along, end of horrible, horrible, story.
  18. +Rhapsody+

    +Rhapsody+ DELETE DELETE

    In order for people to understand your logic (which you clearly do not have) you need to back your opinion. Otherwise, we'll think that you're ignorant; which you are, and thus start a debate. A debate is our natural defense against stupidity or ignorance.

    Blood and gore =/ maturity. You have the wrong idea, as usual.

    And if I want to see hot guys, there are PLENTY of other anime I can watch. Your point is completely irrelevant.
  19. Super-Staff

    Super-Staff Turnabout Pokemon

    Bah, whatever. Just ignore him, guys.

    Anyway, I'm sure that the story could have been better with just a little bit of more effort. Just a few changes would have made the entire TA/TM plot better, don't you think?
  20. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    Certainly. Especially if they lengthened the arc to more than two episodes.

    Gaining Groudon comes on in an hour and a half... XP

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