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Doodle's Doodles (revamped)


Espurr will HM01 you
Okay so hi Serebiiforums, I'm back again. Anyone that knows me knows I'm not great at staying active for long periods of time, but I'm here again! I finally got access to Photoshop again with my new subscription to the Creative Cloud! So I'm here to give away signatures and stuff for anyone who's nice enough to be descriptive. :D

Anyways, these are a few examples of what my graphics usually look like. Yes those three use the same font because I'm too uncreative to find another that I like so far, but I'll use any you request. My favorite is the Serj Tankian one there on the left. c:

[X] [X] [X] [X]

As for the time being, I'm not going to have a request limit or any super strict rules other than be nice, be VERY descriptive, and lets say... One request per person per week.

So here's the form for requesting stuff. If you find it doesn't include something specific you want, write it in there afterwards! I honestly don't much mind if you'd rather tell me what you want in paragraph form instead as long as you're specific as to what you want. Anything that comes up that you don't have a guideline for, I'll be doing whatever I think works best for, and I have weird taste, so you don't want that!

Image: (Include links to pictures you want in here, I'm not going web surfing with the name of a character you want. Try to get high quality images with characters in poses you want.)
Theme: (Give me a general idea of what you want the signature to look like. Describe it to me. Be sure to get a thesaurus if you don't have many adjectives in your vocabulary. Words like "gloomy", "bluish", "sharp", and "bright" are all words you want to put in this portion of the form.)
Dimensions: (This is simply the size you want your banner to be in pixels. I normally use 500x250, so if you don't specify, or if you leave this field blank, I'll default to that size.
Text: (Include font type, or even a specific font. If you want a particular font that's not default on a Mac, be sure to include a link to it. A good website to look for custom fonts on is dafont.com. Also include position relevant to the image or the banner itself. Note that I'm not great at getting creative with text effects, so I usually never have the text as the focal, but I can *TRY* if you're specific with me as to what you want.)

I can't stress enough to add anything you want to the end if it's not in the form. I don't want to make something entirely different from what you have in mind. Anyways, I'll add anything else to this first post if I see it necessary, but this shop will be open the moment it gets approved. I mean *IF* it gets approved, hopefully Sweet May and Skiyomi are magnanimous about that... I'm not acting entitled, I swear! >.>
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