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Dot, Dot, Dot Sign-ups

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Skillfulness, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Dot, dot, dot, Baby
    Just wait’ll this town sees what I got
    Revenge tastes sweetest when you’ve got someone in mind
    And boy to I have someone in mind
    Someones, actually, but that’s beside the point
    I’ll pain the town red, stir a little crazy
    Kill for a bit of fun
    And see how much I can get them to squirm
    Get ready, cause the game’s about to start

    Rated PG-13 for mild violence and language, if you so wish. There is a chance your character will die. Reflects plot points from the book Skin. Reserves and questions now being taken.

    The Place:

    Summer Hills has always been a quiet town, perched atop a North Dakota valley in the north. Redundant, yes, but true. There’s the gas station, the police department, and the hodgepodge of other stores along one main street. The two thousand odd citizens live in houses that branch off said road on winding streets. A few families even have some farms on the outskirts, adding to the hometown feel. The main road goes out of the town southbound and the valley slops down to the north. Mountains rise up in the distance on all sides, but the closest ones are clearly to the west. The nearest city is a good few miles southern of Summer Hills, maybe a half hour drive.

    Some specific buildings come to mind. The police department is in the exact center of town, with a little lot, off the main road. A few stores like a comic store and grocery surround it before transforming into houses again. A few blocks away from the valley before the gas station and post office come to view. At the most upper right portion of town, the library sits proudly atop the crest of the valley along with a towing facility, at the very edge of Summer Hills. Around the entire town, ranches and farms are placed at varying distances, most a good mile or two apart. As the buildings spread from the main road, it becomes thinner. Most yards are healthily green while other land is scruffy and dry, even more so out by the farms. This is the gist of Summer Hills, a small, peaceful North Dakota town.

    The Problem:

    Not two days ago, the sun was shining beautifully. People were happily going about their business as usual. But yesterday, reports came in that a storm was on its way. Now this is really no problem in any normal circumstance, but this became far from normal far too quickly. On Tuesday evening, when the storms started, officials were shocked to discover the storms had become much fiercer than they first calculated. At first, they found a tornado heading in from the west. Then, another was on its way from the southeast. Finally, a third tornado had appeared from the valley, approaching the town from the north.

    People were warned of the terrible conditions and nearly every citizen was housed and every visitor had left. Now that situation alone sounds bad. But that same night, two police officers came upon a vandal at the grocery store. When they engaged him, the vandal attacked and killed both officers. One of the workers in the store had hidden when she heard the first shots and after the man left, she called in the incident. A message was scrawled along the wall stating, ”Ruth’s dead, Officer Harding, but she’s just the first. Time for revenge, pigs. Ready or not, here I come.” The worker was found dead after more police forces arrived and the news was kept under wraps for the moment. Still, because of the harsh weather, investigations had to be postponed until morning. By then, things had taken a completely different turn for the worse.

    You are an unfortunate soul who’s been caught up in this string of murders by Sterling Black. As Tuesday rolls into Wednesday, you find yourself at the library at the edge of town with a few others. The storm rages on and as the tornados close in, a sense of dread fills the building. You and the others flee to the basement and wait out the storm, awaking Wednesday morning to a terrifying game set up by none other than Sterling Black. How you play the game is up to you, but Black makes the rules. Make your move.

    The Players:

    Officer Jerald Harding- Police, husband of Ruth Harding, officer in charge of investigations involving the killer, likes to play ‘good cop bad cop’, often tests a person’s character with harsh treatment, enjoys a good game of poker, strong looking and rugged, bears similarity to Han Solo, first to arrive after his wife called in the murders.

    Ruth Harding- First victim of Sterling Black, wife of Jerald Harding, worked at the supermarket, kind and generous, not particularly handsome, maybe even ugly, involved in scientific experiments in the past, no known connection to the killer, knit with her friends and volunteered regularly.

    Detective Markus- From the FBI, cold and calculating, eccentric, sent to help with the murder cases, appears late Wednesday morning, suspicious, questioning, curious but careful, not much is known about him besides his queer personality.

    Sterling Black- Murderer, possibly connected to other murder cases out of state, past is unknown, appearance is unknown, personality is a puzzle, will slowly be revealed as days go on.

    Summer Hills townsfolk and various others to be revealed as the game moves forward.


    Name: We won’t require any fingerprints yet
    Age: Between 20 and 30, sorry for the limits
    Gender: If you have problems with this section, talk to a doctor
    History: A two paragraph account. Also, one thing I will require is a minor (or major) form of trauma in your characters life. This (as with age) is important to the plot so stay with me and be creative with it. I’ll let you know about what kinds of changes need to be made, if any
    Personality: Another two paragraph description of your characters character. How do they act and react, what makes them tick? See this thread for tips and help ~Character Questionnaire
    Appearance: A two paragraph description of your character on day one. Actually, there’s a good chance we won’t be changing clothes even though the plot is over a few days. So stick with a physical description and one outfit
    Other: Empty space, can be used for storage
    RPG Sample: Yes they’re back! I know I hate them too but just give me a quick taste of your RPGing powers. Tell me why your character is in Summer Hills. Are they passing through? Visiting a friend? Do they live there? Also, give them a reason to meet in the library. First posts will bring everyone together in the library and then we’ll go from there. Sterling Black is waiting…

    Skillfulness: Anastasia Kitson

    Vivian Bloom: Lauren Poltero

    Universe Chaser

    My Character, who will be thown into this situation, will also lead you all along.

    Name: Anastasia Kitson
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female

    History: Anastasia grew up with a mother and father who were missionaries for the church. Born in England, her parents brought her along on their trips and showed her the world, from every angle. She saw the poverty and pain as well as the glory and joy. And all this as a child! Her parents also spoon fed her the story of God and Christianity. Life was good up until their trip to Saudi Arabia.

    Anastasia was six and her parents were working to help build homes for the Saudis. Unfortunately, an extremist group of Muslims were enraged by their differing faith view and slaughtered the families there. Anastasia and one other young girl were taken as prizes and from there, life took a turn for the worse. The girls became slaves to neighboring families. Daily they were abused and given tough work for the enjoyment of their captors. Anastasia was stubborn, though, and would speak out, only to be beaten harder. Gradually, her resolve faded and she learned to silently obey.

    At the age of twelve, the other girl, now Anastasia’s close friend, devised a plan of escape for them. She had access to the right tools and both could run away to America. Unfortunately, they were found out in the middle of execution and only Anastasia escaped, leaving her only friend to be murdered the next day. Still, following out the plan, she was able to escape to California and find work here and there. She waited tables, cleaned dishes, babysat, and eventually made enough money get a car at eighteen.

    Anastasia slowly moved from state to state, finding she had a talent for music. She got schooling and soon taught music herself, and suddenly she was being called to Canada for not only her musical ability, but her background in faith. She had a fragile relationship with God, scarred from mistreatment in Saudi Arabia, but a good friend was encouraging her to go so she went, just as the storms hit Summer Hills.

    Personality: Anastasia is a shy woman. She isn’t keen on making many friends or being popular, but she also doesn’t enjoy being honest and vulnerable. The few friends she has are very close and their bonds are strong, but she has trouble trusting strangers. She’s also nervous around strangers and not big on smiling or having a good time. She’s only happy when she’s in her type of environment.

    What type would that be? Well, she prefers women to men and is intimidated by boldness. She likes calm and casual, unwilling to bring up serious or hurtful issues. Anastasia avoids negative topics, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. On the contrary, she has a genuine compassion for the oppressed or mistreated. She just doesn’t like to talk about it.

    Anastasia offers good advice for her friends’ problems and is very wise. She can make good decisions without batting any eyelash. Doing the right thing just comes naturally to her. Of course, she’s not above making mistakes. She’s a bit clumsy and detached from the social world. If she could, she would hole up and never deal with other people again. She was an innocent soul that was marred from the start.

    But perhaps it’s made her stronger. Anastasia is not easily offended or made angry. Sure she’s not always very affectionate, but she does care. She’s loyal and not prone to lying and hates herself for hurting others, accident or not. She doesn’t want to impart any amount of pain to others due to her past experiences. All in all, she’s kind and considerate but withdrawn and socially awkward.

    Appearance: Anastasia is around five and a half feet tall and weighs about one hundred and ten pounds. She has fair skin, nearly pale, and light freckles dot her cheeks and nose. Speaking of which, her nose is slightly larger and pointy than the average persons’. Her eyes are blue gray and are somewhat small, concealed in high cheekbones. She has hair that’s around shoulder length and wavy. She cuts if with lots of layers and often it looks a little messy. She has a few scars from her days in Saudi Arabia, namely along her back.

    Anastasia is currently wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, fit perfect to her legs. She has a pair of black flip flops, made from especially comfortable foam. Up top, she’s wearing a plain green V-neck with a cream cami underneath, for modesty. She also has a brown long-sleeved jacket with warm lighter brown lining and two deep pockets. Her only accessories are a golden cross necklace, dangling on her chest, and a small navy purse, holding girly things.

    Other: Anastasia’s encounter with the Saudi family was not a positive one and gave her some minor brain damage to her frontal lobe. At least she thinks so, but can’t quite remember her meeting with the doctor. Some things in her purse are a cell phone, lip chap, mints, a brush, and some money. She has never dated a guy (or girl) before. She’s very skilled in playing many instruments like the harp, piano, viola, trumpet, and nearly anything else she picks up.

    RPG Sample: “No no no no no no NO!” Anastasia mumbled at the car. Her little green beetle had never let her down before, but with rainy conditions, it was on its last leg. Something must have overheated the engine when she tried going after that last light. The traction was close to none and wind was forcing the car into traffic. Or lack thereof.

    Nearly the whole town was holed up in their homes for the coming storm. Since late afternoon, dark skies threatened with spurts of showers and high winds. Still, a few braved the empty streets. There were times when the weather let up and Anastasia was hoping for something like that to get her through. Pulling to the side and opening her car door, she exited into the gentle rain.

    Okay, while it’s peaceful now, call a cab or something… Her thoughts halted as she saw a pair of headlights coming her way. She stepped out into the road more and started waving her arms. The light grew brighter and she heard brakes being applied.

    “Hey! You know that there’re some real bad storms comin’, right?” a mand said from outside his cars window. Anastasia approached the driver’s side. She immediately saw his car was a tow truck and relief flooded her.

    “Yes yes I know. I only needed to get across town quickly, but my car’s not working right. Do you think you can tow it to the garage or something? Please?” She looked into his green eyes and knew he would say yes before he did. With a sigh, he pulled around and got to work.

    “You’ve got to be crazy- I’ve got to be crazy doin’ this. I’ll take you out to the garage but I can assure you no one’ll be workin’ on it till morning.” Anastasia frowned, but was willing to wait. This stroke of luck was good enough for her.

    “But if you want somewhere to wait, the library practically across the street.” Finishing his work, the man opened the side door for Anastasia to enter. Plopping in the passenger seat, she began managing her mess of hair.

    “I can’t thank you enough for your help. I think the library sounds like a good idea. What about you?”

    “Oh I’ll be fine. Name’s Greg by the way. I’ll make sure you’re good and safe before this storm tears through.” Anastasia blushed. She wasn’t good friends with many men, but his kindness was enough to make her feel uncomfortable, yet cared for. She continued talking with him until they made it to the garage. From there, she walked herself to the library to wait for the morning.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2011
  2. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    Sounds fun. Do you mind giving me a reserve?

    1) Will this play out like a murder-mystery? I haven't read Skin, so...
    2) How long do reserves last?
  3. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    You gotch yerself a reserve, it'll last three-ish days. I know what it's like with school and life so if you're running late, let me know. It will play out like a murder mystery with a bit of crazy plot twists and character development. Soo... yeah. I'll throw you hints and keep things moving but once it starts, you'll see it's not a normal murder mystery. I'll leave it at that ;)
  4. Universe Chaser

    Universe Chaser Trust me, I'm a cop.

    I'd love a reserve, too, please. SU will be up as soon as possible.
  5. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Sweet. Reserved. Good timing by the way, I was about to log out XD
  6. capitalh

    capitalh Well-Known Member

    like the idea. I'll reserve.
  7. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    Can I ascertain the year of these events? As in, when does this take place? I want to be as accurate as possible.
  8. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Current time. Begining of August this year specifically.
  9. Vivian_Bloom

    Vivian_Bloom Army Field Medic

    Name: Lauren Poltero

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    History: Born in Seattle, Washington, Lauren was raised by her mother in town until she was eight years old. Her mother, Carol worked at a nearby hospital as a Pediatrician. Lauren attended elementary school like the other children around her proved to be a promising child. Later in the spring, a powerful hurricane devastated the Pacific Coast. Dozens of homes, and businesses were destroyed along with the hospital Lauren’s mother worked. With no close family in the area and in need of a fresh start, they moved down south to L.A, California to try again.

    Middle and high school were trying experiences for Lauren and her mother. Lauren had then taken a strong fascination with kung-fu movies and serial action flicks starring the likes of Bruce Willis and Steven Segal. Excited by seeing what people could do, Lauren looked out to join the Mixed Martial Arts, and Boxing clubs that her school provided as a way of giving her something positive to focus on. Studious in school and a promising student, she would leave after school for Boxing practice where she then learned from her peers of an exciting new exercise called, Parkour. At first, her mother was pleased at the idea of her daughter getting into physical activities, but soon grew to worry about her study habits suffering.

    Late at night, Lauren would finish her work and sneak out with her mates from Boxing out into the streets and town rooftops for Parkour. It was new, addicting, and provided a strong challenge to push her body into new areas of strength. As she got older, nothing else mattered except her exercise. Her grades began to slip, and teachers marked her tardy for missing initial class periods while she was running around outside. As her senior ended, Lauren managed to graduate with an average GPA and was admitted to a college out in Virginia.

    Schoolwork in college proved to be a lot more intensive than she first assumed. Majoring in Physics, the new found freedom and responsibility took a hit on Lauren’s work as she just barely managed to keep up. In class, she learned that her Physics teacher Dr.Morrias, was hosting a vacation trip to Cancun in the coming Winter and was only taking his most promising students. In spite of her average grades, Laurens laziness was cast to the side as she wrote out a strong early draft of a thesis she planned to write for her second year in Mathematics.

    “You’ve been holding back on me Poltero,” said Dr.Morrias as he looked over the paper.
    “Mind telling me, exactly what it is that you’re resisting against?”

    Lauren was swiftly admitted to the trip, but assured by her teacher that going on this vacation would be good to expose her to new things and hopefully get her back on focus. When the students arrived at the hotel, rooms were booked, shots were taken, and wild hormonal urges of the skin were acted out freely. Lauren didn’t drink or smoke, but one night her good friend Chelsea urged her to attend a bonfire being held down at the beach with some students from her class.

    “You know the tide’s just going to wash it out,” Lauren pointed out from behind her book on Judo techniques.

    Upset at Lauren’s defense, she eventually dragged her down out to the fire outside with the others. Their conversation was loud, and uninhibited due to the mix of alcohol, tacos, and the idea of sensual company. As things started to get underway, a loud barrage of gun shots were head from behind in the hotel direction. People were flooding out of the buildings, screaming, and stepping over each other in fear. Lauren and her friends stood up to see groups of black trucks pull up on the streets and up the beach.

    From each of the trucks, a group of men wearing ski-masks, and Hawaiian style party shirts were running out carrying automatic weapons at their sides. Shouting in a language she couldn’t understand, Lauren watched in confusion as a man up on the street pointed down at their group and yelled an order to a nearby truck. Seconds later, deafening gunfire exploded around as the students around her were riddled with shells, blood falling on the sand. Lauren started to run towards the hotel, but stopped when she heard a frighteningly familiar shriek as she turned around.

    The look on her face was pure terror as she watched her mate, Chelsea, collapse like a doll in the water with a bullet wound leaking into the water. Lauren looked into Chelsea’s vacant eyes and grew a blank, tense look on her face.

    All over trucks of gunmen spilled onto the beach, rounding up shocked civilians, and mowing down those who resisted to much. Her teacher, Dr.Morrias was seen up by the hotel lobby front being lifted by two men into the back of a large van.


    Filled with anger, Lauren ran towards the gunmen, aiming over a kid bawling and spun him around. The man’s eyes grew wide with surprise as Lauren shoved the heel of her palm strongly into up the man’s nose, dropping him instantly. Blood spurted on her hands, she picked up the rifle and turned and kneeled down to the boy’s level stretching out her hand. Hands trembling, the boy wearing nothing but a dirty t-shirt and swim trunks took Lauren’s hand as she made her way back up.

    In a quick moment, Lauren felt a sharp bolt plow through her back as she dropped the rifle and looked down to see a gaping wound bleed from her chest.
    “It’s not fair”
    All went black.

    Personality: Lauren is a tense and cautious spirit. Not one to act stand offish to others, she makes a point to read and interpret other people’s quirks and demeanor. This type of analyzing helps guide her to know what things in a particular person she look avoid, and what they’re after. Helpful and considerate, in groups of strangers she wouldn’t be the first person to volunteer at new events. When the situation comes, Lauren’s belief of survival through bonding allows her to be active in engaging others in free small talk and innocent chat.

    Although she is protective of those she values, her self-less nature is the frequent cause of her hopping in and out of danger. With her personal well-being and body a fore-thought in the back of her mind, time and again Lauren has to be impatiently tended by others in situations that are more serious to endangering her life than she knows. Lauren represents a smart and welcoming shield to those who should need it. An opposing force only look to those she surrounds herself with as potential targets to disrupt her mind to throw her off balance.

    While in combat or high tense moments, Lauren thinks to use the environment around her resourcefully to stay a beat ahead of the enemy.

    “I throw the first punch”.

    This is Lauren’s philosophy in dealing with trouble that endangers her party and herself. To be sure unsure and alienated about what’s going on brings out a dreaded sense of worry and fear of not knowing how to act accordingly. A liability, she can’t have those around her carry.

    Appearance: A young woman with dark, curly brown hair that safeguards a small black butterfly tattoo across her neck. Lauren has green eyes and wears a black windbreaker jacket with two adjacent red lines going vertically on both sides by the zipper. Her white and red blazed tennis shoes cover up her sock-less feet below light colored khakis rolled up at the seams. When indoors or warm, her jacket is tied around her waist revealing a small dark green t-shirt underneath.

    Other: In Lauren’s jacket pocket she carries very few items on her at all times. A pack of Winter Fresh gum, silver switchblade, and her iPod. There is a watch that she keeps on her wrist that’s old and has stopped telling time.

    RPG Sample:

    Three Years Later.

    Lauren opened her eyes to welcome a blinding white light from a bulb above. She was dressed in a dark blue hospital gown, and lay atop what looked like a make-shift stretcher of planks and boards. Wherever she was, it wasn’t a hospital.

    Lauren woke in a brown, and dank room that smelled of urine and rats . A couple streams of light came through the sides of the left wall where a man dressed in a green doctor’s coat arrived. The man walked up close to Lauren’s bed and smiled, showing off his bright golden tooth which reflected against his glasses staring down at her. She was informed that she’d been in a coma for the past three years, and was now property of a rebellious militia group in Cuba working in human trafficking. Two heavy armed guards wearing red and white uniforms entered the room to greet the doctor.

    One of the guards carried a jacket and small pile of clothes for Lauren to wear and dropped them on the floor, indicating her to dress. Embarrassed in front of this strange group of men, Lauren in her new outfit was taken into a dark green SUV that was to be driven to a nearby airport. Not knowing how many days or years she’d been out for, she was told that she’d be dropped off eventually around South Dakota to meet with another connected militant group of the same party. Airport security didn’t do well for Lauren’s case as the gold-toothed doctor had produced very professional papers claiming her to be his minor child. Seeing her last possible hope for rescue, Lauren’s spirits cried for a possible release.

    Hustled into a strangely clean Toyota SUV, Lauren sat with a pair of more red/white guards to her side as she was driven off north towards the Dakotas. The man driving grew bored and took out a bottle of Vodka that started making its way around the vans into the hands of the guards. Distracted and lost of judgment, the driver began to swerve out of control, hitting signs, in and out of lanes. Lauren looked out the window and saw a blue sign up the road reading.


    The truck began to swerve more dangerously as it sped up towards a gar station a little ways from town. Lauren noticed that the driver and his mates were completely oblivious as to what was going to happen, so she braced herself by moving one of the guard bodies in front of her as protection, closing her eyes in fearful anticipation. They rammed through the mini-mart in the station and struck one of the pole fixtures holding up the roof. Moments later amidst the flying sparks and smoke, a bloodied shivering Lauren crawled through the door as the truck was now on its side. Coughing and walking with a sharp limp, she began to make her way towards the entrance to Summer Hills.

    The gasoline spilled from the truck back at the station and began to flow towards the sparks going off by the now collapsed roof. Lauren was right at the front of the town when she heard a loud explosion from behind. She closed her eyes for a moment to catch her breath.

    “Serves them right”

    As night continued on and the rain showed no signs of letting up, she saw a pale woman in flip flops make her way up into the library.

    “Someone, anyone will do”.

    Not risking any piercing questions from the police at the near stations, she resolved to try her luck at the library with this woman. With nothing but her black jacket, shorts, tennis shoes, and the accessories in her pockets she hurriedly made her way in front of the library with a hand on the front door. Seeing no one following behind her or around, she whispered to herself before entering with a grin.

    “Terra firma” [solid Earth]
  10. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Vivian Bloom: I very much like you sign-up, clever little history there, but I did ask for a two paragraph description. Just expand a bit more on her apperance, otherwise, great job! For now, pending.

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