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Double Battle Team Rate and Help Needed

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by bloodnmetal, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. bloodnmetal

    bloodnmetal Active Member

    I'd like some insight on the DB team I'm trying to assemble. So far I've got the following pokes that I use for regular 1 on 1 battles:

    1. T-tar - Adamant
    (Dragon Dance / Crunch / Earthquake / Low Kick)
    2. Infernape - Naive
    (Overheat / Close Combat / Grass Knot (inclined to switch for U-Turn) / Stone Edge)
    3. Gliscor - Jolly
    (Substitute / Toxic / Earthquake / Protect (or Ice Fang)
    4. Togekiss
    (Body Slam / Air Slash / Aura Sphere / Roost (or Nasty Plot)
    5. Garchomp - Jolly
    (Swords Dance / Earthquake / Outrage / Stone Edge (or Substitute)
    6. Heatran
    (Fire Blast / Earth Power / Will-O-Wisp / HP Grass)

    7. Gengar - Timid
    (Substitute / Disable / Shadow Ball / HP Ice (suggestions? just leave Focus Blast out, I find it too unreliable...)
    8. Conkeldurr - Adamant
    (Drain Punch / Bulk Up / Mach Punch / Payback)
    9. Metagross - Adamant
    (Meteor Mash / Earthquake / Bullet Punch (or Agillity) / Hammer Arm (or Ice punch / Zen Headbutt)

    I've left the EVs out coz' I already have them set for 1 on 1 (Not really feeling like retraining them...) and the items are also preaty much straightforward, but if you find that ANY of them need a specific EV or (unusual) item for the DB, please let me know!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. [​IMG]

    Sorry, but you're missing many details required for RMTs. See Rule #3 for more details.
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