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Double-Time Battle Training! (623)


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Double Battle! Mamoswine & Cyndaquil!

In the next town, Ash & Co. arrived just in time to see Zoey win a Pokémon Contest and gain her fifth ribbon. Meeting with the Snowpoint City Gym Leader, Candice, Dawn decides to start training her Pokémon for the next contest. In her training, she decides to have a double battle against her rival, Zoey. Who will win?

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- The episode starts with Zoey having her contest battle & is in the final round against a trainer who is using a 'Shuckle' (Zoey is using her 'Glameow').
- Candice is shown in the audience & is cheering for her & Ash and co arrive there & meet her.
- Zoey wins her battle & wins the ribbon. Next they have a celebrating party during. At night Dawn is practicing for her appeals.
- There is also an interview of Paul shown on TV it seems in front of a pokemon center or gym (can't really say) the next day (though i am not sure but it seems that he had won his 8th gym badge).
- Then we have a the practice session of Dawn & her Team for the combination (with many failures initially before perfection).
- There seems to be a short battle in which Zoey's Leafeon & Kirlia defeated Dawn's Mamoswine & Cyndaquil.
- Jessie is shown to be observing all this things (while hiding).
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I think you have a mistake.. it's Zoey not Joey.
And we know that Paul got his 8th badge.
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I think you have a mistake.. it's Zoey not Joey.
Thanks for pointing that out (i had a feeling that i was making a mistake there when i was posting it).
And we know that Paul got his 8th badge.
Wait, was it previously stated in some place that he had won his 8th badge because if its true i seemed to have missed it.

Also there goes my theory of a double battle for the 8th gym match between "Ash & Paul" Vs "Volkner & Flint".
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We don't know which gym it was. i guess this is Sunyshore's gym.


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We don't know which gym it was. i guess this is Sunyshore's gym.

Why would Sunyshore's gym look exactly like Canalave's Gym?

When I saw the gym I was like "Wait isn't that Canalave's Gym, what's he doing there?" I guess he is doing the gyms in no particular order.

And we can also forget about Paul challenging Volkner or anything involving that either he did prior to this episode, or he challenged an anime only gym. Well there's hope for a Barry storyline,

Love Wobbuffet countering Yanmega's silver wind causing Team Rocket to blast off.


I got a real good look of the background, and really, it looks exactly like Canalave's Gym. Unless Sunyshore's coincidentally has a similar-looking front (which I doubt since all the Gyms look pretty distinct from one another).


Well, you are right. this is really looks like Canalave gym.
So now both Zoey and Paul have 5 ribbons and 8 badges ha? Ash and Dawn really should get some too.


<-- so adorable ^_^
Also there goes my theory of a double battle for the 8th gym match between "Ash & Paul" Vs "Volkner & Flint".

and so begins Ash & Gary vs. Volkner & Flint theory (i hope it isn't going to be Barry as much as I love him)

i am glad Zoey won her last ribbon.. i wouldn't want the writers doing anything crazy like showing Zoey and Dawn battle for their 5 ribbon in the last contest in Sinnoh.
it also gives us more expectation for Dawn to win in the next contest right?


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What did Paul say in the interview and did ash get fired up or anything. It makes more sense the writers seem to want to surprise Paul with gible. I hope if it is a double battle at sunnyshore its gary/ash now not barry. ( Just realized something didn't someone say paul was going to appear in the next few episodes from the clip show well he did today)
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Just watched the episode. It was alright. It was interesting to see Dawn experiment with her plush toy's Aka Piplup, Pachirisu, and Cyndaquil on who would perform with Mamoswine. Leafeon and Kirlia had A minute in the episode and defeated Mamoswine and Cyndaquil rather easily. Jessie loses another contest that Zoey win's. Mabye she should have James win her other two. Over all it was A decent training episode. Zoey and Paul both are finished with there badges and ribbons meaning Ash and Dawn must work harder. I do hope Dawn get's to have one more practice with Mamoswine and Cyndaquil because neither of them are ready for the next contest yet.


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I liked what Pachirisu and Mamoswine did. That looked pretty cool. Maybe if she would incorporate some Sweet Kiss action (wow that all sounds loaded), it'll look good.

Anime-Leafeon looks terrible. No wonder they waited so long to debut it.

Oh yah, what makes Zoey so special that she gets to take the mike? What did she say to Candice? Sweet nothings? ;)


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so... zoey has Leafeon & Kirlia???? UGGGGHHHHHH stupid but looks likea good one by the sounds of it..


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So, Paul has 8 badges, but he got his 8th from Canalave? When did he go to Sunyshore?