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Double-Time Battle Training! (623)


It was great. I liked the fact that we got a Contest at the beginning of the episode as opposed to the end of one.

I liked that Paul was in Canalave City (apparently) and I loved the Fire/Ice combo going on with Cyndaquil and Mamoswine.

A 9/10
Was the dawnVS zoey battle long or short like other battels?


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I have to say i enjoyed this episode throughly....one of the best in quite a while

The fact that Zoey and Paul were revealed to get their 5th ribbon and 8th badge respectively was something spectacular....i loved the kirlia and leafeon bit as well

Great to see all of Dawns pokemon as well

And as for wobbufett and is that mirror coat again....priceles....looks jessilina might be dawns rival for the 5th contest too


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My only complaints:

- Mamoswine and Cyndaquil being KOed by one attack? Isn't this the same Cyndaquil that took like 5 super effective hits from a Croconaw?

- Zoey won here 5th ribbon with Glameow, again. Couldn't Kirlia, Leafeon, Misdrevus, Finneon, or Gastrodon have just as easily taken it's place? That magazine scan spoiled Shellos's evolution so I was expecting Gastrodon to win the contest.


I didn't like the fact that Mamoswine and Cyndaquil got knocked out easily either.

It was terrible to watch them (at least Mamoswine) getting beaten by Kirlia and Leafeon.


Another post for the "reviewing/commenting on an episode almost a week late" pile!

-Shuckle! Pity this isn't going to be as zany of an ep as the only Shuckle episode ever back in Johto.
-Oh hey, Zoey's doing things.
-Dawn is apparently angry that they're late getting into the audience.
-CANDICE FROM NOWHERE. Quick, shove S.Suikun back into his Candice Decontamination Room! (aka "the basement closet")
-Pretty Princess seems confident that her Shuckle's going to win. BUT SHE IS GOING TO BE WRONG.
-I distinctly remember Shadow Claw not turning into a projectile attack in the past. Oh well, moves are never consistant in this show.
-And so, Zoey wins a ribbon in her blue terrible outfit. it's so baggy for an anime outfit
-Zoey makes a thank-you speak for Candice. Aww.
-Dawn asks the perfectly valid question of "is it really alright for you not to be at Snowpoint gym, Candice?" (at least she's asking something with the words "Candice", "Snowpoint gym", and "alright" in it. Hell if I know that much Japanese, but I can fill in the blanks, dammit!) Candice seems to think it's fine, but something about her responce surprises Our Heroes.
-Why yes Candice, victory parties are ALWAYS a good idea! Especially when they start off with CGI party poppers!
-Everyone is going to leave this party with diabetes.
-Or maybe he just burnt his tongue.
-Apparently pastries with a super hot filling are a Snowpoint specialty.
-Ash either ate so much that his stomach got bigger or else he's pregnant. I'm leaning towards the male pregnancy option, because that makes more sense than Ash being a glutton.
-Zoey goes into the guys' room. Where the hell is Dawn?
-Zoey has the same question I do!
-Oh, she's training. Of course.
-Aw, Buneary and Pachirisu think they'll get to do something for a change. How adorable.
-PAUL IS ON TV! And his interviewer said something about the Shinou League!
-Cyndaquil looks so goddamned out of place in Dawn's team. It's so...Johto. When everything else isn't.
-Candice still doesn't care that she abandoned her gym. She's too busy being excited by Dawn and Zoey's rivalry!
-Haha, Piplup got frozen solid by Mamoswine.
-Oh god, they're going to use Cyndaquil because its back fire means it won't get frozen by Mamoswine, aren't they?
-Candice, despite not being related to contests in any form other than her friendship with Zoey, is really effing good at this "appeals" thing.
-You know, I like Piplup, no matter what all of SPPf seems to think of it Mostly when the writers remember to let its proud side show, since that's always hilarious. It's so angry that Dawn's not giving it a chance in her practice appeal with Mamoswine!
-Dawn starts by imitating Candice's appeal, but makes it cooler by adding LIGHTNING! Too bad Pachirisu is too much of a pansy to go through with the rest of the appeal.
-And now Pachirisu got crushed under a bunch of ice. Yay!
-Cyndaquil is PSYCHED to do something for the first time since it was caught way back in September!
-Dawn doubts that Cyndaquil would be useful in combination with an Ice type because...they're DIFFERENT, dammit!
-Hey, remember the stupid cold-on-the-outside, hot-on-the-inside pastry we wasted 3 minutes on near the beginning of the ep? Yep, Dawn got an idea from that. And from Zoey combining Ground and Electric attacks at some earlier ep.
-Zoey gets challenged to a double battle!
-Zoey sends out Leafeon(great, another goddamned why-do-we-keep-getting-these-things, they're-not-original-at-all, I-hate-everyone-who-wants-even-MORE-of-them, Eevee evo. Just what the doctor ordered to get me to take those 4 bottles of sleeping pills.) and Kirlia(awesome, a Pokemon we've barely seen until now!)
-Cyndaquil does a flame wheel within the Ring of Icy Death that Mamoswine creates, which makes it steam, and then...rain! I'm loving all the cartoony "oh god what have I gotten myself into" expressions in this episode, by the way.
-Dawn decides to get past this problem by thinking REALLY HARD about hot-on-the-inside pastries(not THAT way, you sick, sick, sick pervert!)
-I'll admit it, seeing a small anteater spinning in place, on fire, in the middle of a block of ice is really cool.
-Wait, that's not just a block of ice. IT'S AN ICE TANK.
-Until Cyndaquil breaks it.
-Zoey is bored of Dawn's failure, and ARs the anime to OHKO both of Dawn's Pokemon.
-Jessie is really happy about all that for some reason.
-Well, having Wobbuffet bounce off Yanmega's Razor Wind was a good idea in theory...
-And the ep ends with everyone being really pumped up(Dawn about winning her ribbon, Ash about...his next badge, I guess?, and Candice about rivalries)

Only one question remains after all this. Did Candice ever bother to go back to the gym she carelessly abandoned? (on the bright side, this explains any time Ash got to a Gym and the Leader wasn't there. They were off on the other side of the continent watching a friend do something and not giving a crap about the gym.)


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Omg I really do hope the dawn masters the double combination as it would help so much

.... leafeon and kirilia <3

Gardevoir i hope -.- hate gallade
we shall wait and see


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-Is it just me or is Ash & Dawn starting to argue a little more often now?
-How random that Candice appears!
-Zoey wins her 5th ribbon!
-Hey this is the 2nd contest we know off that Dawn hasn't competed in!
-Nice to see that Ash isn't taking Gliscor's departure too hard.
-Mamoswine and Cyndaquil did ok.
-That's all I guess.
-Oh wait there's goes Jessie feeling inspired.
-Yanmega uses Silver Wind and Wobbufet uses Mirror Coat and they end up blasting off again.


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This was a great episode. Flame-Ice is a great and interesting combination. I was hoping for Pachirisu & Mamoswine to be used, but one day they will be used together....... My only complaint is Brusslesprout Town. Like, really? Daybreak Town is better since in Japan that contest is Asatsuki Town(like Akatsuki from Naruto) and Akatsuki means Dawn or Daybreak. Dawn is the main girl entering the Daybreak Town to hopefully get her fifth Sinnoh Ribbon.


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not bad.. was an ok episode. liked the news on sinnoh now where paul was interviews on him getting his 8th badge

the ice fire combo looked good.

nice to have an episode where team rocket does not but in.


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This was a pretty great episode!

Of course at the beginning, Ash and Dawn argue about not getting there on time for Zoey's last contest. And then we just happen to see Candice right next to them. Surprising, but since this is Zoey's chance to get her 5th and Final ribbon, and how they're close friends, Im not surprised then. :p

But actually, Im glad to see Zoey won her 5th ribbon still. Now shes off for the Grand Festival!

Candice is so happy, she threw a party for her. :p Kinda made me baffel during that dinner party, where Ash said that that Tamato treat was hot but also cold, but what Candice explained about it made sense I guess. xp Might be hinting out something. :O

Meanwhile, the next morning, apparently Paul has got all 8 badges, and is ready for the league. Oh boy, looks like he means business. Cmon Ash, just one more for you. xp

Onwards, we get to Dawn's training before the Daybreak Contest. When Mamoswine froze Piplup, made me kinda chuckle, Im so horrible. xp But I thought that was a small hint for Dawn's new technique. ;p

Then seeing Candice giving out an idea to work out that Ice Shard, along with her Abomasnow, it looks pretty cool. Trying to do so, this time with Mamoswine and Pachirisu, didnt work out so well. I felt a bit bad that Pachirisu got piled up with all the small ice shards in the end when it couldnt get out of the Ice cycle all around it.

Then trying out with Mamoswine and Cynadquil, after thinking about the Tamato treats from before, I think Dawn has got it. Fire and Ice this way looks more promising. And now, battle with Zoey, with her new Pokemon! Kirlia and Leafeon. :eek: Leafeon looks pretty sweet in the anime.

After a few tries, Dawn got a good result, Flaming Ice. It was definitely a pretty combo, but shame it didn't last so long. Letting Zoey win this battle once again.

Oh well, it was still a great discovery over the new combo. And it was all a great episode! Cant wait to see the next episode, and later on the Daybreak Contest, from all this excitement and planning.


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This was a pretty good episode and the first one I've ever watched raw in japanese, I also watched the dub this morning. I like Dawn's Mamoswine and Cyndaquil strategy and I think it will be great when she masters it. And like others have said, I didn't like the fact they both got taken out so easily by Zoey's Kirlia and Leafeon either.


A fire/ice combo is unheard of, but it almost worked. I can understand why people rarely go to Snowpoint City because it's located at the coldest region of Sinnoh, and others from warmer regions will question why those people ever decided to build a city there. Another face palm moment is when they showed Kirlia's data even though they already did that in Hunter J's first episode.

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This episode was good. Spicy ice cream bars sound very odd to me. It was cool to see a Leafeon in the show. Dawn's "flame ice" technique was awesome. It was hilarious to see Team Rocket get blasted off by Wobbuffet.


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And yet, Candice says people rarely comes to her Gym, but we'll still see a LOT of people competing in the League. Oh yeah, forgot that there is possibly more than 8 gyms in Sinnoh, like Barry's one badge that doesnt exist in the games. Poor Candice though. D:
It was simply remarkable to witness such a fiery and ice combination. It was nice to see the cool hot blooded Candice again and also seeing Leafeon for the first time. I also heard the background theme for route 26 during Dawn's practice performance.


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It was a good episode. We get to see Candice again and a new contest technique. It's a good techinque so far, I wonder if it will be ready for the next contest.


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To be honest I haven't made up my mind yet what to think of this episode.
On the one hand I've always wanted to see episodes in which our heroes actually train their Pokemon or come up with new ideas at least.And in the early days of Pokemon I was constantly complaining about the lack thereof. So, great to have plenty of those episodes in the Sinnoh saga finally! Now, if Dawn can invent new names for combinations, so can I and thus I'd like to call this kind of episode "strategical episode" (not filler). We definitely need more of them, so Sinnoh, keep it up!
On the other hand, the physics and logic in this episode was partly horrible! As a skilled observer and great fan of the Pokemon battles, I'm used to scrutinize every episode. Therefore I concur with Sleet wholeheartedly when he/she said:
-Somewhere, a physics professor is crying. And, if there were such a thing, a move namer is too. "Flame ice?" Really?
I have to say "flame ice" is the dumbest contest move I've yet to see. Even considering how over-the-top impossible it is, since that's pretty much the norm at this point, it looks silly and I can't even think how something that slow is expected to hit anything.

Firstly, how is it possible that pieces of ice which were at least as big and heavy as hailstones can swirl around for such a long time as if they were light snowflakes?
Secondly, how can an Ice Shard crashing into that swirling "cloud of hailstones" create an explosion which finally creates an iceberg-like something?
Thirdly and lastly, how come Cyndaquil can spin inside that iceberg? Sure, Flamewheel must have created some kind of hollow space inside the ice that made it possible for Cyndaquil to spin around, but even under the influence of fire, ice doesn't usually melt THAT quickly.

All in all, the idea of featuring an actually creative training session of our heroes was just great. Unfortunately, this great idea was ruined by the writers themselves who included battles strategies and ideas that defied all physics. So my résumé is half :) and half :mad:

5.5/ 6 put of 10 points