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Double-Time Battle Training! (623)


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Nice episode. Thought that fire / ice combo looked awesome. Should be a winner for Dawn come the Grand Contest.

Though, having come into DP at the very beginning and then to have come back in the last fifteen or twenty episodes I didn't have a clue who Zoey was - but come on, she sounds like a guy... That irked me [but not as much as my first [and probably last] animé hearing of Gliscor in the precious episode, admittedly].


- What? We're at a "gouge-your-eyes" fest already? Where the @#%$ is Dawn?!!
- Apparently, this is actually not the kind that Dawn is planning to participate in, so for this one, she is merely spectating.
- However, Zoey is in this contest, & in the finals, she is facing off against a Shuckle. You know, the Rock/Bug hybrid that's slower than molasses in January & is able to turn any berry into juice. You don't know?! Well of course you don't, seeing as how you people are all %$@#ing Dukes & Duchesses of Amnesia!
- Zoey's Glameow managed to blow that thing away like it's no thing to them, thus netting her the win. Thus, my opinion about Shuckle still stands; it is still a piece of &#$%, & whoever catches these things & use them in their endeavors have an IQ in the negatives.
- What's even more shocking is that this is Zoey's fifth & final win, so now she's qualified to participate in the "Razzle Dazzle" festival! Uh oh...
- The other something that's of interest is that Candice is here with her as well. Doesn't she have a gym to look over?? Well... turns out that she doesn't give a horse's %@$ about it anymore, seeing as how most everybody in Sinnoh is a cold-blooded lizard(wo)man; if they set foot on even the "outskirts" of Snowpoint, they will instantly get Frostbite, even if they have the proper winter attire.
- To celebrate Zoey's victory, Candice is holding a feast of sweet treats, & the whole gang is invited to this as well. So, everyone eats until they are in a sugar coma. "However..." I will argue with Juputoru over one detail: This is not enough to give them all Diabetes! In order to get Type 2 Diabetes, you'd have to eat this stuff non-stop for an extended period of time, & for this, I'm talking about years.
- What the hell is going on with Ash? Did he bite into something that's practically a blazing inferno?
- Turns out that I'm spot on; the treat that he was eating in particular happens to have a Tamato Berry jelly filling inside this Ice Cream delectable, which Candice claims that it's a Snowpoint specialty.
- Next day!! Dawn is up & about training her Pokemon for her next "gouge-your-eyes" fest. Here's the twist, though: it's supposed to be a double contest. That most definitely complicates things...
- Unhindered by this fact, Dawn continues on using Mamoswine & Piplup. Whatever idea she came up with, we'll never know; as Mamoswine used her Ice Shard, it wound up engulfing Piplup in a case of ice. Friendly fire, goddammit!!!
- Candice decides to step in with her Abomasnow to help. She has Abomasnow use her Ice shard, then has her break it up, & then has her blow it in circles around her, thus creating a huge spectacle that's "gouge-your-eyes" worthy.
- With this, Dawn decides to replace Piplup with Pachirisu. She followed her instructions to a T, but there's another problem: Pachirisu doesn't know what to do afterward. Thus, the end result is that Pachirisu ends up getting buried in a pile of ice cubes. At this point, I'm doing everything I can to not laugh like Aku at Dawn & her feeble attempts.
- Then, Candice gives her some more help: sometimes, the things that aren't supposed to go together, end up mixing well.
- With that in mind, she decides to use Cyndaquil, but as soon as the Ice Shard cubes get blown her way, the ice melts & makes her life miserable.
- In a desperate gambit, Dawn asks Zoey for a double fight, in which she obliges with her Kirlia & Leafeon.
- They try again, but this time right after the icy glitter surrounds Cyndaquil, Mamoswine uses another Ice Shard, with drastic results: it ends up encasing Cyndaquil in a shell of ice, thus making a wonderful spectacle of fire & ice. Now, who said that fire & ice don't go well with each other, hmm?
- Cyndaquil uses Flame Wheel & goes after Zoey's team, but right before making contact, the shell melts, thus weakening Cyndaquil's attack, in which they dodge.
- Leafeon & Kirlia both use Magical Leaf, which surrounds Dawn's team, & Kirlia uses Psychic to send them flying towards them at full force. The result? They both get instagibbed.
- During all this time, TR is silently observing them, Jessie in particular. However, they can't intercept the gang, seeing as to how Jessie would like to improve her chances of getting into the "Razzle Dazzle" Festival herself.
- So in preparation for the contest, she uses both Yanmega & Wobbuffet. Yanmega uses Silver Wind, Wobbuffet uses Mirror Coat, & what happens afterward is some more friendly fire that sends them off into god-knows-where.

My take on Dawn's "Fire & Ice" spectacle:
- Probability to gouge someone's eyes out, A.K.A. the style: Thumbs up!
- War-zone Potency: Thumbs down!
- Execution: meh...

So basically, she needs to polish that thing up a bit in order to have that net her a win for her. Speaking of which, Dawn has now fallen behind Zoey. Since she's pulling through loss after loss after bitter friggin' loss, she needs to get her act together if she plans on catching up with her, & I do find that sad...
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Good episode i liked it. Great to see Candice again and Zoey got her 5th ribbon as well
The bars looked good and I agree somethings dont work but sometime they do. I like the idea oif Dawns new move as well but I laughed at piplup getting trapped in the ice though
I thought jessie thought of a new move but it was also funny to see them getting blasted off by Wobberfet though
Interesting how Candice was able to give such good advice for Dawn's contest practice, considering the fact that she is the gym leader while Zoey is the coordinator. Still, it seems like she had already had plenty of practice with that Ice Shard-cyclone trick.
I also found it neat how Mamoswine was able to break the Ice Shard with its tusk and still propell it forward towards Pachirisu/Cyndaquil.
Anime-Leafeon looks terrible. No wonder they waited so long to debut it.

I think Leafeon looks fine.
And, this is it's debut in the show? I kept thinking thinking that I saw it at least one other time in the show...

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Paul sure has earned all 8 badges in a short time... Hope Ash soon catches up


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Good episode, love Dawn's Fire-Ice combination - it was really pretty and should be a winner for her at her next contest. Nice to see Candice again, gotta love her Kee-Eye ;D Seeing Zoey again was also fun.


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This episode was good. It was great to see Leafeon for the 1st time. It was cool to see Kirlia again. It was cool to find out that Zoey had won her 5th ribbon already. The practice double battle between Mamoswine and Cyndaquil vs Leafeon and Kirlia was very cool. It was interesting to find out that Paul had already won his 8th badge. Mamoswine and Cyndaquil went down very easily. The Fire-Ice combo looks really cool.



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Ah, seriously Ash, when are you ever going to learn, DO NOT eat the tamato berries! LOL I don't have a lot to say about this episode, but I like that they introduce the new contest move here for Dawn with her pokemon getting encased but not frozen in ice. I like the crystal chandelier better that was introduced the following season, but both were definitely impressive combinations. :)



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This episode was good, it's cool to see Snowpoint City's gym leader Candice in this episode. Zoey and Dawn training together was good as well, Dawn's fire-Ice combo move was great.
I liked the part where Mamoswine broke the Ice Shard with it's tusk and propell it forward towards Pachirisu and Cyndaquil, Piplup getting frozen by Mamoswine was funny.
Too bad Dawn lost the battle, but at least she got good training for her 5th contest.
I think putting Team Rocket in this episode was unnecessary, all they did was hiding behind bushes and getting blasted off.


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I liked this episode alot. I like that Candice returned and that Zoey thanked her after her win. After watching XY I forgot that rivals actually do get to win onscreen its just Serena's who didn't.

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I liked seeing Zoey win another ribbon, plus Candice showing up again was wonderful as well. I liked when Piplup got frozen by Mamoswine's attack ha ha, plus Cyndaquil and Mamoswine's combo was cool.


uggh again zoey shows off her unbeatable uberness. She's almost as much a sue as Soledad.

Otherwise 9/10

Nozomi coming back owning a Leafia out of the blue ticked me off more than her Contest win here, frankly. Each time Nozomi appeared in Shinou, she'd have a new Pokemon. It was incredibly unreal and too convenient.
Spicy ice cream sounds very odd to me, but whatever lol. It was cool to see a Leafeon in the show for once & Dawn's "flame ice" idea was awesome. It was hilarious to see Team Rocket get blasted off by Wobbuffet.~

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Nozomi coming back owning a Leafia out of the blue ticked me off more than her Contest win here, frankly. Each time Nozomi appeared in Shinou, she'd have a new Pokemon. It was incredibly unreal and too convenient.

When I watched Dp before this episode, I figured that Dawn would've gotten a Leafeon as a counterpart to May's Glaceon. However Zoey getting one was ok with me cuz she still had an incomplete team before this episode aired, so she needed new Pokemon.
Am I the only one who felt that the spicy ice cream thing felt forced? It was done to inspire Dawn's chandelier appeal move of course, but it seemed too on-the-nose.


Am I the only one who felt that the spicy ice cream thing felt forced? It was done to inspire Dawn's chandelier appeal move of course, but it seemed too on-the-nose.

It might've felt as if Hikari's inspiration for that combination move involving Manmoo and Hinoarashi was convenient, but at least the dessert scene gave us a hint of what was to come. Honestly, I prefer seeing subtle foreshadowing like that instead of watching characters come up with new concepts on the spot.