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Down to the Fiery Finish (934)


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Well that's his highesh finish ever so well I'm happy and pissed off at the same time but nonetheless what was the rest of the episode about?


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I dont know what's more disappointing: the fact that Ash lost or the fact that the ending to the battle was very anticlimactic for all the buildup it had.

I'm depressed. This was goofy


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Ash lost.


Got up at fricking 5:50 AM for this, just to see Ash get defeated by a Gary Sue...

Ah well, at least the battle was good. Plus, now that crazy guy form the other thread has to give us all $20. :p


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Glad to see Alain will make it out of this series absolved of all sins by helping in the TF climax and even gets away with a league title under his belt. What an amazing character.

Look forward to the Gary Stu arguments that have literally no opponent now lol


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The only thing I can officially say is that I called Ash having the numbers game a negative for him


I haven't watched pokemon since early Hoenn / played a game properly since gen 3, but had to come back to see if Ash would finally win a league.

I don't get why the people watching this show waiting for Ash to win something are still watching. There's no sense, logic or consistency behind any of the decisions made by the writers mainly because it's a kid's show and they're more than likely restrained in what they can do with it. Let's be honest, the guy's now got at least 6 years of training experience behind him in show. If he pulled out his best pokemon he'd stomp the likes of Alain. Anyway, I'll probably check back in 6 years when I'm 30 and see if Ash can get something together then.

Ominous Wind

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Dude, Alain's Charizard is insane. It took way more damage than Greninja and still won. What will it take to bring it completely down?


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Well that sucked. Goodra drops dead without doing anything and Greninja barely fazed Charizard. **** you status quo.

Mr. Reloaded

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If Ash was never meant to win why give him this super special Greninja forme and not just Mega Greninja and call it quits?!

I legitimately do not understand this league, they tried to build something big up but ultimately copped out.

Absolutely disappointing...


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Ok, it really sucks that he lost, but he has never been runner-up in a league before. Let's be reasonable.

He did a great job. He fell for one tiny little bit of power.

I'm ok with it, althought i'd prefer to have the stadium attacked before the battle was over hahah


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Well... that was a let down. Now I just feel silly for trying to have hope for Ash.

At least the Team Flare arc is looking great.


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Well ****.


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I need a mountain full of salt RIGHT NOW!

Nonetheless, team Flare arc begins...and Ash has gotten to the final for the first time sooo.....character's progression? Yay?


Don't ever count on it, he will never win, the writers just made that very clear.

It was his first time ever reaching the finals, and without reserves.

If Sun&Moon brings back reserves and is like DP 2.0, then maybe he'll win it all.

I think a tie would have been way more appropriate, but it just sucks because we have to wait through another 3-4 years until S&M end-game happens.


"Ultimate Team" Tapu Koko.


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Yep, preview was just shown. Ash and Alain team up to fight against Team Flare.

At least we'll get to see how Greninja factors in the prophecy. They didn't win the League, but they still get to be the saviors of Kalos.

but diantha stepped down from champ and alan is next champ
what need to said now?
trial? another ******** from orange league? cmon!!
i never trust ash gonna win champ until he captured a legendary pokemon now!


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Well I think i'm finally done with pokemon. I only watched the gym and league episodes anyway, and now that I know he will never win, no need to continue watching.

****ing writers.