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Down to the Fiery Finish (934)


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They could have kept everything else the same but with Hypezard falling down instead and it would have been fine. Alain confirmed for Stu.

This has really brought my enthusiasm down, I was enjoying the show so much too.


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They managed it, I've been watching this for 18 years and I can officially say that I'm done with this anime, I tolerated Jotho's fillers, I tolerated Tobias, I tolerated and watched EVERY SINGLE episode of BW and hoped for something better in XY and they managed to ruin what was at least somewhat enjoyable despite it's MANY flaws, how pathetic.


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Furfrou guy is basically a surrogate for the audience. Put his faith in Ash, only for Ash to let him down.

He should has putted his faith on Alain instead LOL

So...anyone who is still hyping for S&M and TF...? Only me? Ok...


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do u know how long we waited that for wining?
20 years!!
20 years u know!!
its as same as my age, while i started loves pokemon when i was 9 years old

i really hate the storyline
I'd made more bad*** if I were the storyline

**** that

i really hate ash now!!

hope serena come to alola with him (but i never expect anymore. I know well now how game freak's pattern to made this anime . girl kept on region and ash start from zero again . TYPICAL!!)

Why you hate Ash? He is a fictional character.
My heart stopped at the standstill portion, and when MCX fell a bit, **** Its hard to type after watching that. I needed to put my face against a pillow and think for a while. Don't even want to go on the forums and watch feelsbadman. I closed the window immediately. All the hype down the drain, but I guess I'll watch what happens during the team Flare arc and 1 hr special that probably entails Ash and Greninja saving the world. Coherent writing is difficult for me.


Careful? Where's the fun in that?
TBH I would've preferred for either Noivern or Goodra to take one of those wins.

Side note- I love how there's like, 1,000 on the sub-forum right now.
I'm a huge Pikachu fan and even I agree that Goodra and Noivern should have gotta one win at the expense of Pikachu getting 2


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Well then bye gyms. You were awesome, especially in XY and DP, but we may never see you again. And bye leagues. You never let Ash win once but I enjoyed them despite them having flaws.

Also RIP my interest to S&M anime. I may watch it but Ash doing those trials to build up his own league without even winning the league once is very lame. And I am not interested in an OS 3.0 with trials and less battles.


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Start of the thread: Ash is totally going to win, there is no way he could lose because there is no league in Alola. This battle is amazing!!

Right now: i knew he was going to lose, this battle was a piece of thrash, i'm done with this show

I'm loving it haha


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I'd like to believe the real purpose with Ash-Greninja will be during the Team Flare arc, because it seems there was no meaning for him for just the league.


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You know, if you don't want Ash to win writers, that's perfectly fine.

But why sacrifice the narrative, story, character development and all of the bloody arcs in the process. Because of this battle, Goodra was a fall guy who barely did anything in the league, Ash-Greninja officially has had any development completely ruined because all of that training is undermined as we only got to see two full battles in the league. The furfrou guy from the first episode of the league is officially useless because Ash lost, and to add insult to injury, this sends out the message, you can win if you have power. Screw trust, hard work and dedication, let's win the gym badges in barely any time and beat all the peasants to get to Ash.

And the battle itself was anti-climactic. But there was always a doubt in my mind from the moment they showed off the Rasen-shuriken finisher in the previews that he'd lose. Why show off a finisher if it wins, takes away tension.

I genuinely hope the writers see the backlash and understand that Ash can still grow while winning a league. Because it's Ash, he'll always keep moving to a new region simply because of new pokemon, no titles are going to stop him.


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Th ONLY way they could have redeemed this league was if he won. But these people are so deluded that they can't even get over their petty phobia of letting him win a league after 20 years. This just shows how much they actually respect the viewers. The rating for this show were already pretty bad, lets hope they go down the drain much further after this. They could not even give us a TIE.


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Still better than DP.

Well, I hope the writers get backlash for this. I really hope they get it hard. The battle was decent but making Greninja lose like that really deserves a lot of hate mail and rage directed at the writing department.


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I feel like Tobias was better than this leagues ending over all, at least he freakin wanted to be in the league and be a Pokemon Master unlike Alan who just entered for the Hell of it. Way to screw Pokemon Masters over Alan, mins as well enter in it too James of Team Rocket, cuz why not? You have as much chance as Alan to win, it seems every one not named Adh can win the stupid thing.

Worst league episode, I don't know which league is worse this one or BW. Oh wait, at least BW league actually focused on the main character even with the stupid stupid ending. It's like the Anime team don't even give a flying F any more about the leagues after D/P. Why the F put that kind of mis leading title?! Troll ish move writers troll ish move, worse than the date episode.

I'm curious why Team Flare need Ash? Due to Ash - Greinja power? He lost after all but guess he was pretty close to winning which maybe no ones ever done.

I'll still stay tuned into the series like I did after that awful BW league as at least Ash put up a good fight and lost due to a good reason, stupid writers to do that but at least it wasn't really Ash's fault he lost.

and his reason is simply totally a stupid *******
"gather mega evo"

i hope he killed by lysandre for stupid act, he didnt know that mega soul is made for awaken zyngrade!! not for saving chespin!!

for storyliner : DONT **** WITH STORY!!! U MADE THE STORY EPIC BUT NOW U JUST ****ED IT UP!!! ****!

what's their storyliner departement, I WANT SENT ****ING COMPLAINT LETTER!


Well then bye gyms. You were awesome, especially in XY and DP, but we may never see you again. And bye leagues. You never let Ash win once but I enjoyed them despite them having flaws.

Also RIP my interest to S&M anime. I may watch it but Ash doing those trials to build up his own league without even winning the league once is very lame. And I am not interested in an OS 3.0 with trials and less battles.

The less negative people, the better.


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I suppose the Mega Sceptile vs. Mega Greninja fight is where the tension was at, since they included the song for XYZ for the entirety of it. Actually, hearing that song play briefly/early during the Alain battle was my first suspicion that it wasn't looking good for Ash, since that would've been the song to play in a victory.

I understand they're emphasizing the Team Flare Arc, but everything from the moment Greninja got KO'd to when Team Flare's plantacles attacked felt a bit hollow. I wish they played up Alain's win a little bit more, other than pushing it aside rapidly for Team Flare.

It's a shame Ash lost, but at least Alain's had several appearances to give his character some depth/justification for the whole thing. Now it's time to sit back and see how they plan to drive us to the finale of XYZ.

p.s. Let people rant. Anyone who's condescending towards those with opposing views, regardless of what their views are, is just creating a hostile environment.
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The real kicker here is, take away the outcome and Greninja vs Sceptile is the much better fight.


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Alain looked like he was ready to murder anyone in his way for a sec. Even I though I wanted, and expected, Ash to win, him losing to Alain isn't that surprising. His Zard is just absolutely nuts. How long has it been since his Zard has lost to a regular Pokemon?


Careful? Where's the fun in that?
To be fair... Saving the Kalos region was pretty much considered the high point of the XY games, beating Diatha was just handed waved like every other Pokemon league