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Down to the Fiery Finish (934)


Careful? Where's the fun in that?
Yet, when they gave out that shiny Charizard event, it new moves that would be perfect on a Charizard Y, aka Overheat, Solarbeam, Focus Blast, Hold Hands..
Can no one take a joke? Also... Mix Mega Zard X


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He should has putted his faith on Alain instead LOL

So...anyone who is still hyping for S&M and TF...? Only me? Ok...
No no your not the only one still excited for them. If I didn't let that stupid Troll Tobias move stop me from watching the series nothing will, Ash fan till the end.

Why some fans hate Ash over this is silly, BW I get but it's not Ash's fault he lost blame the stupid writers. They seem afraid to let
Ash win the league even though it'd be better development for Ash's character but Noooo!! Every thing makes little sense in XY now. I would not be surprised now if Serena had a May type ending, rides off into the sunset like nothing, even Max felt more emotion than her regarding leaving Ash.

Stupid league over all, I can just skip the thing and nothing would change, maybe that's what the Anime team wanted with S and M not having them, good for them. Hope the Anime team get backlash for this.

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Well that was expected. Do we even have enough salt to toss around?


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Another thing, partway through the episode Alain starts imitating Charizard's movements when he called out attacks (he hit the ground when telling it to use Blast Burn). I felt kinda insulted in a weird way lol, but that's just me being weird.


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BW right now is an anomaly. If Sun&Moon builds upon post-DP/XY, then we can expect a similar level or greater level of competence from Ash, especially if he brings back reserves.

I think next series is more telling than anything considering there is precedent now that Ash has reached the finals.

I really, really hope you're right.

I don't see any good dramatic purpose for Alain winning. It's a straight up troll move, worse than Tobias even.
Alain and Ash have a 1 on 1 battle after the Flare Arc is done and Charizard finally loses to Greninja. Guarantee that's the cop out to this worthless finish.
Such a bad league, second worst. A guy who didn't care, won, such crap, if they were going to make Ash lose against Alain i would rather their match was in the semifinals, so that Alain could lose in the finals. Worst scenario has happened. Rushed league and they made Alain who wasn't even going to compete had Ash shut the **** up, win.

And now they expect me to still care about Team Flare, what a joke. Couldn't care less about Sun and Moon anime anymore, after XY i'm done with Pokémon, after all these years, i'm finally done, good luck for the people who still have the strenght to watch the eternal 10 year old loser.


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So will Ash never get his comeuppance?

Wow, not the right message to be sending kids. No matter how strong your bond is with your partners, there's always someone who's better than you.

Well, sad but true. Not that I wanted to be reminded of this by the show.


It's not the end of the world that Ash lost...losing is part of Ash's character, but in a good way. He is humble in both his victories and defeats, and I think it makes him more relatable. I have faith Ash will win a victory in a League one day (I count the Orange Islands, but I want one of the main regions people :) ), and that a rematch between him and Alan is forthcoming in Alola. I want to see it happen...it could be a new Ash and Gary rivalry expect on a more respectable level. Ash lost to Gary in their rival battle but Ash did overcome him in Johto. Ash has had a lot of victories but really, I think Alan makes a worthy goal to overcome should he return as a rival in Alola. Remember people, this series is essentially a reboot of the first series so a loss here makes sense and a victory in the next region I think would make far more sense or perhaps the 25th anniversary(though I doubt they'll stretch the next series to 5 seasons).


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I admit, I'm really salty right now. This would have been no better than Gary's Blastoise taking out Charizard or Paul's Electivire electrocuting Infernape, but still...


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Chesnaught stan + DP stans are having the time of their life huh, good for them I guess. A bit of happiness in your life by enjoying others' suffering, interesting. Says a lot.

Well, this was bound to happen, and we didn't want to face reality.

So far a decent episode, albeit anticlimactic, but I'm not really salty. That's the way this show works, the writers will move on and these characters will be forgotten like all the others before them. I wonder how Japanese Pokekids will behave after this episode.


I still find it hilarious that so many people were convinced Ash was going to win.

Oh boy.


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I'm pissed that they ****ing trolled us with Greninjas finisher move that ended up doing jack ****
Guys look on the bright side. The trend of Ash always defeating rivals who've beaten him multiple times in leagues has finally been broken. But of course the result was soul crushing...