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Downtime - Our Sincerest Apologies

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Kutie Pie

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I actually thought the forums went through what happened years ago (I don't know the complete details of what happened back then, nearly all the veterans are gone). But I at least knew everything had been new and upgraded that the entire site crashing down and having to be rebuilt from scratch was not going to be an issue. You and the staff did very well, and all that hard work paid off. The fact it only took a couple of days to resolve proves you care a lot for the site and the community. I don't think there are too many webmasters and their admins out there who would be willing to put all that time and effort into fixing a portion of their site within the shortest amount of time possible--while keeping a log of what's been going on to let everyone else know.

So thanks for all the hard work :), and keep it up.


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Great timing to get them fixed today with all this info being released! Thanks Serebii!
Glad everything is operational again. :)
These things happen. It's no problem.

RaZoR LeAf

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1) This is great, because the last time there was a downtime it's because I broke the templates :/
2) Typical sales teams, only working 9-5 on weekdays. Lemons.
3) Two days downtime is really nothing if you were a member during the great server outages of the past, where the forum would be down for several days, back for one and then SLOW for weeks.

4) .. or maybe 3a) Is the recent spate of double posting related to the server issues?


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Thanks for everything serebii! I was going crazy between facebook giving me problems and this. I'm glad to see it's back up!


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My account was deleted by the rollback lel. At least I didn't do much besides introduce myself and check to see if one of my genesects was hacked. Hope this doesn't happen again, though.

I've seen this kind of thing happen on two other websites I'm on, with one losing about a day and the other losing two months. The former, a virtual pet site, started having constant backups (each and every account, post, and pet gets backed up within a minute of creation), while the latter, an animal MMO, started backing up daily.
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Blaze The Movie Fan

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Someone replied to the corrupt a wish game, and I had an idea for a new wish and posted it there. Unfortunately I don't remember what that is, and now someone has to corrupt the wish in there I made before the newest post in that thread.

No biggie, I can just wait patiently until someone replies to my favorite forum game.

I also lost postcount, which is also not a big deal as I don't really care about the amount of my posts.

I'm at least glad you didn't have to start all over again with this message board. That would have been even worse.


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**** happens, nothing to do about it :)
Exactly. Just glad the forums were able to be restored to a point :). Good job you guys.

All the credit goes to our admin ricocheting who has spent so much time fiddling with the servers the past few days.
Thanks a lot, ricocheting. Job well done.


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Nice to see the forums back up! Good job, Serebii!

Unforeseen events happens, there are some things we can't do anything about it. Some things are not in our hands, others are, and more.

Huzzah for Serebii getting back to where we are! I think I lost a couple of posts.


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I'm really thankful that I registered my account before the backup happened, otherwise I would have to reregister! It's also great to see the forums working again, thanks to Serebii and ricocheting for restoring it!


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I've already ordered 1000 "I Survived the SPPF meltdown of 2014" t-shirts. Place an order before they're gone.
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