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DP Pokédex Question

Discussion in 'Serebii.net Discussion' started by Serebii, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    DP Pokédex Question

    Now I'm no longer in my sleep deprived state...

    Would you rather have the Pokédex done and dusted asap even though we have no sprites or would you rather wait for the sprites

    We'ld also have a problem with the 113 new attacks, they wont have names just yet but will have numbers linking them to the attackdex. We'll try and work on names asap.

    So...what say you? If you all would rather it happen asap, we should have it done by the end of the Weekend
  2. Laprashunter

    Laprashunter Orange Champion

    No one cares about the pokedex at this point because many of us don't even have the game.

    I speak for everyone when I say, Give us full sprites!!! You must know some people who can rip them from the games.
  3. DoubleX

    DoubleX <-- want it

    I'd prefer to wait until we have sprites for everything, and maybe someone could give translations of the attack names or something at that point.

    The Pokedex should be more finished than just mini-sprites and lack of attack names, IMO.
  4. tangelax

    tangelax ...

    I feel the same
  5. Bliksem

    Bliksem The Quirky Quilava

    If the Pokedex is completed first, then it would be simple to simply insert the sprites. The work HAS to be done anyways, so why not do it now rather than later while the load is light?
  6. Jamers

    Jamers Pokemon Collecter

    I'd rather wait for the sprites. The pokedex isn't needed until everyone else gets the game, really.
  7. King Shuckle

    King Shuckle Don't be daft

    Full Sprites and attack names would be prefered.
  8. Thores

    Thores Thunder Trainer

    I definitely would not mind waiting for the full sprites and attack names. The Pokedex would just be kind of a pain to look at otherwise.
  9. ace05


    i can wait for the pokedex and attacks but i want to know one thing can u please try to find out about aipoms evolution what level it evolves otr how to obtain it if that is possible thanks
  10. Munchlax 357

    Munchlax 357 DUR DUR

    take ur time buddy (which means wait for da sprites and attacks and evrything) :D:D
  11. bsb0130

    bsb0130 Well-Known Member

    depends on what you'd be doing instead of doing the pokedex. I mean if we wait for you to put the battle sprites in before you do the pokedex, then what will you be doing until then?
    (thanks for all your dp coverage btw...its been great :-D)
  12. Koubagia

    Koubagia Superluminal Porygon

    I'd rather have the D/P section finished first, so we know about the game. The Pokédex would be low priority for me, remember that very few people will have the game until an English-language release.
  13. shiny manafi

    shiny manafi Sea Prince

    I don't see the problem...
  14. Amaranth

    Amaranth Swag

    Done Asap Please :)
  15. BooJoh

    BooJoh Strangely Normal

    There are quite a few people who have imported and don't read Japanese. For these people, the Pokedex will be tremendously useful, especially if it tells us what attacks are learned at what levels, and what those attacks do. Having the ability to plan ahead for my R/S import team made things MUCH easier when it came down to knowing whether to delete a move or learn it, etc. The Battle sprites are just gravy on top of what the Pokedex is really about, information.
  16. Rhonin the wizard

    Rhonin the wizard Well-Known Member

  17. Destiny-Deoxys

    Destiny-Deoxys Destiny Deoxys

    Search Function? Please?

    Finish the game yourself, first. And have fun ;munchlax;

    but when you do make the dex. would it be possible for a search function rather than just a drop-down list? I can never find the pokemon I need in the RSEFRLG Dex - mainly the pokemon brought back from GSC, I never know their numbers so I have to look down the list for ages :(
  18. emlan

    emlan Sableyes are love

    Personally I don't care about attacks and whatever aslong as I can get pictures of the new pokemons, I can't see how setting up the base without images would be a bad thing though? It sounds like a good idea to get it done.
    Also I hope we'll get the pics for the old pokemon too, I really want to see their new spritework + the gender differences :D
  19. Regret1017

    Regret1017 Eros is sick

    Serebii, If you want a very good and easy translating tool, look up JWPce in google, you can download it free from one of the top links. It's a very useful Japanese word processor.
  20. Jinchuuriki Hunter

    Jinchuuriki Hunter Johto Champion Ninja

    Sprites first! We can wait. Right?

    That's a pretty good idea. A search-for-Pokémon option is exactly what we need to make the Pokédes Poképerfect!

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