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DP091: The Final Showdown! Pokémon Triathon! Speculation Thread

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Although that is true, I doubt a week of being a janitor can get you as much money as the DP092 summary makes it seem like they have.
The summary explicitly states that it is money earned from the temporary job James and Meowth had at the school. Never mind that you don't reward the winner of a school program (if there even is a single winner, seeing how we're talking about entire classes) with money. It's...indecent ;]

There's also the fact that Jessie's team, the Green Group, is currently last, and the summary makes it sound like it's only a matter of whether Team Red is able to catch up to Team Blue's score or not. I doubt that Green still even has a chance of winning.
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I still think it is a little weird that they can live a "high life" with a week of being janitors. They must get a lot of money then.


I thought that i DP90, Jessie' team was in first?

And living the high life off janitor's salaries is weird


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I still think it is a little weird that they can live a "high life" with a week of being janitors. They must get a lot of money then.

Do they ever explicitly state that it is indeed a week though? I'd have thought a 'Summer School' would have at least been an entire month's worth of activity.

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Well by the looks of it, Ash won the race. Also Aoi seems to be blushing a lot in the episode.
Also it seems Oak's Lecture's are back and it was Staraptor this time.

Edit:- Ok this is the summary of the episode written by Dogasu on bulbagarden
Originally Posted by Dogasu on the bulbagarden forum;

The last DP episode I saw was the Pokemon Stylist episode, so I'm not quite sure what's going on at this point:

-So is Aoi a boy or a girl? I really can't tell at all.

- Cold opening's a recap.

- Nanakamado-Hakase explains the rules for the triathalon. Before each station of the race, each contestant picks a Monster Ball and has to use whatever pokemon's inside for that portion of the race. When they get to the next station, they switch.

- Kouhei appears and tells Hikari that he's chosen her as his main rival in the competition.

- OMG...Hikari just put Potchama into its Monster Ball!

- Well that's an awkwardly drawn starter gun. You know that if this was a Kanto episode, that would have been a real pistol.

- Musashi's pokemon is a Kaburadon, and she's not happy with it. Satoshi has Baneboo, Aoi has Ariados, Takeshi has Iwaku, and Hikari has Dodrio.

- lol at Satoshi riding on Baneboo as it hops around.

- The Gablias kid is cracking me up for some reason.

- Kouhei has a Dugtrio in this race. It's pretty funny how it takes him underground and then pops up every now and then.

- For the water portion, Aoi has Lapras, Satoshi has Tamanta, Hikari has Samehadaa, Takeshi has Ordile, and Kouhei has Buoysel. LOL at Kouhei going underwater with his pokemon...

- Wow...Musashi's waaaay behind. And her water pokemon is...Koiking. A surprisingly strong Koiking.

- For the last leg, everyone gets to use their own pokemon.

- Musashi's Koiking is able to pull her ahead of everyone else.

- And now Kouhei is fanboying Musashi...hilarious.

- And now, lol at the way Kouhei's running away from the battle. I think I might have a new favorite character.

- It's so weird to see people other than the Rocket-Dan in a hot air balloon.

- And...Satoshi wins. And he gets a plaque written in Tajirian to commemorate it.

- OK...random bonfire at the end-of-school party.

- And Kojirou and Nyasu forgot to steal the school's Monster Balls. Whoops.

- "Boku no Best Friend"'s playing...it's always nice to hear underused songs like that.

- Satoshi and Aoi vow to meet again. Will they actually do it?

Orchid-Hakase lecture: Mukuhawk
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